5 Amazing Benefits of Side Sleeping

Did you know that the way you sleep affects not only your health but also determines your personality? Well… This is true according to an intensive research conducted by Professor Chris Idzikowski. He is the director of Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service.

Good sleep plays a critical role in maintaining the well-being of an individual. You could be exposing yourself to a risk of chronic health problems development if you are not getting quality sleep. To avoid this, you should learn about the various types of sleeping positions, as this will result in better sleep.

The Best Sleeping Position

Are you a back sleeper? If yes, you are among the many people who are said to sleep the right way. This position is recommendable as the spine, head and neck have a neutral position alignment. This sleeping position, therefore, results in zero feelings of uneasiness. You also experience zero pressure on your system and this is very important for you to have a painless and relaxed morning.

However, everything under the sun comes with advantages and disadvantages. Sleeping on your back is no exception to this rule. Various difficulties occur as a result of sleeping on your back.

One of them includes snoring. You are also prone to experiencing breathing issues in your sleep as a back sleeper. As a result of this, side sleepers who use their left side to sleep are said to use the best sleeping position in comparison to those who oversleep on their back.

Advantages of Sleeping On Your Left Side

Sleeping on your left side comes with a million and one benefits. Some of them include the following.

  • It is great for the heart
  • It is perfect for pregnant women
  • Facilitates lymphatic drainage
  • It helps with digestion
  • It minimizes back pain and heartburn
  • It is great for the heart

Did you know that sleeping on your left side alleviates stress and pressure from your heart? This is why it is recommendable that you sleep on your left side. The force of gravity facilitates this effect by enhancing lymph drainage. Lymph drainage happens towards the heart and takes away aortic circulation from the heart.

It is Perfect for Pregnant Women

Using the left side to sleep helps pregnant women in more than one ways. One of them is that it inhibits the uterus from exerting pressure to vital organs like the liver. This sleeping position also facilitates the increase of blood flow towards the uterus in pregnant women.

Left side sleeping also gets rid of pressure on the back and enhances blood circulation in pregnant women. This is why doctors advise pregnant women to sleep on their left side as it is the best sleeping position during the gestation period.

Minimizes Back Pain and Heartburn

Do you experience back pains in the morning? Or do you suffer from regular heat burns? Well… You can remedy this naturally by sleeping on your left side. This is known to manage these conditions effectively. It is because the left side of your body holds the stomach among other organs. Therefore using this position to sleep minimizes acid reflux symptoms.

For quick back pain relief, use this position as it alleviates pressure from your spine. This resolves the back pain condition effectively and naturally.

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Sleeping On The Stomach

Are you a stomach sleeper? If yes, you should learn that this is the worst position to use when sleeping. This is because it causes pressure and fatigue to your back and neck. It also causes pain in the neck, back, and joints. As a result, it limits the quality and length of sleep.

This position exerts a lot of pressure on your spine. Consequently, you might start experiencing pain anywhere in the body as the spine hosts numerous nerves fibers in your system. When sleeping in this position, you will experience breathing problems as well. This will force you to turn your head sideways to breath.

As a result, you will distort the head- spine alignment. What you experience after this is mild-severe neck pains by the time you wake up. It might also result in other problems when you repeatedly use this position when sleeping.

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How To Sleep On Your Back

The following are some of the best ways to sleep on your back. They will alleviate the drawbacks that come with sleeping using this position. They include;

  • Support your neck
  • Use a pillow for positioning
  • Avoid late night heavy meals
  • Commit
  • Check your mattress
  • Support your neck

Your neck should have solid support when sleeping on your back. This minimizes the amount of pressure exerted on your spine by enhancing proper alignment.


If you sleep in other positions, changing to back sleeping might be difficult at first. However, it is possible to make this your sleeping position with a little more patience. Learning new things require patience and commitment.

Factors to Consider When Choosing The Right Mattress for Side Sleeping

When buying the best mattress for side sleepers, consider the following;

  • Support
  • Firmness
  • Pelvic rotation
  • Sleeping positions and what they say about you

There are various sleeping positions and all of them have meanings. They include the following;

  • Fetus position
  • Log position
  • Yearner position
  • Soldier position
  • Starfish position
  • Freefall position
  • Fetus position

This is the position where people curl on their side when sleeping. Most people use this position and it says something about their personality. That is, people who use it may look tough from the outside, however, inwardly, they are sensitive and shy. If you sleep using this position, try turning on your right side when sleeping.

Log position

This is where people sleep on their side with their arms down. A significant percentage of people use this position when sleeping. Most people who sleep this way are easy-going and social. They trust people very fast. This position efficiently relieves back pain.

Yearner position

This is where people sleep on their side and their arms are out in front of them. This kind of people takes a significant amount of time when making decisions. However, after making their decisions, changing them is almost impossible. These people are stubborn, cynical and suspicious. This position relieves acid reflux as well as sleep apnea.

Soldier position

This is the position where people sleep on their back while their arms are down. Such people avoid making big deal out of issues. They are also quiet and reserved. This position might cause breathing issues and snore. People who use this position are less restful all night long.

Starfish position

This is a position that fewer people use. It is where you sleep on your back while your arms are up. People who sleep this way make great friends and are great listeners too. They love helping and try as much as possible to avoid attracting attention. These people snore a lot and experience breathing issues.

Freefall position

This is a position where people sleep on their stomach while wrapping their hands on a pillow. Their heads are always turned on the side. Individuals who use this position are outgoing but hate criticism. These people rarely suffer from indigestion issues.

In conclusion, the above is an interesting concept about sleeping positions. From the information above, you are now fully aware of the various sleeping positions and which one of them is the best. You are also aware of how to improve your sleeping position to have a good night sleep. Additionally, you are aware of what your sleeping position says about you and how it boosts or affects your health. Use the tips listed above to pick the best mattress for side sleepers. Cheers!!!