Reverie Bed Reviews: 5D Deluxe Adjustable Bed

Looking for the best Reverie Bed Reviews? This unbiased 5D Deluxe Adjustable Reverie Bed Reviews would give you everything you need to make an informed purchasing decision. Adjustable beds are the latest in bedding technology, with many people clamoring to get one. But before you go buying an adjustable bed, it’s often a good idea to browse the market a bit. It is equally as important to read reviews.


5D Deluxe Adjustable Reverie Bed Reviews

When buying an adjustable bed, certain features must stand out. The following are the features you can expect with 5D Deluxe.

  • Motorized Bed Base
  • Ultra-Quiet Message Feature
  • Anti-Snore Preset Position
  • Zero Gravity Feature
  • Warranty
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Faqs

#1. Motorized Bed Base

The bed comes with a motorized base that is useful as we as the primary basis of an adjustable bed. With it, you can put your mattress in different positions, a convenience that most adjustable bed buyers want. The ability to put your mattress in different positions carries a hidden health benefit. You can prop your head up when watching TV and avoid neck and upper back issues. You can also elevate your legs for more comfort.

#2. Ultra-Quiet Message Feature 

The bed’s massage feature is both comfortable to use and quite easy to control. It is designed to massage the part of your body that needs relaxation the most. You can choose to massage your full body of just key problem areas. The message is also quiet and has ten different intensity levels to match your needs.

#3. Anti-Snore Preset Position 

For those who snore, you can reduce snoring with the anti-snore feature. This feature can be pre-set to raise the head and open airwaves to eliminate snoring. This sleeping position is achieved to improve breathing which is the best way to minimize snoring. The bed achieves this without compromising on comfort.

#4. Zero Gravity Feature 

This pre-set sleeping position simulates weightlessness. It is a feature that is designed to offer the most comfort during sleep. It does so by minimizing the pressure from the lower lumbar and limbs. As such, it is the best sleep position to choose on a particularly tiring day.

#5. 20 Year Limited Warranty 

A 20-year limited warranty for the 5D Deluxe can be considered a crowning feature of this great bed. With a warranty this diverse there is no reason why you wouldn’t want to try out the other features.

#6. Advantages

  • The ability to customize the bed to fit your needs is commendable
  • Perfect support for the lower back
  • Cost effective especially with the warranty

#7. Disadvantages

  • Not clear on how the warranty is to be applied
  • Claims to have a good tilt range but users say it’s just flat

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1. With the adjustable foundation, do I have to purchase the mattress?

Yes, but a foam mattress works better than a spring one.

2. Is the split king two separate bases?

Yes. Each has its own remote

3. Are adjustable beds good for you?

Yes. Adjustable beds offer better comfort.


There isn’t a product in the world without its shortcomings. Therefore, you’ve taken a key first-step reading this 5D Deluxe Adjustable Reverie Bed Reviews prior to purchase, and you should find others. A good way to get more information is checking out Amazon reviews on the 5D deluxe. What is clear is, the bed delivers on its promise of comfort and technology. The 20-year warranty and cost-effective pricing don’t hurt either.

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