Arctic Dreams 12 Inch Cooling Gel Mattress Review

This helpful Arctic Dreams 12 Inch Cooling Gel Mattress Review will help you to get know all the features of this mattress. Read the full article.

Retiring your old mattress will usher in a new dawn in your bed. Unlike old memory foams, today we have comfortable and sturdy mattresses. Arctic Dream cooling gel mattress is changing your bedroom a new look and feel. Manufactured by Dreamfoam Beddings, there are no more sleeping discomforts.

The mattress is a unique one. Utilizing new technologies and materials, it provides unrivaled features. The viscoelastic Energex foam is great for fast recovery. Construction is superb, to support different people and sleeping positions. With high safety to users and the environment, it’s a product worth investing in. This review provides detailed information about Arctic Dreams cooling gel mattress.

Arctic Dreams 12 Inch Cooling Gel Mattress Review

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Features of Arctic Dreams 12 Inch Cooling Gel Mattress Review


The designing of this mattress aims at improving comfort. Unlike other brands, it is made from soft premium materials. Notably, the mattress has no springs. This renders it stable and quiet. With 12-inch thickness and 3 layers, you can expect a sound sleep.

  • Top layer: This is the topmost layer in this mattress. Measuring 0.75-inch, it provides a soft padding that helps the body to relax. Featuring extra-soft foam, the layer provides immediate contact with the body. Due to this reason, it relieves body pressure.
  • Middle layer: The middle layer in this mattress is the most important. It features 3-inch Energex foam which far better than regular memory foam. Its designing ensures the foam performs just like natural latex. Therefore, it provides the bounce and comfort preventing hard spots. Moreover, the material offers a cooling effect to minimize hot sleep. The Energex foam gives this mattress quiet and impressive bounce. Thus, it’s a perfect alternative to springs or latex.
  • Bottom layer: The Arctic Dreams Cool gel mattress has an extra-thick bottom layer, 8.25 inch thick. Amazingly, the whole layer boasts dense polyurethane foam, unlike springs. Acting as the foundation of the mattress, it is highly stable. With this, it provides ample support to the upper layers, while keeping the mattress in shape. Besides, it facilitates some degrees of compression for a plush feel.


Starting with the cover, it is flawlessly crafted. Enjoying a blend of polyester and cotton fabrics, it delivers balanced performance. The cotton fabrics ensure a degree of softness. Polyester fabrics, on the other hand, ensures perfect fitting. As a result, the blending improves mattress air flow. To enhance beauty, the cover has a white finish and blue seams.

Firmness, Feel and Comfort

  • Firmness: This mattress is medium soft. On the firmness scale, it scores 4 out of 10. Due to this, the mattress is suited for back, side, and stomach sleeping. An average or heavy weighted person will enjoy sleeping on this mattress.
  • Feel: The feel of Arctic Dreams Cool gel mattress is fantastic. Just by looking at its firmness, you can tell what to expect from this mattress. In fact, the quilted gel-infused foam imparts a crisp and soft feel. Together with breathable cover and super responsive Energex foam, it provides a level of sinking and bounce.
  • Support: Support is another unmatched quality in this mattress. It adequately supports your body to prevent the development of pain and spine misalignment. The fast-acting foam easily contours with the body creating an excellent hugging. Sinkage is also impressive. However, it depends on the sleeper’s weight. It has a recommended weigh support up to 230 pounds.

Arctic Dreams 12 Inch Cooling Gel Mattress


Shipping raises a lot of concern among many customers. However, once you order this mattress, is delivered within 2 to 5 days. For protection, it comes in a compressed box.


The durability of every item depends on the utilization. The same case applies to mattresses. According to the experts, it has a durability of 7-10 years. Nonetheless, the manufacturer offers it with 10 years warranty.

Health Benefits

  • Free from harmful chemicals like lead, mercury, and others
  • The super soft plush construction is safe for various sleeping styles
  • Quick responsive Energex foam minimizes sinking; hence preventing back and spine pains
  • Ideal choice to support heavy people

Size and Prices

Depending on your sleeping needs, this mattress is available in various sizes. We have the twin, twin XL, full, full XL, queen, king, California king and short queen.

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Arctic Dreams Cool gel mattress is all you need to upgrade your bedroom. The construction and materials used guarantees what a mattress needs to offer. An extended warranty and certification for safety renders it an outstanding choice for everyone.

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