Bear Mattress 10 Inch Highly Comfortable Review

This Bear mattress review will give you the right information when you take decision buying mattress online. The bear mattress is a premium and unique product. Construction of this mattress entails high-quality materials and great innovations. The idea behind this product is to offer ultimate comfort and restoration. In fact, it is a perfect choice for athletes to boost faster body recovery. Enabling this is a blend super soft graphite infused memory foam.

Unlike other competitors, this mattress has comfort and restoration perfection. The super soft advanced cover and extra cooling foam to make your bed comfort haven. Notably, this mattress is a not only ideal for comfort but, it tones your body from fatigue. Thus, the best choice for people of all body shapes and sizes. Check below for a full bear mattress review.

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Bear Mattress Review (Features)

Construction of this mattress is fantastic. It comprises memory foams to enable cool and comfortable nights. Comfort starts right from the cover to the base layer.

  • First/ top layer: The first layer is cool and provides the body with ultimate feel. It is just 1.5 -inch of graphite-infused gel memory foam. The graphite is perfect when it comes to heat regulation. Infusion helps in maintaining the mattress cool. Besides, the memory foam conforms to the body thereby relieving pressure.
  • Second/middle layer: This is another fantastic stratum that gives this mattress its distinct performance. Each of the layers measure 1-inch thick; made of quick response memory foam. Their purpose is to provide bounce and absorb pressure. This results in an ample support and reduces sinking, as it happens in other mattresses.
  • Third/base layer: When you look at most foam mattresses, a base layer plays a vital role. It’s the foundation of a mattress, by providing support and shape.In this mattress, the base layer is 6.5-inch thickness; made from polyfoam. Thus, it offers great support and slight bounce depending on the body weight.


When you get a bear mattress, you will bear witness it’s one of the softest. It has high airflow to keep the body cool and sweat free. In fact, Celliant Tech-infused cover improves recovery after training. Notably, Celliant is common in sports clothes. It improves oxygen in the blood leading to faster muscle recovery.

Bear Mattress Cover

Firmness, Feel and Comfort

First of all, stability is vital in any bedding products; be it pillows or mattresses. Going with what we have in hand, bear mattress firmness will differ slightly. Bearing we have the twin and California king; weight distribution will affect the overall firmness. However, all sizes are rated 6.5 out of 10 on the rating scale. This renders the mattress medium firm and great for average sleepers.

What does it feel sleeping on the beer mattress? Even before buying a mattress, this is the first question everyone asks. Well, with this one, technology and premium materials render it extra comfortable. Considering the Celliant tech-infused technology cover, the mattress lets you feel the cooling effect. Combined with graphite infused foam, it gives 7 times cooling than regular memory foams.

Support is a guarantee once you have this product in your bed. The top two layers are soft yet supportive, which reduces sinking. Besides, the base polyfoam layer provides a firm support that prevents suck in’ feeling. In fact, the slight sinking allows body contouring. However, for light persons, the mattress will feel hard. This is attributed to the mattress being medium firm.


Shipping this mattress is free in the continental USA. It takes 4-5 days upon ordering. For Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico freight charged applies.


The durability of this mattress is a guarantee. An expert has it that, it can last for around 10 years as known as Bear mattress officially website.


The safety when sleeping is assured. The mattress is free from dangerous odors. Also, there are no harmful chemicals like lead, BPA, CFCs, phthalates among others. To stamp the product’s quality, it is CertiPUR-US certified.

Healthy benefits

  • Soft upper layers help to relief body pressure, preventing the development of pains
  • Body contouring graphite infused foam keeps spine aligned
  • The Celliant infused cover helps muscle toning, fast recovery and cool nights
  • Great mattress for all people, sleeping styles, and sizes

Bear Mattress Health Benefits

Size and Prices

Price varies according to the sizes of the mattress.

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Without doubts, Bear mattress boasts great artistry. Blend technology and soft foams ensure your bed is perfect. Available in various sizes, the mattress is ideal for everyone.

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