5 Best Firm Mattresses Reviews: You Can Buy

If you are looking for the best firm mattresses 2018 on the market, you’ve come to the right place. There is a perfect mattress for everyone. But, getting the ideal one can be an uphill task especially for heavy people. A mattress designed for an average weighted person may not fit heavy individual. That is why a careful confederation is always recommendable. For many people, they believe that any mattress can do for every sleeper. But is it the truth of the matter?

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Well, the main reason that firm mattresses are important is support and durability. In many cases, a lot of people tend to undersleep, and worse, use the wrong type of mattress. It is known that enough sleep and correct mattress will prevent health complications. Using the wrong mattress is associated with weight gain, back pains among others. Thus, having the right one will improve the sleeping experience and boost your general body health.

For overweight people, the perfect places to get mattresses is online stores. But it can be tricky to buy a product which you aren’t familiar with. That is why we selected, reviewed and compiled a guide of the top 5 best firm mattresses on the market in 2018.

Top 5 Firm Mattresses On The Market

  • Wolf IDREAM Moon Dance Firm 10-inch Mattress
  • Zinus 12 Inch Performance Plus Extra Firm Spring Mattress
  • Sleep Inc 13-Inch Body Comfort Luxury Extra Firm Mattress
  • Serta Perfect Sleeper Canyon Ridge Firm Mattress
  • Loom & Leaf Mattress

Top 5  Best Firm Mattresses Comparison

S/LTop MattressBrand NameRating
1Wolf IDREAM Moon Dance Firm 10-inch MattressWolf IDREAM Moon Dance Firm 10-inch Mattress4.9/5.0
2Zinus 12 Inch Performance Plus Extra Firm Spring MattressZinus 12 Inch Performance Plus Extra Firm Spring Mattress4.8/5.0
3Sleep Inc 13-Inch Body Comfort Luxury Extra Firm MattressSleep Inc 13-Inch Body Comfort Luxury Extra Firm Mattress4.7/5.0
4Serta Perfect Sleeper Canyon Ridge Firm MattressSerta Perfect Sleeper Canyon Ridge Firm Mattress4.7/5.0
5Loom & Leaf MattressLoom & Leaf Mattress4.9/5.0

All Discussion above The Best Firm Mattresses

#1. Wolf IDREAM Moon Dance Firm 10-inch Mattress

For over a century, wolf corporation has been manufacturing mattresses. It is this reason which makes its products to be of high quality and reliability. The Wolf IDREAM dance mattress, 10-inch is ones of the products from the company. A blend of coils, foam padding, and knit fabric quilt, it brings total comfort in your home.


a) Perfect support and comfort

Thinking about support and comfort, with IDREAM firm mattress is the ideal answer. Gauging the firmness level, this mattress is one of the firmest, with a rating of 7/10. This translate to ample body support without sinking like other mattresses. More to that, with a stable structure, it allows support to heavy people without flattening. On the other hand, apart from excellent support, comfort is a guarantee. Coils and foam padding prevent sinking. The smooth surface keeps you cool throughout the night hence minimal turnings and tossing.

b) Durable construction

If you are thinking about a lasting mattress, this one is fantastic. It boasts 288 high profile coils and convoluted foam which combines to ensures smooth sleep without hard spots. Moreover, the 1-inch memory foam padding gives your body a soft treatment. Encasing this mattress is a stretching quilted fabric which further adds comfort and allowing high breathability. Above all, the 10-inch thickness brings unmatched support.

c) Sleek finish cover

Having a mattress, comfort isn’t only the key features to look. Elegance and house decor complement are also leading consideration in ensuring a smooth and cool sleep. The IDREAM dance mattress comes with a sleek cover which is stretchable. It has beautiful patterns and is quilted which fits any house decor.

  • High breathability which eliminates hot sleep
  • Great in eliminating back pains and other sleepiness anomalies
  • Sleek fabric cover with beautiful quilting for perfect decor compliment
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Not cheap


In summary, Wolf IDREAM Moon dance is a recommendable mattress. Designed from premium materials, the mattress delivers what it promises excellently. The premium coils, foam padding, and the quilted cover give the recommended sleeping experience.

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#2. Zinus 12 Inch Performance Plus Extra Firm Spring Mattress

For an excellent and exceptional sleep, a quality mattress is paramount. With this 12-inch firm spring mattress from Zinus, your sleeping is now at the next level. This company has produced mattresses in over 20 years, therefore, vast expertise. Enjoying i-Coils core and foam padding, the product delivers unmatched body support and comfort. The mattress offers extended durability without losing its shape.


a) Multi-layer design

Forget about mattresses which upon purchase, they live for a short time and flattens. It has a top layer consisting of high comfort memory foam measuring 2.5-inches. This layer is responsible for removing pressure. Also is a layer of 2.5-inch heavy density foam which contour to your body. Thus, it helps in aligning your spine. Base layer consists of individually wrapped coils measuring 7.5-inch. These coils stabilize your mattress, thus preventing it from collapsing.

b) I-coil pocketed springs

When having this mattress, you don’t have to worry about the durability and performance. It features unique I-coil technology which ensures that it holds weight without flattening. This means that whenever sleeping, it will support your body sufficiently. The hundreds of independent coils render it stronger than rivals. In fact, the mattress possesses 10 percent more coils than standard mattresses.

c) Exceptional body support

With a combination of building materials, you can always rely on this mattress to soothe your body. Its cover features celliant fabrics which give your body excellent comfort. Together with other construction materials, it enjoys excellent firmness. In fact, this mattress has a rating of 8.5 which makes sure that it doesn’t flatten even when as heavy sleeper uses it.

  • Perfect support at the edges to prevent rolling
  • Ideal for offering maximum support to keep the body properly aligned
  • Balanced motion transfer due to independent coils configuration
  • Extra firm and comfortable with longtime dependability
  • Durable
  • Not cheap


In summary, the 12-inch Zinus extra firm spring mattress, no doubt is a premium product. With a combination of superior materials, there is no rolling or collapsing on the edges. So, it is highly a recommended mattress to give your body excellent treatment. Above all, 72 hours return policy and 10 years warranty ensure a product you can trust.

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#3. Sleep Inc 13-Inch Body Comfort Luxury Extra Firm Mattress

Did you know you can get luxury and comfort at an affordable price? If your answer is no, you need to get this one from Sleep Inc. It is a firm mattress featuring a combination of premium materials and latest technologies. The superior craftsmanship renders this mattress most ideal option you can make.


a) Premium individual spring

Comparing this mattress with others which are from pure memory foams, it is far reliable and high performing. This one comes featuring individual spring. With this design, it guarantees sure ways of body support without rolling. The hundreds of springs ensure that the mattress withstands even heavy weighted person without collapsing. Further, they ensure that it delivers improved support and flexibility.

b) Tencel cover

With some mattresses, it is hard to achieve consistent sleep due to sweating and hot sleep. One of these contributing factors is the materials used on the mattress cover. However, kiss goodbye to such mattresses. The Sleep Inc 13-inch firm mattress boasts Tencel cover. This cover has a luxurious feel and superb moisture management to keep your night dry. Additionally, silky finish renders it ideal for people with sensitive skins and also ideal for all bedroom decors.

c) Convoluted foam

Now, sleeping on a mattress will cause you to roll is not comfortable at all. This can be solved if edges are strong to hold the weight at the center of the mattress. However, this one from Sleep Inc has 360 degrees foam encasement. Additionally, the 5 zone convoluted layers and lumbar support band ensures total body support. This combination allows the mattress to support all type of sleepers even those who sleep at the edges.

  • Highly breathable cover to eliminate hot sleep and sweating
  • 360 degrees foam encasement for enhanced support
  • Increased flexibility due to premium and numerous innerspring
  • Extended warranty
  • Durable
  • Mid level price


Having an excellent construction and blend of materials, this mattress is unmatched. The incorporated gel, lumbar support, and body cooling cover give it ultimate comfort. Finally, the ability to withstand weight without collapsing on the edges gives extended durability.

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#4. Serta Perfect Sleeper Canyon Ridge Firm Mattress

Serta perfect sleeper canyon ridge is a premium mattress which utilizes coil, gel and foam technology. This blend is aimed at delivering consistent sleep. The craftsmanship of this mattress renders it ideal for providing soft but firm support. Consequently, it contours to the body to eliminate all sleeping discomfort.


a) Free flex innerspring and firm edge foam encasement

Sleeping can be uncomfortable if the mattress you are using is causing sinking or too hard for your body. Canyon Ridge has designed this one to ensures perfect sleep without hard spots, sinking or sagging. To facilitate this, it features patented TrueSense coil technology which provides reduced motion transfer. Moreover, the coil design helps the mattress to achieve 25 percent mores back support than other mattresses. At the edges, it has sturdy foam encasement to prevent flattening especially for people who love sleeping at the edges.

b) Gel and foam layers for cool nights

Bearing in mind, this mattress features springs; people might think it will be too hard for providing comfortable sleep. But, the company has invested much in improving the sleeping experience with this mattress. It comes furnished with micro support gel at the surface. It is this layer which combines antimicrobial fiber, cool balance fiber, and infused fiber. As a result, this mattress is safe for all types of skins. For balanced temperatures, this mattress utilizes cool twist gel memory foam

c) Safe, breathable and durable construction

Now, if you have encountered a problem and bad smell with other mattresses, with this Canyon Ridge, fumes are no more. Although it combines varieties of materials, the construction technology ensures that all odors are eliminated. So when you get it, no degassing is needed. Apart from that, the interior has efficient airflow due to the coils which also helps to keep the mattress fresh. Shipping breathable membrane, on the other hand, reduces chances of moisture accumulation thus no mold development. With a warranty of 20 years, it means you can enjoy unlimited comfortable sleeping night after night.

  • Perfectly distributes bodyweight
  • High breathability
  • Outstanding motion isolation
  • Good Warranty
  • Durable
  • Mid level price


To summarize, Canyon Ridge firm mattress is the only way to get ample sleep without compromising your health. With a combination of construction technology and high breathability ensure unmatched quality. It is a perfect choice firm mattress which is reasonably priced.

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#5. Loom & Leaf Mattress

When in need of a high-quality foam mattress, keep stress aside. Look for this one from Saatva memory foam mattresses. The Loom and Leaf mattress is an ultra luxurious memory foam made to be among the best. Moreover, with the latest tech, Eco-friendly engineering, and cooling technology, no more compromising your sleeping comfort. As a result, it is not business as usual, when utilizing Loom and Leaf memory foam mattress.


a) Safe construction

Although many mattresses available are from synthetic, this one is exceptional. It features plant-based memory foam which is safe for all people. Also, the to cover features organic cotton. This ensures maximum comfort as well as cool nights. So, unlike other mattresses, sleeping on this ensures you are safe. No more suffocation due to odors linked with synthetic foams.

b) Chiropractor approved

This mattress boasts 4 layers construction. Bearing in mind these layers possesses different levels of firmness, they provide perfect support. As a result, when sleeping, it ensures that body gets the recommended support. Also, the mattress gives your spine correct alignment preventing the development of back pains. Above all, with 2 styles relaxed firm, and firm ensures that you get perfect comfort.

c) Eco-friendly design

Sleeping on a synthetic foam mattress, one risk inhaling toxins due to the used chemicals. But, when you get an Eco-friendly mattress, you can get without stresses. The L&L features natural materials. It has plant-based memory foam encased in a cotton cover. Additionally, the medical grade spinal gel and natural thistle flame retardants ensure a sound sleep without harmful fumes.

Benefits of using L&L mattress

  • Safe due to use of natural construction materials
  • Free from toxic and hazardous fumes
  • 4 layers construction, 12-inches, hence perfect for maximum support and comfort
  • Safe
  • Great airflow
  • Regulates temperature
  • Good Warranty
  • Durable
  • Mid level price


Loom and Leaf firm mattress is an ideal for use for all sleeping styles. Additionally, with the ability to support people of different weights, it is perfect for all individuals. The improved technology, 75 days trial period and chiropractor certification ensure it is an excellent choice.

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Who Want to Sleep on Firm Mattress?

This is a question which almost everyone asks themselves. But, does firm mattresses have a group of people who should use them? Of course, not everyone who can feel comfortable sleeping on these types of mattresses. The usability of these mattresses can be based depending on age, body health, age and sleeping positions.

On age, older people requires enough back support to prevent complications. Therefore, relaxing on a firm mattress ensures that they stay away from the neck and general back pains. On the other hand, heavier people need a lot of support to get enough comfort. With a firm or extra firm mattress, it proves useful as weight is not going to compromise mattress structure. People who sleep on back position finds a firm mattress ideal ass it provides sufficient support hence eliminating back pains and properly aligning the spine.

5 Things To Consider Choosing the Firm Mattress

Choosing the right type of firm mattress can b a bit tricky. That is why it is ideal to have good information so as not to select too firm or too soft. Below are some of the guidelines when choosing a firm mattress.

#1. Breathability

Regardless whether you are buying a firm, medium or soft mattress, airs flow is vital. If a mattress has insufficient air circulation, it means that you will experience hot sleep. Additionally, poor breathability is associated with bad odors which render your sleep nightmares. And, in case there is high humidity, it can cause the development of molds which gives the mattress a foul smell.

#2. Durability

Durability is another thing to look when looking for a mattress. No one wants to buy a new mattress after a few months. The construction of a mattress greatly determines how durable it is. Mostly, the common types are memory foam, innerspring, latex and water mattresses. For firm mattresses, the ideal re either innerspring and memory foam since they provide ample support while delivering extra durability.

#3. Edge Support

People have different preferences when sleeping. Some individuals will rest at the center of a bed while others like at the edges. Now, if your mattress has weak sides, it means that it will compromise your comfort since it sinks. Also, when waking up, almost everyone tends to sit at the edge of the bed. Or even, some people watch TV while sitting at the edge of a mattress. If you have a weak mattress at the edges, it means that it will give in. But for an amply supported mattress, you can sit again and again without flattening.

#4. Thickness

Thickness is also a factor to consider when buying firm mattresses. Some of the thick ones feature Multi-layers which are designed to improve the comfort levels. In the memory foam mattresses, they have an incorporated a layer of dense poly-foam material which offers core support. Also, a layer of foam in innerspring mattresses also provides core support which ensures body get outstanding support. A firm mattress which is thick provides more support to heavy people than thin mattresses. So, if you are a bit heavier or suffering from a health complication, a thick firm mattress is recommendable.

#5. Firmness

Although we are talking about firm mattresses, firmness level matters a lot. The firmest mattresses with a rating of 9-10 are not ideal for everyone who like hard mattresses. They are ideal for people who like sleeping in a back position. However, for the medium firm, they can work with all firm mattresses lovers but not so comfortable to side sleepers. So, when looking for a firm mattress, it is advisable to check the firmness level to suit your sleeping purposes.

Our Best Pick Products

Based on our reviews, we have 5 firm mattresses. But, for all reviewed products, Loom and Leaf mattress is premium and worth your investment. First of all, it is manufactured from natural materials; this means that it doesn’t cause allergic reactions and is pocket-friendly. Our second pick is SleepInc Body Comfort Luxury Extra Firm 13-inch Mattress. It also features premium materials and exceptional designing. Above all are an extended warranty and reasonable price. These two are perfect bet for your money and ideal in ensuring sound and smooth sleep.


Firm mattresses are the idealist ways to ensure you achieve ultimate sleeping experience without hassles. Unlike the soft mattresses which sink when sleeping, these give your body a perfect treat. Moreover, they are excellent choices for people with back pains, elderly as well as heavy people. With the above-reviewed mattresses, we bet that you are going to have unhatched sleeping experiences. Therefore, don’t gamble with your body, finding the best firm mattress in 2018 gives you freedom and peace of mind.

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