Best Price Mattress 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress Review

Best Price Mattress 10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress is a comfortable and supportive mattress that you can buy at a pocket-friendly price. Read full features and review below.

Features of Best Price Mattress 10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

#1. Constructions

This 10-inch mattress has 3 layers. The top layer has 3-inch memory foam to soothe the sleeper into a deep sleep. The second layer has 2 inches of super soft foam which help’s to relieve pressure. The final layer has 5 inches of high-density foam to provide a highly resilient base.

#2. Material

On top of these layers, there is a comfort poly-Jacquard cover. This cover is warm and soft. It gives comfort to the sleeper all night long. Its surface/edge abrasion level is very low. This implies that it withstands wear and tear when rubbed against other surfaces. It is durable. Hence, serving you for a prolonged period.

#3. Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 80 x 60 x 10 inches
  • Weight: 60 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Best Price Mattress from China

#4. Warranty and Support

If a defect related to manufacturing of the product occurs within ten years of purchase, the company will replace or repair the mattress. The manufacturer gives 10-year limited warranty to the buyers of this product. There is also a 30 day trial period before confirming the purchase of this item. You will also enjoy full money back guarantee from the manufacturer in case the product does not meet your expectations.

#5. Shipping

The shipping weight of this product is 81.2 pounds. They ship The product within 3-5 days of making payment. The item is not eligible for shipping internationally. It is compactly packed and delivered to the buyer in good condition.

#6. Health Benefits

One great thing about this mattress is that it does not emit gases at all. It has no smell from the first day of purchase until you replace it. This means that the components used to manufacture it are safe for human use. Despite the fact that although China company manufactures this product this product is PURGreen certified. There are no health risks to users of this item.

#7. Advantages

  • This product is very comfortable for side and stomach sleepers
  • It has superior durability
  • This product provides pain relief
  • Has no off-gassing
  • Has efficient temperature regulation

#8. Disadvantages

  • Not ideal for back sleepers as it is too soft for them

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Question: With this product, can you feel movement if you have a partner?

Answer: No. The mattress absorbs motion efficiently

Question: Can the mattress be cut to preferred size?

Answer: Yes

Why Buy This Product?

Getting a memory foam mattress with efficient temperature regulation at a pocket-friendly price is an irresistible deal. The mattress is also fit for stomach and side sleepers as it is soft enough for them. It has an exemplary pressure relief system which is felt by the user. These and other reasons should make you give this product a try.


This Best Price Mattress 10-inch Memory Foam Mattress Review shows that this product is incredibly awesome. At such a pocket-friendly price and high functionality, you should grab it as stock lasts. It is a great purchase for any stomach or side sleepers.

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