Best Price Mattress Box Spring Platform Metal Bed Frame Review

The Best Price Mattress Box Spring Platform Metal Bed Frame is one of the best quality bed frames in its class. This review will highlight some of the superb features of this bed frame. You will learn about the durability of the construction of this bed frame. You will discover more about how good of a night sleep you will get. After you realize how roomy this bed frame if you want one in every room. This bed frame is packed full of endless surprises.

Features of Best Price Mattress Box Spring Platform Metal Bed Frame

Construction and Durability

This bed frame is made out of steel. High-grade steel that is durable enough to hold your box spring and mattress. So strong that your kids can jump on the frame. Your monkeys will not break the bed Beca-frame metal reinforced construction! The frame is created with no screws. Which means it can bend and lie flat with ease!

Size Specifications and Origin

The twin would be 39 inches wide by 75 inches long. This is an ample amount of space to sleep on. There is also 14 inches of storage space under each frame. This is plenty of space to hide toys when mom tell you it is time to clean up! The product weight is 22 pounds. The manufacturer is Best Price Mattress who originates from China.


  • Set up is easy
  • Durable steel frame
  • Frame is transportable
  • Large sleep space
  • Comfortable to use with no box spring


  • Made in China
  • No connection spot to attach a headboard

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Q. Can this bed frame hold a headboard?

No. There are no brackets to do so.

Q. Can this bed frame be used for camping?

Yes. It is easily transportable and has slits to hold an inflatable mattress.

Q. Can this frame be used without a box spring?

Only if you are comfortable without it.


The durability and versatility of this bed frame are two perfect reasons for purchasing this product. This frame demonstrates that by having a screw-free construction. The frame will hold up its end of the bargain and will not let you down.

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