Best Price Independent Operating Icoil Spring Mattress Review


Product Features

  • Two separate layers of soothing soft foam instantly welcome you to bed
  • Independent operating coils create a responsive and supportive sleep experience
  • Virtually no Motion-Transfer between sleep partners
  • Mattress tested to exceed durability and longevity versus industry standards
  • Premium knitted Polyester Jacquard quilted fabric cover protects the mattress
New Price: $179.99
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You Save: $20.00
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Product Description

What Is The best price Icoil Mattress Online?

Each Independent operating iCoil Spring moves independently, responding to body movement and the contour of the body. Because they’re not connected by interconnecting wires, each spring works independently. The weight on one spring doesn’t affect the surrounding springs. Thus our mattress helps you to sleep undisturbed. With each Independent operating iCoil, you will feel less movement from your partner unlike a traditional inner spring that has interconnecting wires between coils.


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