Casper® Mattress Review: Still Worth Buying

One of the first things you notice about a Casper® Mattress is that it comes vacuum sealed in a remarkably small box. The Casper® advertising team has done its job and then some, promoting awareness of its main product with all the modern technologies available. In other words, people know about Casper®. But what about its flagship mattress? Advertising is one thing, but it doesn’t necessarily indicate quality.

That’s where we come in. Our review of the Casper® Mattress is going to cover all the features that mattress hunters need to absorb as they seek their ideal sleeping surface. The Casper® Mattress was designed after months of data collection and feedback. It is one of the first mattresses to actually combine hybridized proprietary materials with a successful end result. Read on for the full report on this mattress, or use our table of contents to navigate to your favorite feature sections.


  • Pressure point relief
  • Hypo-allergic
  • Temperature sensitive
  • 10-year warranty
  • 100-day trial period


  • Expensive

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#1. Cover and Construction

The Casper® Mattress cover is so simple and inspiring that many online mattress companies have since adopted it for use along with their own mattresses. It is specially crafted using a soft and thin material for remarkably smooth texture. As for the bulk of the mattress, some companies will settle for a single material and build their mattresses using only a single layer.

The Casper® Mattress has four layers in total. These contribute not only to mattress thickness, but to comfort and durability as well. Pure memory foam Casper® Mattresses are made up of four foam layers:

  • Top Layer: On top is a 1.5” poly foam layer. This is a major part of what makes Casper® Mattress comfortable and cool. It provides just the right amount of bounce, but this durable top also prevents damage due to any excess weight or force that may be applied to the mattress.
  • Top-Middle Layer: This is a memory foam support layer 1.5” thick, with a density of 4.0 lb. per cubic foot. It powerfully limits heat retention issues that often plague memory foam products.
  • Lower-Middle Layer: This is the last of the thinner 1.5” layers. At 2.5 lb. per cubic foot, it creates a smooth transition into the base foam.
  • Base Foam Layer: This foundational layer is 5.0” thick, measuring 1.8 lb. per cubic foot. It is responsible for supporting all the other layers, as well as providing the body support that sleepers need during the night.

Casper Mattress Layers

Casper Cover

#2. Firmness and Sinkage

Some mattresses can be stiff or even uncomfortably soft. The Casper® Mattress is somewhere in the middle. Its foam layers are designed to handle sleepers with a diverse range of firmness needs. This mattress can hold up to 450 pounds before a sleeper feels the bottom-most layers during sleep. At typical weight levels, the top layers allow for about 3’’ of sinkage before mattress users hit a comfy support wall.

Casper mattress firmness

The hug and contour of the mattress are also fairly standard, but the poly foam at the top eliminates any rigidity, making the mattress feel less firm than it actually is. Your sleeping position does not determine the sinkage of the Casper® Mattress. Instead, the pressure points created during sleep are alleviated the minute you slide into a new sleeping posture. This feature is ideal for most people who don’t like falling into holes in their mattresses.

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Casper Mattress Quality

#3. Casper® Prototypes

Before the advent of the Casper® Mattress, the company tested three prototypes. The first mattress prototype was 9.5’’ thick. Like the Casper® Mattress, it was a triple-foam-layer bed. However, it wasn’t quite right. The second design was identical to the modern Casper® Mattress in thickness, but reduced the size of the support foam to accommodate a poly foam.

The third and current design was released in January of 2017. It can be thought of as an upgraded version of the second design. The thickness remains 9.5 inches, but its testing process has been significantly enhanced for supreme comfort.

#4. Durability and Health Benefits

The Casper® Mattress is among the most durable beds out there. Based on reviews gathered from clients, it offers excellent value for the asking price. This may explain why the company offers such a sizeable warranty. Durability means a long lifespan, so Casper® isn’t afraid to go the distance in this regard.

Given its generous lifespan, this mattress makes for a long-term solution in healthy sleep. Some of the Casper® Mattress’ health benefits include ache and pain relief, relaxation, movement isolation, temperature sensitivity, and allergy-free sleep. While the smell on the mattress may be strong at first, it fades in a couple of days. Allergic reactions caused by the odor won’t last long.

Casper Health Benefits

#5. Maintenance and Structural Support

Most mattresses follow a standard maintenance pattern. First, it needs to be rotated once or twice per year to prevent excessive wear in your favorite sleeping spots. And while many sleepers actually flip their mattresses over to achieve a similar result, this one should only be turned 180 degrees. The process doesn’t need to be repeated every month, as with some others, thanks to Casper® Mattress resilience. Specifically, about once every four or five months will do.

Casper Mattress Maintenance

To ensure that your mattress enjoys its full lifespan, place it on a flat, hard surface. Traditional box springs are not ideal for the Casper® Mattress because they only provide support through a single beam beneath the bed. This often causes the mattress to sag, so for durability and proper use, place your mattress on either the floor or a platform bed.

Lastly, avoid spending unnecessary time on this mattress’ edges. Its limited edge support may the mattress to sag, which can be irreparable.If you encounter problems with your new mattress, contact the manufacturer through their website.

#6. Warranty


The Casper® Mattress comes with a 10-year warranty. Not all mattress manufacturers can claim to provide similar warranties for their products. Beyond this, buyers can enjoy a 100-day trial period when purchasing the Casper® Mattress. That is more than enough time to evaluate its suitability for your individual sleeping needs. It is also a great showcase of manufacturer faith in the product.

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#7. Technical Specifications

Weight, Dimensions, and Size of Casper Mattress

As discussed earlier, the modern Casper® Mattress design is 9.5” thick. This can be observed by adding the individual layers together — 1.5” of poly foam, 1.5’’ of memory foam, another 1.5’’ of poly foam, and 5.0’’ of support foam.

In order of smallest to largest, the Casper® Mattress is available in:

  • Twin
  • Twin XL
  • King
  • Queen
  • Cal King

casper technical specifications

Origin and Manufacturer of Casper Mattress

The Casper® Mattress is a product of Casper®, an online U.S company in New York. Although the mattresses are manufactured in Pennsylvania and Georgia, the company’s showrooms are in Los Angeles and New York.

#8. Advantages

  • Pressure point relief
  • Supports back alignment
  • Good motion accommodation
  • Hypoallergenic
  • High durability
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easily accommodates different sleeping positions

#9. Disadvantages

  • Price is comparatively high
  • Medium-firm quality — not firm enough for some, but not soft enough for others.

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Casper® Mattress Review Video


There is a noticeable difference between the Casper® Mattress and other mattresses. This bed is easily maintained, conveniently shipped, supportive, and very durable. On the other hand, its weak edges are a point of concern. Additionally, while the Casper® Mattress might offer a good night’s sleep, its price can be on the prohibitive side. But its latex-over-memory-foam design is arguably among the best available. Thoroughly tested and developed products like this one shouldn’t be missed.

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