Casper Mattress Review 2017: A Comprehensive Review Guide


Most Popular Casper Mattress For You!

Most Popular Casper Mattress For You!










          • Pressure point relief
          • Hypo-allergic
          • Temperature sensitive
          • 10-year warranty
          • 100-day trial period


          • Not Cheap
          • Not bad for kids & toddler

          Casper Mattress Review: Casper mattress is one of the famous mattresses in the world which is about ten inches thick and made of with memory foam, regular foam, support foam, and base foam. It is made in the USA. It comes vacuum sealed, expanding when opened. The Casper mattress is a simple, supportive, and sublime piece of invention that has created a sense of tranquility while sleeping for many people. The mattress was designed after months of data collection and feedback and has been tested with thousands of materials. Also, it is the first mattress to combine hybridized proprietary materials to great effect. Read below the details Casper mattress review that will help you more.

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          The mattress is the perfect balance for soft latex and firm memory foam. When these two are combined, the result is exceptional support, reduced bounce, and air cooling circulation. Most mattresses are either too stiff that you wake up with aches all over your body or too soft that they swallow you in your sleep. The combination created by the Casper mattress ensures that you not only enjoy a good night sleep but also limit the exhaustion that comes in the morning with low-quality mattresses. The mattress only comes in one color –white- and it is as appealing to the eyes as it is to your body.

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          Features of Casper Mattress 

          The Casper mattress is unique primarily due to the incredible features that make it the product millions admire. The latex put on top of the memory foam is a unique feature that enables the mattress not to sleep cool. Below are more important features that make the Casper mattress the best on the market at the moment.


          #1. Construction of Casper Mattress

          Layers of Casper Mattress

          While most mattress manufacturing companies will settle for one material thus giving their mattresses a single layer, the Casper mattress has four. The layers contribute not only to the thickness but comfort and durability of the mattress. Pure memory foam is known to conform leaving a hole on your bed naturally. Casper mattresses are made up of four foam layers; the top layer/poly foam, the second layer/memory foam, the third layer/support foam, and the bottom layer also known as the support foam. The first three layers are all 1.5’’ thick while the lower layer is 5.0’’.

          • Poly Foam Layer: The poly foam on the first layer is what helps make the mattress comfortable, cool, and provides the bounce needed on every mattress. Sometimes kids can’t help but sneak into your room and start jumping on your mattress, with the Casper mattress, you do not have to worry about damages thanks to its active top layer.
          • Memory Foam Layer: The second layer is responsible for offering support and relieving pressure. With a density of 4.0 pounds per cubic foot, it greatly helps with heat retention issues that in most instances are associated with memory foam mattresses.
          • The third layer (Poly Foam Layer): The third layer is also made up of poly foam with a density of 2.5 pounds per cubic foot and is used as a transition into the base foam.
          • Base Foam Layer: The base foam has a density of 1.8 per cubic foot and is the foundational support for all the other layers. Seeing how intricately this mattress was built, it is only right that it solicits the feeling it does when you sleep on it. If you think about it, you might as well be sleeping on four mattresses instead of one.

          Casper Mattress Layers

          Cover of Casper Mattress

          The Casper mattress cover is so simple and inspiring that many online mattress companies adopted it to use on their mattresses. Specially designed using a soft and thin material, the mattress’ cover offers a smooth texture and runs from edge to edge. The materials that make up the cover are from Belgium and the U.S, but the mattress’ assembly happens in either the United States or Mexico.

          Casper Cover


          #2. Firmness, Motion, Feel, Comfort and Quality of Casper Mattress

          Firmness and Motion of Casper Mattress

          While most mattresses are either uncannily stiff or uncomfortably soft, the Casper mattress is somewhere in the middle. The foam design and the feeling that it elicits were custom-made to handle all types of sleepers. The mattress can hold up to 450 pounds, if the people sleeping on the mattress exceed this weight limit then they get to feel the 1st and bottom layers more in their sleep.The top layers allow for about 3’’ of sinkage after which a sleeper hits the support wall.

          Casper mattress firmness

          The hug and contour of the mattress are also fairly standard, but the poly foam at the top eliminates the sharpness thereby making it hard to feel the mattress’ firmness.Your sleeping position does not determine the motion of the Casper mattress. Instead, the pressure points created as we sleep are leveled the minute you change your sleeping pattern. The mattress’ ability to do that can be uncomfortable for some heavier sleepers, but it is ideal for most people who don’t like falling into holes in their mattresses.

          Comfort of Casper Mattress

          Casper mattress comfortThe Casper mattress comprises of open-cell hypoallergenic latex responsible for keeping you cool throughout the entire night. The layers discussed above also go a long way to ensuring that you remain comfortable throughout the night. The only problem that comes with the Casper mattress concerning its comfortability is its edge support.

          Compared to other online mattresses, it is pretty uncomfortable when you sit directly on the edges. Therefore, this makes sleeping on the edges even more challenging. Then again, why would you sleep on the sides considering this Casper mattress?

          Quality of Casper Mattress

          After explaining its composition above, I am sure there is little to no doubt on the quality of the Casper mattress. What sets it apart from other mattresses regarding quality is its motion transfer. The distinct feel created by memory foam makes it more resilient, so durability is a non-issue as far as the Casper mattress is concerned.

          Casper Mattress Quality

          #3. Types of Casper Mattress

          Originally, there were three designs created in a span of 3 years as manufacturers looked for the perfect Casper mattress. The first Casper mattress was 9.5’’ thick. However, it had three layers comprising of latex, memory foam, and support foam. The second design had the same measurements in thickness but reduced the size of the support foam to accommodate a poly foam.

          The third and current design was released in January 2017 and is only an upgraded version of the second design. The size remains 9.5 inches with the only difference from the other two being a refined look and rigorous tests.

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          #4. Durability of Casper Mattress

          The Casper mattress has the longest durability of any mattress ever made; and no I’m not just saying it but based on reviews gathered from clients, it offers excellent value for money. Perhaps its durability is the reason the company offers such a lengthy period concerning the mattress’ warranty.


          #5 Health Benefits of Casper Mattress

          Some of the health benefits of buying the Casper mattress include pain relief, relaxation, movement absorption, temperature sensitivity, and suitability for allergy sufferers. While the smell on the mattress may be strong at first, it fades in a couple of days, and any allergic reaction caused by odor is quickly eradicated.

          Casper Health Benefits

          #6. Sleeping Experience of Casper Mattress

          Casper Sleeping ExperienceWhether you lie on your side or your back, you can be sure to experience a maximum sinkage of about 3.5’’ when sleeping on a Casper mattress. Considering that the mattress adds up to about 9’’, that sinkage is not even close to the middle so you can be sure to have a good sleeping experience. Most customers have expressed dissatisfaction when sleeping on the mattress due to external factors such as loud noises, but none have complained of their sleeping experience and blamed it on the mattress.

          Seeing that it is a firm mattress too, you might not like it if you are used to memory foam mattresses only. Its composition gives it more resilience that might affect your sleeping experience depending on your sleeping pattern. Nonetheless, its flexible nature is sure to guarantee a good night sleep.


          #7. Maintenance and Support of Casper Mattress

          There are a few maintenance tips that are not only ideal for the Casper mattress but its competitors as well. First, you need to rotate it; while most mattresses are flipped, you need to turn this one from head to toe. Also, you do not have to do it every month like the others, thanks to its resilience; you can rotate the mattress once every four or five months.

          Casper Mattress Maintenance

          Also, to ensure that your mattress lasts for long, place it on a flat, hard surface. The traditional box spring is not ideal with the Casper mattress because they only have a supporting beam in the middle of the mattress. This feature causes the mattress to sag; so for durability and efficient use, place your mattress either on the floor or a platform bed.

          Lastly, do not spend so much time on the edges. In doing so, you are causing the mattress to sag, and it is often an irreparable flaw. These maintenance and support tips not only help you preserve your mattress but also ensure that you don’t wake up in the morning feeling like you were in a fight due to a sagged mattress. In case you encounter any problems encountered with the mattress, you can always contact the manufacturer through their website.


          #8. Shipping, and Warranty of Casper Mattress



          Shipping of Casper Mattress

          The Casper mattress has free shipping included as part of its cost.

          Warranty of Casper Mattress

          The Casper mattress has a 10-year warranty, and very few mattress manufacturers can claim to have the same warranty for their products.Aside from the 10-year warranty, you get a 100-day trial period when you purchase the Casper mattress. That is more than enough time to evaluate its suitability to your sleeping patterns and also a great showcase of faith in the product by the manufacturers.

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          #9. Size and Pricing of Casper Mattress


          S/L Size Price Details
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          6 California King 💰💰💰 👉 Check Price on Amazon



          #10. Technical Specifications of Casper Mattress


          Weight, Dimensions, and Size of Casper Mattress

          As discussed earlier, the Casper mattress design currently on the market is 9.5 inches. This size is arrived at after adding 1.5 inches of poly foam to 1.5’’ of memory foam, another 1.5’’ of poly foam, and 5.0’’ of support foam. The mattress weighs 99 pounds, and its dimensions are 84×72×10 inches; it’s big enough to host at least three people comfortably.

          casper technical specifications

          Origin and Manufacturer of Casper Mattress

          The Casper mattress is a product of Casper, a private U.S company in New York that sells online mattresses. Although the mattresses are manufactured in Pennsylvania and Georgia, the company’s showrooms are in Los Angeles and New York.


          #11. Advantages

          • Pressure point relief
          • Supports your back alignment
          • Better motion accommodation
          • Hypo-allergic
          • Excellent durability
          • Easy to maintain
          • Can accommodate different sleeping positions effortlessly


          #12. Disadvantages

          • Price is comparatively high
          • Medium firm
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          There is a huge difference between the Casper mattress and other mattresses. However, not all of them are for the former. While the Casper mattress might offer a good night sleep, the price has in some instances put some people off. However, based on my experience with it and the numerous customer reviews of Casper, the latex over memory foam mattress is arguably among the best there are at the moment.We hope that you are happy to read this Casper mattress reviews. Do not forget to share with your friends and family.

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          Casper Mattress Overview

          Mattress Rating

          We are yet to see whether the company will increase the thickness of the support layer after some suggestions by clients. Nonetheless, the third design of the Casper mattress is solid, comforting and a good value for money. Thank you for reading our helpful Casper mattress review.

          • Owner Satisfaction
          • Lifespan / Durability
          • Support
          • Conforming Ability
          • Easy to Move on
          • Motion Isolation
          • Edge Support
          • Heavy Person Friendly
          • Easy to Maintain
          • Back Pain Relief
          • Side Sleeping Experience
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