Tuft & Needle vs Casper vs Leesa vs Purple Mattress Comparison

We compared some important key points between Tuft & Needle vs Casper vs Leesa vs Purple Mattress in this article. Read our advanced and well-researched comparison that will help you to take a decision which one is good for you. Read the details comparison points below.

Last update was on: May 30, 2021 2:22 am

Tuft & Needle vs Casper vs Leesa vs Purple Mattress Comparison

Tuft & Needle vs Casper vs Leesa vs Purple Mattress Details Comparison


Construction of a mattress is the key to the durability and performance. Premium constructed mattresses are ideal since they improve sleeping experience. Let’s examine the structure of a mattress we have in hand.


Casper Construction

The construction of this mattress focuses on ensuring total comfort when sleeping on it. The mattress has a total thickness of around 10 inches. This thickness is broken down into various layers to facilitate complete comfort. Starting from the top layer, it features regular foam with 1.5 inches thickness. The second layer is 1.5 inch and features dense but soft memory foam. There is a transition layer between the middle and base layer measuring 1.5 inches. Then you move to the 5-inch base layer with a dense 1.8 pound per feet of foam. The mattress has 100 percent polyester cover, but it is highly breathable.

Casper Mattress Layers


Leesa Construction

When you critically look at the construction of this Leesa mattress, you are going to like it. This is because it boats 3 layers which keep you comfortable. Going by the first layer which the topmost, it is 2 inches thick. Unlike competitors, the layer enjoys Avena foam. The material behaves like rubber thus increasing comfort. The second layer is 2 inches thick and is made from memory foam. The last layer which is at the base is 6 inches and boasts heavy-duty foam with ample mattress support.

Leesa Mattress Layers

Tuft and Needle

Tuft & Needle Construction

Tuft & Needle is yet another fantastic mattress when it comes to construction. The company has mastered the art of making your sleep fulfilling. Unlike other mattresses which employ many layers, this one has only two and a cover. Basically, the mattress has a 10-inch thickness. Starting with the top layer, it measures 3.0-inch poly foam which offers body support and cooling effect. The bottom layer which forms the base is extra thick with 7-inch thickness. It helps to keep the mattress in shape and also providing support. The cover is white and offers a refreshing night without heating since it eliminates direct contact with the foams.


Purple Mattress Construction

Purple mattress strives to bring a combination of comfort and fresh feeling. It has a total thickness of 9.5 inches. This is slightly thinner than competitors but higher perfuming. Additionally, the mattress has 3 layers. The top layer makes sure that body receives support and cooling. It is 2 inches thick, made of a hyper-elastic polymer which facilitates a spring-like experience. The second layer features a 3.5-inch polyurethane foam which also helps to dissipate weight hence keeping mattress intact for long. The 4 inches bottom/base layer of dense PU foam to keep mattress intact and providing support to upper layers.

Purple Mattress Layers

Firmness and Feel

If you buy a mattress which is too hard, you are most likely to get bed sores and other kinds of discomforts. That is why stiffness is a key buying determinant when buying a mattress. Let look at how each of the mattresses performs.


Casper Mattress Firmness

In 2017, Casper revolutionized their mattress to make it a bit more comfortable. This saw this mattress being made available in a reduced firmness from medium-firm to medium. In fact, the manufacturer has changed the top layer from latex rubber to soft foam. Due to this, the firmness of this mattress ranges between 6-6.5 out of 10 in the firmness scale. This gives it a high score in customer rating than most of the competitors. In addition to how the firm is this mattress, is the general feel. Sleeping on this mattress, it makes sure that body enjoys perfect hugging and the cover is gentle to your skin.

Casper mattress firmness


Leesa Mattress Firmness

If you are a great fun of Leesa mattress, you will bear witness that it is a superior quality. With a combination of 3 different layers, you can expect the mattress to be supportive enough and also, give the body perfect comfort. With super soft Avena foam top layer, the mattress provides enough support to prevent sinking. This mattress falls in firmness scales of 7 out of 10. This means that it is ideal for average sleepers. For the feel, it feels soft with a gentle cover which keeps skin fresh and breathing.Leesa mattress firmness

Tuft and Needle

Tuft & Needle Mattress Firmness

Just like other mattress manufacturers are struggling to keep their products on the top of the league, so is the Tuft & Needle. Its designing ensures that you don’t experience hard surfaces when sleeping like in other brands. In fact, with a full foam construction, it gives it a great texture. As a result, this provides this mattress with a firmness of around 6.5 out 10 in the firmness scale. The mattress has a fantastic feel. With uppermost layer made of soft polyfoam, it gives it a latex rubber feeling. Therefore, as you sleep, it provides a fresh and bouncy experience.


Purple Mattress Firmness

Just like other mattresses in its class, the Purple mattress is an excellent consideration when it comes to firmness. It’s blended from a variety of materials; it means that you can sleep without experiencing hard spots. Purple mattress falls on a scale of 6.5 out 10 on the firmness scale. With a soft upper layer, the mattress gives your body a perfect feeling without causing discomforts. Amazingly, when sleeping on it, the mattress feels like floating especially for average sleepers.

Purple mattress firmness


Support is essential as it plays a role in the overall mattress comfort. Among our four selected mattresses, let’s see how each performs.


Casper Mattress Support

Support in this mattress is fantastic. Bearing in mind that it has various layers each with different density, this helps to distribute weight across the mattress the base especially is sturdy enough to withstand the overall weight while still holding and without collapsing. Furthermore, the mattress is designed to prevent s flattening as with cheap ones. Sleeping on this mattress is comfortable for average people as it has adequate bounce. Also, for couples, it is a perfect selection.


Leesa Mattress Support

Leesa mattress has a thickness of 10 inches. On top of that, it comprises 3 layers of varying degrees of densities. What does this mean? You not only get comfort when sleeping on this mattress. Instead, the mattress gives ultimate support to the sleeper. Whether you are light or heavy weighted, the mattress is highly responsive and contours to your body. In fact, instead of experiencing hard surfaces, or hotspots, the mattress gives you a relaxed resting place. It is ideal for people who like back and side sleepers.

Tuft and Needle

Tuft & Needle Mattress Support

For many years, Tuft & needles is a great company offering supportive mattresses and pillows. This one isn’t exceptional; it gives you perfect support thus minimizing chances of suffering back pains and spine misalignment. With the construction of this one, the company has ensured that firmness ranges in the medium scale. By improving the firmness scale, the mattress becomes a bit harder, and this translates into more support. In most cases, medium feel mattress like Tuft & Needle boasts increased firmness and support. This means that you will still experience some level of sinking as you sleep. Average to heavy people s will enjoy relaxing in this mattress.


Purple Mattress Support

The purple mattress is a carefully manufactured to suit an average and heavier sleepers. It’s engineering mainly focuses on blending a mattress which will impact a full comfort and ample support. The critical precursor for a supportive mattress is how firm it is. With this one, it has a medium rating. For light sleepers, it might provide a hard surface, but people weight over 130 pounds, the mattress has a sinking and body contouring response. Thereby, as you rest on it, you won’t suffer from hard surfaces or excessive heat.

Heat Retention

Heat retention is a serious problem when it comes to buying a mattress. In most cases, the material used and firmness dramatically determines whether mattress will or will not retain heat. Let’s see how each of our selected products behaves.


Casper Mattress Heat Retention

Casper mattress is constructed featuring a polyester cover. As we know, polyester can restrict breathability and can cause the mattress to experience heating. However, this protection has pores which improve the breathability. On the other hand, to minimize heat, the top layer allows air movement through the pores, which in turn gives you an enjoyable night. However, in some instances, some users have reported mattress getting warm, but doesn’t compromise sleep quality.


Leesa Mattress Heat Retention

With Leesa mattress, you can bet on cool nights whenever you sleep. Starting with mattress cover, it has a seamless design which combines blends of fabrics. This prevents excessive sweating which can compromise your sleep. Furthermore, with a soft and less dense upper layer, it means that you can experience heat spots. As you sleep, the super soft foam gives you a latex feeling which eliminates hot sleeping. The slight sinking of the mattress ensures that there is air movement when as you turn.

Tuft and Needle

Tuft & Needle Mattress Heat Retention

As with other mattresses, the construction of his one still focuses on the ability to keep your body cool thus improving your sleep quality. With a thin cover, it doesn’t contribute to heat retaining. As a result, the cover also allows air to penetrate into the upper layer of poly-foam hence keeping your body fresh. Additionally, unlike the rivals, this one has a large top layer, which boosts air circulation in the mattress.


Purple Mattress Heat Retention

Among the main features of the purple mattress is that it boast efficient cooling thus ensuring it doesn’t compromise the quality of your sleep. It’s unique manufacturing with air pockets renders it ideal for all your sleeping needs. Additionally, the polymer grid design is perfect for ensuring there is an air film between the body and mattress. This is opposed to smooth surface mattresses which restrict the airflow leading to hot sleep and excessive sweating.


If you need to get the best mattress, any of the above can be an excellent choice. Between the four reviewed that is Tuft & Needle vs Casper vs Leesa vs Purple Mattress, each is an outstanding choice for an average sleeper. As we can see, all of them fall in a firmness scale of 6-7 out of 10. Therefore, picking any will be a great choice. However, as for support, Leesa has a very excellent rating. Overall, the mattresses are an ideal choice for all-around sleeping. Casper and tuft & needle have thinner profile compared to Leesa and purple mattress. But, regarding performance, they are outstanding.