An In-depth Casper vs Leesa Mattress Comparison

In this Casper vs Leesa mattress comparison, we have mentioned all essential product features including material ratings, construction, layers, shipping, warranty, comfort, support, similarities, differences, advantages, disadvantages, firmness, feels, comfort, support, technical specifications etc. Read the well-researched comparison below.

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Casper vs Leesa

Key Comparisons of Casper vs Leesa Mattress

Casper Construction

Casper Mattress Construction

Construction of Casper mattress differs slightly from other foam mattresses.It has mainly three layers shown below.

  • Top layer: The top layer of this mattress consists of open-call latex foam which is placed on memory foam. This layer unlike in Leesa mattress which is suitable for couples because it inhibits motion is responsible for keeping the mattress cool, and also it enhances nice bounce. As well, the open-cell layer allows free circulation of air keeping you cool throughout the night. Also, this springy layer keeps your body balanced and relaxed.
  • The second layer: This layer is made of memory foam material. This middle layer is responsible for pressure relief, enhances compression and offers support. Moreover, the memory foam material from which the mattress is made enables it to adapt your body temperature enabling the mattress to keep you at a steady temperature regardless of the room temperature.
  • Bottom layer: The third/bottom layer which is made of high-density foam is responsible for offering support to the first and the second layers. This layer, therefore, is responsible for keeping the mattress firm and also to enhance durability.

Casper Mattress Layers

Leesa Construction

Leesa Mattress Construction

Leesa mattress has three layers, and each layer is made of the high-quality material whereby each layer plays a specific role to ensure that you have a great sleeping experience.

The top layer: The top layer of Leesa mattress is made of Quilted poly-lycra blend material. This material is also used in sports due to its high breathability characteristic. The cover, therefore, enables breathability to ensure your comfort. Secondly, the top layer of this mattress features a 2 inch Avena (special foam) top layer. The Avena layer offers comfort, cooling, and the durability. As well, this layer gives the mattress a soft bounce quality a characteristic which ensures that you have an excellent sleeping experience. The top layer of this mattress also allows for minimum motion transfer. You, therefore, will not disturb your partner at night. This feature makes the Leesa mattress excellent for couples.

The middle layer: The middle layer of Leesa mattress consists of memory foam material. This two-inch layer enables the mattress to relieve pressure and also keeps your body in good position for comfort.

The foundation layer: the bottom layer is made of high-density foam which is responsible for support, firmness and also facilities breath-ability. This six-inch layer keeps you cool even when the night is warm. The mattress is, therefore, a wise choice in summers and regions with warm nights. The mattress has a 10-inch thickness which implies that it is thick enough to give you an incredible sleep experience at night.

Leesa Mattress Layers

Comfort of Casper and Leesa Mattress

Both mattresses have one-size-fits-all comfort.

  • Caspers comfort level ranges between 90 and 100
  • Leesa mattress comfort level rates from 95 to 100

Casper vs Leesa Comfort

Sleeping Experience

Sleeping experience is determined by the ability of the mattress to relieve pressure, capacity to distribute your body weight evenly, and capacity to keep your body in the right position. Also, a mattress that allows good circulation of air will make you comfortable therefore giving you excellent sleeping experience. The two mattresses, therefore, offer you great sleeping experience.

  • The Avena layer in Leesa mattress gives the mattress cooling power, and the three layers allow for free circulation of air. Casper mattress as well features memory foam which plays the same role as Avena foam.
  • Both mattresses are three layers a feature which enables both mattresses to give you awesome sleeping experience.


  • Both companies give you a test period of 100 days whereby you can return to get the full amount refunded to you.
  • Both companies give the returned mattresses to charity or recycle them.

Shipping and Delivery

  • Both Leesa and Casper mattresses are packed in compact boxes
  • Both offer free shipping and a 100-day trial
  • If you want to buy the same size mattress, you will have to pay more for Leesa mattress than Casper mattress.

Differences Between Casper and Leesa Mattress

  • While Casper mattress cover is made of a blend of polyester and polypropylene materials, Leesa’s mattress cover consists of a quilted poly-lycra blend material
  • Casper top layer is made of memory foam. Leesa top layer is made of Avena foam
  • Casper features open-call latex foam in the middle layer whereas Leesa while the middle layer of Casper consists of memory foam
  • Leesa is slightly expensive compared to Casper
  • Casper has four layers whiles Leesa has three layers

Size and Prices

The Casper and Leesa mattresses have the following available sizes: Twin, Twin XL, King, Queen, Cal King.

Leesa Company


Leesa mattress company was established in 2015. David Wolf founded the company with the aim of producing high-quality mattresses with a lower price. The founder wanted to get rid of mattress fillers which made traditional mattresses expensive, and according to him, these mattress fillers are useless. The company is well-known for using high-quality material to manufacture mattresses and producing a high-quality product which has come to be loved by many.

Casper Company


Casper mattress company was launched in 2014, and Casper mattress became one of the most bought mattresses making around $1 million in the first month after it was introduced in the market. This is because the mattress is universally comfortable and is sold at a low price. Casper mattress assumes the shape your body, therefore, relieving pressure for your maximum comfort. The four-layer construction technique gives this mattress makes it durable so you can use it for long without tearing away, facilitates free circulation of air and promotes balanced bounce to make you relaxed on it.

Which Mattress Should You Buy Casper or Leesa?

As you can see from this Casper vs. Leesa mattress review comparison, these mattresses have a lot of similarities and little differences regarding their construction, sleeping experience, firmness, return, and cost. You, therefore, need to compare and contrast the qualities of these mattresses so that you can buy a mattress that you will meet all your needs.