Casper vs Tempurpedic Mattress Comparison

In this Casper vs Tempurpedic mattress comparison, we’ve discussed on different features such as constructions, layers, firmness, feels, comfort, support, health benefits, sizes, pricing, similarities, advantages, disadvantages, real user rating, mattress materials quality, warranty, shipping and more.

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Casper vs Tempurpedic

Key Comparison of Casper vs Tempurpedic Mattress

About Casper Mattress

About Casper

These mattresses are both soft and firm. They use a mix of foam and fiber to support your body. You will toss and turn less in bed when you use them. They stop pressure from building up on your limbs. They feel snug but not stuffy. In sum, they relax you.

About Tempurpedic Mattress

About Tempurpedic

This mattress uses memory foam. This foam springs and bounces as your body moves. It also responds to your body weight and body heat. The result? Support for the whole body. The Mattress contains unique Tempur material. You can buy a firm, mid firm or extra firm mattress. Get the one that suits your needs.

Casper Construction

Construction of Casper Mattress

  • Top layer: Soft fabric provides comfort. It also has a cool feel – great when you want to stay asleep.
  • Second layer: Strong and firm polyfoam keep you supported. This layer is 1.5 inches deep. It adds bounce, too. As it is memory foam, it responds to your body’s movement.
  • Middle layer: More foam for support and the relief of pressure.
  • Bottom layer: Yet more polyfoam (five whole inches of it) to give a firm base.
  • Cover: Strong white fabric. Easy to keep clean.

Casper Mattress Layers

Tempurpedic Construction

Construction/Materials/Layers/Covers of Tempurpedic Mattress

  • Top Layer: A stitched fabric layer. The stitched design is nice to look at. The fabric is cool and soft. Very snug.
  • Second Layer: Elastic memory foam. Provides bounce and springs back as you move. Nice and soft.
  • Middle Layer: Firm foam. Denser than the layer above. It gives good support.
  • Bottom Layer: A firm foam base.
  • Cover: Soft knit, cool and dry.

Tempur-contour supreme firm mattress layer

Casper Firmness

Firmness, Feel, & Support of Casper Mattress

This mattress is medium firm. It gives good support. The top layer feels soft and squishy. But, this is balanced out by a firmer set of lower layers. When they work together, the layers feel firm but not hard – a good mix.

Casper mattress firmness

Tempurpedic Firmness

Firmness, Feel, & Support of Tempurpedic Mattress

The mattress can be firm, mid firm or extra firm. The one that you choose will depend on what you need. People with back pain may need an extra firm mattress. This can halt back pain. It can also halt neck pain. Most people will need a mid-firm or firm mattress. The mattress gives good support. With all mattresses, the top layer feels soft and squashy not firm and hard. This adds to the comfort.

Tempurpedic mattress firmness

Sizes and Pricing of Casper and Tempurpedic Mattress

Both Casper and Tempurpedic mattresses have the following available sizes such as Twin, Twin XL, King, Queen, Cal King etc.

The Twin size is the lowest price and the Cal King is highest.

Casper Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications of Casper Mattress

  • Shipping: Free
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Trial Period: 100 nights
  • Foundation: Mid-firm.
  • Shipping: 2-7 days.
  • Made in: Mexico, China, and the US. Different layers are from different countries. E.g. the top fabric comes from Mexico.
Tempurpedic Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications of Tempurpedic Mattress

  • Shipping: Free.
  • Warranty: 10 years.
  • Trial Period: 90 days.
  • Foundation: Firm
  • Shipping: 3 days.
  • Made in: US, China, Mexico and El Salvador.

Similarities Between Tempurpedic and Casper Mattress

Both mattresses aim to give good support. They both use the same material to give support. This is visco-elastic memory foam. Both feel soft yet firm. This is because both use several layers of foam. In both, some foam layers are denser than others. The points of similarity are below.

  • Use of memory foam
  • Good support
  • Soft feel
  • 10-year warranty
  • Good trial times

Advantages and Disadvantages of Casper and Tempurpedic Mattress

Advantages of Tempurpedic Mattress
  • Give more support.
  • Use a special type of foam.
  • Come in the firm, mid firm, and extra firm.
  • Can be paid for in stages.
  • Have a long warranty time.
Advantages of Casper Mattress
  • Use firm and soft foam.
  • Feel cool and snug.
  • Cost less.
  • Have a longer trial time.
  • Have a long warranty time.
Disadvantages of Tempurpedic Mattress
  • Cost more.
  • Have a shorter trial time.
Disadvantages of Casper Mattress
  • Can’ be paid for in stages?
  • Give less support.
  • Don’t come in so many styles.

Which Mattress Should You Buy: Tempurpedic or Casper?

The answer to this depends on two main things. The first thing is your budget: Casper mattresses cost less. But, you can pay for a Tempurpedic mattress in stages. If you don’t mind paying in stages, you can get a Tempurpedic mattress. If not, get the Casper one. The second thing is the quality. Tempurpedic mattresses use better quality foam. The makers use their own ‘Tempur’ foam for a good night’s sleep.

In some ways, they are very similar. Your body’s heat and weight will activate the foam in both mattresses. And, as your body moves, the foam will respond. Both use three or more layers of foam for a good night’s sleep. If you want a high-class mattress, opt for the Tempurpedic. But, if you want a good memory foam mattress, the Casper mattress is a good choice.