Classic Brands 8-Inch Advantage Hybrid Innerspring Mattress Review

There are a few mattresses on the market that will never disappoint you when it comes to durability and longevity, and the 8-Inch Advantage Hybrid Innerspring Mattress from Classic Brands is one of them. It consists of tempered steel coils that improve its useful life as it provides you with excellent value for comfortable, supportive, responsive and undisturbed sleep experience. This article reviews this 8” hybrid mattress focusing on the main reasons why you should consider buying it.

Key Features of Classic Brands 8-Inch Advantage Hybrid Innerspring Mattress

1. Construction

Classic Brands 8-Inch Advantage Hybrid Innerspring Mattress features an 8” layer of 768, 13 gauge wrapped coils. The individually wrapped coils move independently. And they are encased in different pockets. They can precisely contour your body.

2. Support 

The support base in this hybrid mattress consists of individual innerspring coils that are wrapped in a fabric designed to maximize support and minimize friction. The 13 gauge steel coils provide consistent distribution of support throughout the 8” mattress and also lessens motion disturbance for sleeping partners.

3. Cover 

The 8-Inch Advantage Hybrid Innerspring Mattress has a beautiful, plush, quilted knit cover for added comfort and breathability. This soft, customized cover protects the mattress and also provides you with additional support.

4. Motion

Individually wrapped coils provide you with undisturbed sleep. So if your “sleep partner” moves a lot while asleep, you’ll never feel it. Classic Brands 8-Inch Hybrid Innerspring Mattress is all you need to enjoy countless nights of peaceful sleep.

5. Shipping

Smartly packed, which reduces the carbon footprint in Classic Brand’s shipping process. The manufacturer’s advanced packaging technology lets them roll pack and ships the mattress at one-third of its normal size. Therefore, they’re able to ship more mattresses per delivery, which reduces the number of carbon emissions. Note that a mattress that is roll packed will still retain its original quality. It will also quickly recover and return to its original shape once unboxing from the packaging.

6. Warranty

As a customer, you’ll get a 3-year warranty, 1-year full warranty and 2-years pro-rated against defects in workmanship and materials. If the mattress is deemed to be defective within the first year, it will be replaced or repaired by the manufacturer. But if it’s after 2-years, you will have to pay prorated charges which are calculated by dividing the number of years you have owned the mattress by 3X the original purchase price.

7. Technical Specifications 

  • Origin: China
  • Manufacturer: Classic Brands
  • Comfort Level: Medium
  • Mattress Top Type: Tight top
  • Mattress Top Material: Polyurethane foam.

8. Advantages

  • Ships compressed for easy delivery and setup.
  • Eliminates motion transfer between partners.
  • Compatible with box springs, slats, and mattress foundations.
  • You can use it on a platform bed
  • Offer excellent support.
  • Adjustable base friendly.
  • Provides excellent edge support.
  • Fits down narrow hallways or staircases.
  • Provides contouring comfort and support.
  • Multiple sizes to choose from.
  • Foam layers above the coil let you enjoy total comfort.

9. Disadvantages

  • Smells bad when removing from its packaging, but will off-gas within a short time.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Q. Can I sleep on the mattress on the same night I received it? 

A. Of course Yes, but the manufacturer says that once you remove the mattress from its packaging, you should wait for 24-48 hours for it to expand to its full shape before you can sleep on it.

Q. Does this mattress work on a trundle bed? 

A. Yes, it should fit a trundle. Most trundle beds fit a standard twin mattress.

Q. Will this 8” mattress be comfortable when placed on the floor in a camper for anyone to sleep on? 

A. Yes, it will feel comfortable, but an additional foundation it will provide maximum support.


Classic Brands 8-Inch Advantage Hybrid Innerspring Mattress offers a perfect balance of comfort and support, letting you get to sleep faster and longer. Independently wrapped coils support every inch of your body and distribute your weight evenly. Also, its pocket coils prevent motion disturbance between you and your sleeping partner, ensuring that you enjoy a restful and uninterrupted night sleep. If you love everything that this 8” mattress has to offer, go to and place your order.

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