Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort Adjustable Bed Review

Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort Adjustable Bed is perfect for people who would like to enjoy lifestyle benefits of an adjustable bed (reading, working on a computer, watching TV, etc.) It would also help customers who need to be elevated due to medical conditions such as acid reflux, sleep apnea, heartburn or GERD. The well-designed adjustable bed base comes with a sleek, contemporary, platform design, but will also fit easily into traditional bed frames to provide ultimate support for your mattress. This review outlines not only what Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort Adjustable Bed has to offer, but also focuses on the main reasons why it can be an ideal choice for your master bedroom. Read full review below.

Key Features of Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort Adjustable Bed

1. Positions Your Body in Zero Gravity

Relaxing on Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort Adjustable Bed in a Zero Gravity Position offers many health benefits. It simulates weightlessness and eliminates most of the stress in your body, especially in the lower back. The bed increases your blood circulation, which then results in the reduction of pressure points. Also, the zero gravity position takes pressure off of your heart- allowing you to breathe with ease, helps eliminate snoring, and relieves muscle strain.

2. Multi-Position Head and Foot Elevation

The bed’s head and legs can be raised or lowered using a wireless remote control. You’ll be able to set the bed in the perfect position to gently soothe your body, fall asleep more quickly, sleep longer and wake up more energized, refreshed and alert. Moreover, you’ll be able to set your ideal position for watching TV, working on the computer, playing video games, reading books, studying, talking on the phone, etc.

3. Foot Retainer Bar

Foot retainer bar prevents your mattress from sliding when you raise or lower the bed. It’s connected to the foot of the base in such a way that whenever you adjust the bed’s head or foot position, it always keep your mattress securely in place.

. Wireless Remote with Preset Zero Gravity Position

This device lets you activate or deactivate head/ foot massage, control the vibration intensity by setting it to either low medium or high and raise/ lower the heads and foot to;

  • TV/ PC POSITION ( head adjusts to 60 degrees, and foot adjusts to 20 degrees),
  • ZERO GRAVITY, (adjusts head by 10 degrees and foot by 30 degrees)
  • LOUNGE POSITION (head and foot are both adjusted to 15 degrees)
  • FLAT POSITION (both head and foot movement to flat position).
  • You’ll also be free to move the head/ foot up or down to your preferred angle.

5. Storage Space 

With the adjustable comfort bed base, no need a box spring. So it acts as a platform bed, creating more room for under bed storage. The base also features 6 legs, (exceeding the industry standard of 4) which have three parts. You can always unscrew/fix the legs to make them shorter/ longer with heights of 4,” 7,” and 10.”

6. Simple to Setup 

The adjustable comfort bed packaged into a portable parcel for easy installation. Once you unpack it, you just need to assemble the frame and then place a mattress on top. If you ordered the base only, you could always use any mattress, but the manufacturer says that it works great with memory foam & latex mattresses as well as adjustable bed friendly spring mattresses.

7. Warranty 

The manufacturer offers a 3-year bumper to bumper warranty that covers all parts against defect in material and workmanship. Customers have also shared that Classic Brands also offers excellent customer service. A client claimed that the bed arrived with a slightly bent leg. So she sent customer service a photo of the leg, and they immediately shipped another leg.

8. Other Features

  • The outer cover is 100% polyester
  • Assembly instructions are available
  • Two USB charging ports let you charge your smartphone or tablet in the comfort of your bed.
  • Dual massage unit for head and foot adds to the relaxing and soothing comfort of the adjustable bed.
  • You can sync two twin XL bases to make King.

#9. Technical Specifications 

  • The origin is China
  • The manufacturer of this mattress is Classic Brands
  • Material Type: Steel
  • Maximum Weight Limit: Supports up to 1000lbs of evenly distributed weight.
  • Batteries: 3AA batteries required (included)

#10. Advantages

  • Easy to sync and each side can raise or lower at the same time.
  • Offered at the pocket-friendly price.
  • Adjusts smoothly and quietly.
  • Heavy duty and looks durable.
  • Offer may lifestyle benefits.
  • Helps with a variety of medical conditions.

#11. Disadvantages

  • The wireless remote control lacks lighting, meaning that it can’t be used in the dark.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Q. What type of battery backup should I have? 

A. You must buy two 9 volt batteries and then install them in the AC/DC adapter on your power unit. In case the power goes out, this setup will function as your battery backup.

Q. How long does the massage unit stay on? 

A. For 15 minutes.

Q. Can the adjustable bed be used on a flat base without fixing the legs? 

A. You’ll need at least 4” clearance for the motors, meaning that you need the legs.


Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort Adjustable Bed is an exclusive product, thanks to its excellent design and quality features. Whether you are suffering from a medical condition that needs some parts of your body to be elevated or you just want to enjoy the lifestyle benefits offered by this adjustable bed, we guarantee that you’ll appreciate it. Note that you can either order the adjustable base only or the adjustable base bundle and mattress.

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