Continental Sleep Orthopedic Full Box Spring Mattress Reviews

Continental Sleep Orthopedic Full Box Spring mattress is most popular in the USA which can capable to provide perfect back support. Here you can know all features ratings, warranty, shipping and more information. Read all features and review below.

  • Optimal back support
  • Ultra luxurious
  • Excellent Edge supports
  • Ensure full satisfaction
  • Perfect for your lifestyle
  • Mid level price

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Features of Continental Sleep Orthopedic Full Box Spring Mattress

This Continental Sleep Mattress relieve the spine and lower back, and allow the shoulders and hips to sink. The mattresses actively ventilate and wick away moisture, this allows the bed to stay clean and fresh. One can easily return to bed without waking up.


This mattress typically has a damask cover and thicker padding. The flaccidity in the mattresses is caused by the filling, and not by the cover or the padding. The thickness and quality of the material are outstanding.


This mattress makes sure the comfort level. It also makes sure that the firmness is consistent in all areas of the mattress, both in the center and on the sides. When speaking of firmness, it is referred to the stability that the mattress gives. This mattress respects the natural curve of a human spine as it distributes the weight of the body properly. It best suits the spine because when the mattress is too hard it manifests itself by elevating the shoulders and hips, leading to inadequate curvatures of the spine and when it is too soft it causes the body to sag producing the so-called ” hammock effect”.


The comfort layers of this Continental Sleep Mattress are made of durable natural latex. These layers provide a very comfortable lying position, combining elasticity and softness. The cover is the top layer of the mattress. The removable covers are washable, breathable and soft. The zipper is even placed on the upper side. It is therefore even easier to change the cover and wash them.


This Continental Sleep Mattress is able to counteract human weight easily, to keep the body in proper alignment while the sleep. The mattress has sufficient deformability to adapt to human contours and curves.


This mattress guarantee that it is the ideal option according to the sleep and physiognomy habits, it has the most cutting-edge technology, which shows that the pressure relief produced in the human body is the best. The mattress has the warranty of 1 year, it can be exchanged if any default is found in it.

Trial Offer

If more proof is required that the quality of rest will increase after the purchase, the mattress gives up to 100 trial days, so one can comfortably enjoy the chosen mattress at the home. If after this time, one does not adapt to it, he/she can change it without any problem.


It is a firm Orthopedic Twin Mattress. Another advantage of this continental mattress is that there is no need to turn it. The mattresses have been deliberately constructed layer by layer so that they are optimally ventilated and offer the proper support. Real quality mattresses!


The biggest drawback, of course, is that one cannot try the mattress before buying it.


When it comes to mattresses, more expensive does not necessarily mean better. Price varies from size to size. The Twin is the lowest price.

Where to buy

There are several options when it comes to buying this continental mattress. The most popular options include Online through Amazon. Buying a mattress online is good because one can do all the research from the comfort of the home.

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Continental Sleep Fifth Ave Collection, Fully Assembled Orthopedic Full Box Spring Mattress Video Review

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