A Comprehensive Eight Smart Sleep Mattress Review

Eight Sleep Mattress Review: Have you tried all mattresses and still suffering from sleepless nights? There is one which you have not tried, Eight Sleep mattress. This is one of the latest mattresses which is customized to deliver smart features and exceptional performance.

Available featuring sleep tracking technology, home integration, and smart alarm, the mattress is among the most aspired. Now, this mattress isn’t a joke or magic; it is a real premium product which is changing bedrooms needs. If you want to know how it does this. Eight sleep mattress can change your bedroom too. Continue reading our review below to get full details.

  • Highest comfort
  • No pressure
  • No Motion Disturbance
  • Supports every sleeper in every position
  • 100-night trial
  • Expensive

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Reviews on Eight Smart Sleep Mattress [Video]

About Eight Sleep Mattress Company

Eight sleep mattress company traces its formation in the year 2014 and is headquartered in New York. Its primary specialization is the manufacturing of full-size mattresses and electronic covers. Incorporating innovative technology into their products, the company believes in delivering quality sleep with the aid of smart technology. Notably, this company has been developing mattress with integration ability to connect to home devices which allow automation. Further, with their mattresses being able to track body processes, it is a company in its unique level of innovations.

Features of Eight Smart Sleep Mattress Review

#1. Construction

The construction of the Eight sleep mattress is aimed at offering better if not best-sleeping experience. In connection to that, the mattress enjoys all memory foam construction. Besides, it has 10 inches thickness which is ideal for ample body support. Following are the featuring layers which make Eight a great mattress to watch.

a) Top layer:

the top layer, in this case, is unlike in other mattresses on the market. This one features a highly responsive foam material. The reactive foam behaves just like latex rubber but feels more of like a foam. With this, when sleeping it offers extra comfort and relaxed feeling to tone your body. On the other hand, the soft feeling doesn’t compromise the strength of this mattress. Unlike traditional foam mattresses, this one doesn’t impact a sucking feeling when sleeping. To complement its ability to support the user, the top layer has a density of 3.0 pounds per cubic feet.

b) Middle layer:

It is a 2-inches layer which falls directly below the top layer. In other hands, we can call it to contour layer. Just like the top layer, it features memory foam construction. The layer is a bit dense which allows it to support body weight without flattening. The layer gives users perfect body conformation instead of mattress flattening. As a result, the mattress delivers firm and non-sucking sleeping experience. For full support without squashing it has enjoys 4.0 pounds per cubic feet.

c) Upper bottom layer:

This is the transition layer between the top and middle sections. The layer is stable and designed to allow for proper weight distribution. With this, it means that mattress experiences even weight distribution without stressing one point. The foam material in this layer allows full supports to all body types. This unlike in other mattresses whereby, they tend to be unstable due to uneven weight distribution. It has a thickness of 2 inches while boasting 1.8pounds per cubic feet.

d) Bottom layer:

This 4-inches layer form the base of Eight sleep mattress. Bearing in mind it receives weight from the sleeper and top lawyers, that is why it is thicker and firm than other layers. Despite being at the bottom, it also features memory foam construction. This allows it to effect a comfort and supportive feeling when sleeping. Notably, it is a foundation which maintains the integrity of this mattress. Therefore, it lasts for a long duration in perfect shape. Bottom layer enjoys a density of 1.8 pounds per cubic feet.

e) Eight mattress cover review:

When it comes to eight sleep mattress cover, you can bet on its performance and style. Many people are used to cotton based mattresses covers due to breathability. But, with this one, it features 100 percent polyester. Still worried about its performance? Relax, the material is highly comfortable and breathable. So, when relaxing, there are no chances of excessive sweating. Moreover, resting on the mattress is intact without unnecessary skidding like with other covers.

The cover is one responsible for tracking purposes. That is why it is thin and highly elastic to capture all essential details. Besides, the cover is attractive to improve your relaxation and sleeping mood. Boasting white finish and enhanced with pores, it allows the body to breathe fully. This leaves your body with a refreshing and comfortable feeling. Above all, the company doesn’t concentrate much on the beauty of the cover. Rather, they have enhanced it with advanced technology to become to create a smart bed.

#2. Eight Sleep Feel Firmness and Support

Regardless of the type of mattress you are buying. The most important bit is to get one with ample support, firm and comfortable. Now, the purpose of this Eight mattress is offer solution to sleeping stress.

a) Firmness

On the firmness, the mattress is highly commendable. Unlike other mattresses like hybrid, gel or airbed, this composes of pure memory foam. Of all the four layers, all feature high-quality memory foam construction. What the company has done is to use differing densities. Consequently, this renders this mattress to be soft but firm. In other words, this mattress isn’t too soft nor too hard. The firmness is balanced hence not harsh on your body or soft to get you sinking.

b) Feel

Now, let us talk about eight sleep mattress feel. First of all, in most cases, a mattress from one company will differ from another thought of the same class. However, Eight sleep wants to bridge this gap by creating a mattress which provides consistent comfort and feeling. And they have achieved that. When constructing this mattress, they have ensured incorporation of multi-layers. The top layer is designed to eliminate the enveloping experience. With this, it allows one to sleep without sinking thus preventing overheating an excessive sweating. Moreover, the top layer in combination with a thin cover delivers a crisp feeling throughout.

c) Support

On support, no doubt its one of the best option you can make. Let’s begin with the construction material itself. The whole of this mattress is built from memory foam. What does that mean? This implies that even after sleeping on the mattress, it doesn’t flatten like regular foam. Moreover, the equipped layers are great for enhancing the general support. The responsive foam at the top properly supports your body. To extend this, the lower middle layers are 2 inches while the base is 4 inches. This combination of layers and superior foam creates fantastic support. Consequently, the mattress is ideal for all types of sleepers and allows sleeping by any design.

By looking at motion in this mattress, we can say it’s well above the average. The top layer is active in terms of enhancing bounce. The reason behind this is because of the active poly foam used in the construction. Compared with most foam mattresses, it is way ahead and satisfactory. But, when you bring in other types, like hybrid and innerspring, Eight sleep is a bit inferior. Generally, this mattress is less bouncy but excellent in terms of comfort, feel and support.

#3. Technical Specifications

  • Weight: 58 pounds
  • Warranty: 1year limited warranty
  • Shipping: Upon ordering this mattress, the company states it takes around 3 to 5 days. Additionally, shipment is free, and these only apply to customers in the US.
  • Support: The company provides money refund and 30 days return policy.

Benefits of Having Eight Sleep Mattress

a) An ideal mattress with sleep tracking technology

The essence of having a perfect mattress it to achieve better sleep. However, you can’t track your sleeping mode unless with a mattress equipped with a tracker. Therefore, owning this Eight gives you a freedom to monitor your quality of sleep.

b) Balanced and non-flattening mattress

Some of the available mattresses claim to be heavy -duty. But it’s not always the case. Many usually shrink within a short period. So, having this from Eight sleep ensures improved you will enjoy balanced sleeping and high stability.

c) Non-sinking responsive mattress

The top layer is perfect for ensuring you get ample body support. This is due to reactive poly-foam which perfectly cuddles your body. Unlike some mattresses with hard or sinking surfaces, this offers a refreshing and consistent fresh feeling.

Eight Sleep Featuring Technology

As mentioned, this mattress isn’t just like a regular one. The most effort is directed at ensuring it utilizes technology and science to deliver smart functions. Some of these features you can get below.

a) Sleep tracker

tracking your sleeping trends isn’t easy. In fact, there is nobody who can think that a mattress can perform it smoothly. But believe it, eight sleep comes boasting a tracker which enables you to do a lot. The tracker is ideal for monitoring time slept, heart rate, respiratory rate, and deep sleep. On the other hand, it can monitor your sleeping surrounding environment such as room temperatures. With this kind of monitoring, it helps to reduce sleeplessness and insomnia bay recommending on what to improve.

b) Smart alarm

Sleeping in this mattress brings smart features at your fingertips. The mattress delivers a smart alarm directly to your bed. So, there are no hassles as the mattress wakes you up during the lightest sleep stage. As a result, you wake up feeling cool and refreshed.

c) Home integration feature

automating your house is now a piece of cake. With this smart mattress, it allows integration of other smart devices to ease operation. Together with a mobile app, it is possible to connect thermostats, sound systems, lights among others. With this, it is possible to operate these features with just a screen tap.

d) Bed warming function

Sometimes, mattresses tend to be cold which creates discomforts. However, instead of buying heating gadgets, this one comes with a heating function. It allows temperatures regulation within different parts of the mattress independently.

Installation of Eight Sleep Technology

Installing sleep technology tracker is a self-exercise. The process is hassle free hence great in ensuring no additional technician fee. The process entails correctly fitting the mattress cover. Then, when the cover is in place, it’s time to install trackers on opposite sides. Further, plug the trackers into a power outlet. After that, it is recommended to download a mobile app for convenient communication between the mattress and your smartphones.

Why Should You Buy This Eight Sleep Mattress?

There are tons of reasons why you should acquire this smart mattress over traditional ones.

  • Easy house integration through apps
  • Gentle, soft and firm memory foam sufficient support
  • Consistent performance with temperature regulation ability
  • Ideal for tracking sleeping reds and recommending remedies
  • Premium construction hence perfect for all people regardless of weight

Advantages of Eight Sleep Mattress

  • Very useful in tracking and streaming sleeping data
  • Comfortable, cool and gentle to your body
  • The ideal way to automate your room
  • Cool responsive top layer with high breathability

Disadvantages of Eight Sleep Mattress

  • For the alarm to function, it needs a running app
  • The mattress has a little bouncing ability

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) on Eight Smart Sleep Mattress

Q: Can the tracker sheet be used with another mattress apart from eight sleep?

A: Yes, the sheet is usable with the variety of mattresses

Q: What type of base should be provided to this mattress?

A: The mattress is manufactured from memory foams and thus need a solid base. It is not suitable for use in states.

Q: Is the cover ideal for use by two people?

A: Yes, each eight cover comes with the dual and independently operating tracker.


In conclusion, we can say this mattress is exceptional. Designed by experts, it delivers what other can’t. The multi-layers, high-quality memory foam and heavy duty cover give ultimate comfort and performance. The sensors and trackers in this mattress offer you a peace of mind. Despite the lack of ideal motion, we can highly recommend it to everyone. Whether experiencing insomnia or in need to boost your sleep, Eight sleep mattress is ultimate to have.

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