Englander Intrigue 7-Inch Quilted Innerspring Mattress Review


Most Popular Englander Intrigue 7-Inch Quilted Innerspring Mattress

Most Popular Englander Intrigue 7-Inch Quilted Innerspring Mattress












            • Effective temperature regulation
            • Great motion isolation
            • Medium firm
            • Plush feel
            • Affordable


            • Only available online

            Innerspring mattresses are popularly used for numerous reasons and benefits that they give to the user. The top five reasons why you should consider buying innerspring mattresses include the following. They are widely available, they give numerous comfort and firmness options and they are highly affordable. These mattresses have also earned consumer familiarity and they are couple-friendly. Below is an Englander Intrigue 7-Inch Quilted Innerspring Mattress Review for you to further understand what great innerspring mattresses offer to the consumer.

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            Features of Englander Intrigue 7-Inch Quilted Innerspring Mattress

            #1. Construction

            The design of this mattress features a 13.5 gauge tempered spring coils made of steel. This 7-inch mattress with such a construction offers the user a long lasting support. There are multiple padded upholstery layers that come with this mattress for plush comfort.

            #2. Cover

            To help you feel rejuvenated and relaxed, this mattress features a soft and skin friendly cover. The surface of this mattress is plush quilted. This gives you an additional cushion for a rejuvenating rest. The cover poses no danger of emitting volatile organic compounds.

            #3. Firmness and Support

            With the 13.5 gauge spring coils that this mattress comes with, you get a medium firmness. Therefore, this mattress is suitable to support people with an average weight. This medium firmness means that the mattress is not too firm or too soft. Hence, it gives you a comfortable sleep all night long.

            #4. Comfort Level

            This mattress is extremely comfortable to sleep on. It is couple friendly and it is great at motion isolation. This implies that if your partner moves a lot while sleeping, you are not disturbed by the movements he/she make. It is comfortable for side, stomach and back sleepers.

            #5. Comfort and Support

            The steel spring coils that make this mattress are of high quality. Since they are heavy-duty spring coils, you get a long lasting support from the mattress. The cushioning on top also enhances the support and comfort level of the mattress.

            #6. Feel

            This mattress has a medium firmness feel when you sleep on it. When you touch it, it is smooth and soft due to the cover that it comes with. It is the type of mattress that soothes the user to sleep until dawn without tossing or turning.

            #7. Durability

            You will spend decades with this mattress before you think of replacing it. It is a long serving mattress due to its superior construction. The cover that it comes with is resistant to wear and tear, thereby lasting for a long time. Its surface and edge abrasion are very low implying that you will stay for a long time before repairing it.

            #8. Health Benefits

            This mattress is one of the best when it comes to giving you a relaxed and fresh morning. Your mornings will always be painless and rejuvenated. It minimizes snoring and it alleviates back pain. The fact that it contains organic materials means that it does not release harmful gases into the atmosphere.

            #9. Warranty

            You get a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer. Within this time, you can troubleshoot any issues that come with mattress and have it addressed conveniently.

            #10. Shipping and Handling

            Shipment takes place in a rolled and compressed manner to enhance storage and transportation. This way, it can be easily transported to the bedroom. The compression also reduces shipping costs. Allow the mattress to stay for two days before using it. This will help it to regain its original shape and size.

            #11. Technical Specifications

            • Dimension: 75 X 38 X 7 inches
            • Weight: 28 pounds
            • Size: Twin
            • Manufacturer: Silver Rest Mattress
            • Origin: Made in the USA

            #12. Advantages

            • It is durable
            • Features medium firmness
            • Great motion isolation
            • Effective temperature regulation

            #13. Disadvantages

            • At times springs pop out of the mattress
            • It is extremely bouncy
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            Question: Can you use this product for bunk beds?

            Answer: no

            Question: Is the cover soft?

            Answer: yes

            Question: How is the firmness of this mattress?

            Answer: medium firmness

            Why Buy This Product?

            This mattress has extra cushioning on top of the spring coils. This makes it soft and soothing for you to sleep on. Shipment in a compressed form facilitates ease of carriage. The mattress is durable and it will serve you for a long time.


            This mattress is worth a try according to the Englander Intrigue 7-inch Quilted Innerspring Mattress Review above. The manufacturer will cover any damages within the first year of purchase. Therefore, you will not be taking any risk purchasing the product.

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