Furinno Comfort 6-Inch Bonnel Spring Queen Mattress Review

Furinno Comfort 6-Inch Bonnel Spring Queen Mattress is a durable, comfortable and supportive mattress that fits your budget. This high-quality mattress from Furinno is designed to provide you with everything you’d expect from high-end spring or hybrid mattress, yet it has an affordable price. To help you understand everything about Furinno Comfort 6-Inch Bonnel Spring Mattress, we take a closer look at its features, specs, pros, cons, and FAQs.

Key Features of Furinno Comfort 6-Inch Bonnel Spring Queen Mattress

#1. Construction

Furinno Comfort 6-Inch Bonnel Spring Mattress contains premium quality raw materials, which provide long-lasting support and extreme durability. These include the manufacture’s built-in-house coils, which are produced with advanced technology, wires, and non-woven materials. Furinno’s then adds highest quality foams and polyester fabrics to enhance comfort.

#2. Support & Comfort 

The classical nested Bonnel coils are connected to each other through spirally shaped wires. So when you lie down on the mattress and apply pressure to the spring, the coils move together, providing maximum support for your body. When it comes to comfort, the side with the label feature a hidden layer of cotton felt added between the foam and the coils. This layer helps minimize the feeling of coils while sleeping on the mattress, providing you with ultimate comfort.

#3. Motion

Does your partner turn and toss more than usual while asleep? You can fix this issue without having to confront her/ him by placing your order on Furinno Comfort 6-Inch Bonnel Spring Mattress. Its coils eliminate the occurrence of motion transfer when your partner shifts sleep position. No matter how much she/he moves while asleep, we assure you that you’ll enjoy a comfortable and non-disturbed night’s sleep.

#4. Firmness & FEEL

If you don’t like extremely soft or hard mattresses, you’ll fall in love with how comfortable it feels. Note that both sides of the mattress look the same but feel differently. The manufacturer recommends that you should always sleep on the side with the label since it features an internal pad. A high percentage of customers, who are currently sleeping on the 6-inch mattress, say that it isn’t soft or hard, meaning that its med-firm.

#5. Health Benefit

Several users have shared that the pains and aches they regularly woke up with are nearly all gone. This 6-inch mattress lets you have a better sleep, which translates to less pain & aches, insomnia, fatigue, irritability, obesity, potential to develop narcolepsy, etc. It also helps improve your breathing pattern and blood circulation while you’re asleep.

Moreover, allergy suffers enjoy luxury sleeping comfort since the mattress is hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant. You should note that just like other Furinno mattresses, Comfort 6-Inch Bonnel Spring Mattress meets federal flammability standard CFR1633 to protect customer’s safety and doesn’t have any chemicals or volatile compounds.

#6. Warranty

Furinno offers a 10-year warranty that protects every customer against defects under regular usage. This gives you a peace of mind while placing your order. So if your mattress comes with manufacturing defects or if the defects start to appear after 0-10 years of normal usage, you simply need to contact Furinno, and they will repair or replace it for free.

#7. Shipping and Handling

The 6-inch mattress is vacuum packed and rolled for easy delivery and handling. So if you need to move it upstairs or downstairs, you shouldn’t be worried. You are free to sleep on the mattress right after you set it up on your bed. However, Furinno recommends that you allow 48- 72 hours for the mattress to expand to its full capacity.

#8. Technical Specifications

  • Origin: China
  • Manufacturer: Furinno
  • Fabric: Metallic white
  • Comfort Level: Firm
  • Color Category: Multicolored
  • Age Group: Adult

#9. Advantages

  • Easy to clean since you just need to wipe clean it with a damp cloth.
  • No unpleasant smell or odor when you remove the mattress from its packaging.
  • Offered at a fantastic price.
  • Fits standard twin, full & queen beds perfectly.
  • Expands very quickly.
  • Looks sturdy and feels comfortable.

#10. Disadvantages

  • You can feel the coils when you decide to sleep on the side without the label.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Can I flip this mattress or it’s designed to be used only on one side? 

A. Yes, you can flip it if you don’t mind feeling the coils on your back while lying on the side that lacks the pad, ( Side without label). Alternatively, if you have a memory foam pad, you can place it on the “hard side” and make it comfortable.

Q. How durable or long-lasting is this mattress? 

A. Most spring mattresses become ineffective when the coils lose their ability to return to normal shapes. But this 6-inch mattress features high quality and extremely durable coils that are designed to offer lasting comfort and support. The premium 13.5-gauge Bonnel coils are heat-tempered and will always return to their original shapes even after years of usage. So you can be sure that Furinno Comfort 6-Inch Bonnel Spring Mattress will serve you for many years to come.


What makes Furinno Comfort 6-Inch Bonnel Spring Queen Mattress a great bed is its excellent construction and fantastic performance. It provides users with the ultimate sleeping experience that’s restorative, comfortable, restful and uninterrupted. The mattress also supports entire body, relieves pressure points and ensures proper spinal alignment. If you want to improve the quality of your sleep, we recommend that you place your order on this amazing mattress today.

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