How To Get Rid of New Mattress Smell

A new mattress’s arrival is always exciting. Numerous mattress brands now deliver the package to your doorstep. The mattresses are usually vacuum sealed and tightly packaged. However, unboxing them is effortless and timeless. To most, the joy of buying a new mattress ends when they remove the mattress from the box.

This is due to the strong smell that comes with new mattresses, especially foam mattresses. This is why most of the times companies recommend airing out of the mattress before using it. The release of these strong gases from the mattress to the open air is known as off-gassing.

It happens due to the breakdown of VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Should you be concerned about off-gassing? Is it a health concern? Well…. Yes, it is a health concern that is constantly debated by scientists and medical experts. However, so far, medics have not discovered any proven health risks associated with these gases. Nonetheless, VOCs emission is a concern for indoor air quality and air pollution.

Guide To Get Rid of New Mattress Smell

  • Get rid of the plastic wrapping off the mattress
  • Keep this mattress in an empty room for the gasses to come out. The room should be well ventilated and with an air conditioner. Keep off from the room for about a week. A dry basement or a garage can also be perfect for this in case you have no empty rooms in the house.
  • Run air conditioners, dehumidifiers, and fans in the room. This equipment will enhance air circulation and suck the released gases.
  • Lean your mattress against the wall in a tilted position. Rotate this mattress daily for more fresh air.
  • Jump on the mattress several times to boost gas release. Just do not stay in the room for long since you will inhale these gases.
  • Avoid sleeping on the mattress for about two weeks and find out if the smell is over.

During the off-gassing period, you can practice the following for better and quicker results.

White Vinegar

Pour white vinegar into bowls and place them in the room. You can dilute the vinegar with equal parts of water. 3 to 5 bowls are enough for one mattress. Allow them to remain in the room for about 3-5 days. This neutralizes the gases as the acid evaporates in the room.

Enzyme Spray Down

An enzyme cleaning spray is perfect for getting rid of chemical residues. It acts on the mattress surface and it is an effective deodorizing solution. Spray the entire mattress with this solution and aerate the room. As the spray evaporates, it carries away the gases and the smell.

Activated Charcoal Under Bed

Activated charcoal is another effective substance that absorbs new mattress smell. Look for 13-18 activated charcoal pieces and place them under the mattress or bed. Allow them to remain in the room for 5-7 days.

Bowl of Cut Onions

Cut onions are amazing in absorbing new mattress odor. Cut the onion into quarters and place them in different bowls. Add a half cup of water in the bowls and place them on the mattress. Let the bowls stay in the room for 2-3 days prior to removing them. After this, you can enjoy a fresh mattress with no smell.

Vodka Spritz

There is high alcohol content in this solution. This enables the solution to neutralize odors quickly before evaporating away. Add equal parts of water to vodka and drain the content in a spray bottle. Then spray the solution on the mattress without leaving any area. After this open windows for maximum air circulation. This leads to quick evaporation of the alcoholic content and it goes away with the gas and bad smell.

The above are some of the most effective ways of getting rid of new mattress smell. They work fast and leave your mattress ready for use. All the products mentioned above are locally available and highly affordable.