How Big Is a King Size Bed and Mattress

How Big Is a King Size Bed: How Wide is a King Size Mattress

Have you slept on a king size mattress lately? If not, consider purchasing one the next time you go shopping for a mattress and discover how sweet it is to sleep on a luxurious and comfortable bed. A king size mattress is spacious that allows sharing your bed with your partner, family or even friends and still enjoy your own personal space. So read the how wide is a king size mattress-ultimate guide and learn how to make an educated choice when shopping.

Types of King Size Beds Explained

King size beds come in different types that perfectly fit your preferences and taste. All of them will help you rest and relax comfortable.

a) Standard King Size Bed

Standard king size bed is the most common king size style. It is also referred to the Eastern king bed. The bed has 76 inches wide and 80 inches long measurements. It has the same length as the queen size bed but wider with 16 inches. This bed is more than enough for sleeping partners; each has a space of 38 inches that is enough to sleep in your favorite position.

Standard King Size Bed

b) Split King Size Bed

The split king size bed measures 80 inches long and 76-78 wide. It also comes with a 2-extra log twin mattress. This kind of bed is popular for its versatility. It is ideal for masters bedroom or guest room needs and can be pulled back to make a separate bed. This is perfect for those who want a separate bed.

Split King Size Bed

c) California King Size Bed

If you prefer a little longer and a little bit narrower, then you might be looking for a California king size bed. Also known as the Western King, this bed has 84 inches long and 72 inches wide dimensions. This king size bed is designed for individuals who can’t fit on the eastern king size bed comfortably. These are people with extraordinary height who don’t want to feel their legs hang at the end of the bed.

Actually, this type trades a width of 4 inches and an additional 4 inches in length compared to the standard size. However, it has the same comfortable and flat sheet.

California King Size Bed

King Vs California King Size Mattress

i) Dimensions and Uses

California King size mattresses are much longer than the Standard King sizes. The California mattresses are 84 inches long and 72 inches wide while the standard ones have 76 by 80 inches measurements. This means California king size mattress are more comfortable to share and ideal for taller persons.

Although, California king mattresses are not very different from eastern king size many love their functionality. A California bed is good for sleeping partners who love sleeping close to each other. California mattresses also look good in narrow and long rooms.

ii) Cost

California mattresses are not popular as the standard kings. This means buying bed frames, comforters, beddings for a California piece may be devastating and costly. Then if to you cost is more significant than measurement variations between the two types, go for the standard king.

Consider 3 Different King Size Mattress When You Want to Buy It Online

a) King Size Memory Foam Mattresses

King size memory foam mattresses users have described their sleeping experience as “floating”. Restless sleepers have been calmed. The memory foam mattress reduces motion transferred from the other side of the bed.

You will feel warmer in this bed compared to innerspring. This is because the foam mattresses wrap around you more as you sink into the bed.

It is very unlikely for dust mite and mold to attack this type of form mattresses.

b) King Size Innerspring Mattresses

Although King Size Innerspring Mattresses account for about 50% of the mattresses market, there are fewer quality choices available. This is because they are difficult to manufacture. This will probably change over time because it is more logical to have one. Innerspring Mattresses are best for

  • Back pain; your spines stay in line
  • Stomach sleepers
  • Side sleepers

c) King Size Adjustable Mattress Bed

Adjustable mattresses render a lot of “dual” comfort especially when used together with adjustable beds. This mattress is designed with one side firmer than the other. For a different feeling, you can always flip over the mattress.

There are different types of King Size Adjustable Mattress bed. You can either buy air or memory designs. Memory adjustable mattresses give full body support while sleeping while air mattresses deliver a floating sleep feeling.

King Bed Frames

i) Metal Frames

A bed frame is important to modern bedroom interior décor. They not only provide a practical aspect but also make the space warmer, inviting and gorgeous. Metallic contemporary bed frames are made of iron and are available in different colors. The wrought iron is priced competitively and difficult to move around because it is heavy. Therefore ensure, you have a firm futon mattress to suit the metal bed frame.

Metal Bed Frame

ii) Wooden Frames

A solid wooden bed frame perfectly integrates traditional and modern artistic appeal. This combination makes the frame attractive and expensive too. Different options such as prints or engraving on the wood, veneering and natural finishing are available.

Wooden bed frame

A wooden bed frame can be made from any of the following materials:

  • Cherry
  • Ash
  • Rosewood
  • Oak
  • Walnut
  • Mahogany
  • Maple
  • Cedar
  • Pecan
  • Teak- is the most popular. This is because it is cheap and does not perish even during the cold season compared to the other types.

King Size Bed Sheets

You need a king size bed sheets for an elegant king size bed as well prevent the mattress from wearing out. Bed sheets are made from numerous materials like silk, flannel, cotton, and polyester. It is advisable to use several bedding types for a recharge in your room.

A king size mattress is a great thing and there are thousands of selections when it comes to what type of sheets to put on it. Watchful research before shopping will assist you to make the most informed decision. Here are some simple tips to put into consideration:

  • Both your bed and bed sheet measurements
  • Thread
  • Laundering instructions

Types of King Size Bed Sheets

1. Cotton King Sheets

Cotton is the most common fabric used to make bedding and sheets. This is for a good reason; it is breathable, affordable, easy to clean and dry, soft and durable. You will find a huge range of cotton in the market. This includes Pima Cotton, Egyptian cotton, Supima, micro cotton and upland cotton.

2. Flannel King sheets

Flannel is a type of cotton with a lot of fiber. It has a good name when it comes to cold winter nights. It has snuggly warm features; its soft fabric and a nap technique have the ability to trap body heat.

Flannel’s bedding quality is measured in ounces per square yard while other types use thread count.

3. Satin King Sheets

Satin king bed sheets are exceptionally smooth, soft. Many homeowners find them appealing while some hate them because they are very slippery. The best thing about this fabric is its durability when hand washed.

Satin is made from different materials. Acetate, nylon, wool, cotton, silk, and polyester are some of the materials used to make satin.

4. Jersey King Sheets

Jersey bed sheets are knitted in a circular, flatbed/ warp knitted design. They are not woven. Therefore they do not have thread count listed on them. Jersey King sheets are very flexible and elastic.

Why You Need a King Size Mattress?

Sleep is selfish. The last thing you want to consider when you are fast asleep is the person lying beside you. Human bodies dictate motion and your bed dictates the impact of that movement on your spouse. Here is the real answer why you need how wide is a king size mattress.

  • Improved circulation and reduced pressure points
  • Added storage space
  • Most of the mattresses have a 20-year warranty
  • Economical
  • Suits all interior types
  • Have removable covers; which can be cleaned at home
  • A wide range of comfort levels (firm and ultra-plush) from luxurious to trendy
  • Have a visco-latex foam layer; this is a very supportive and durable hybrid form

Where to Buy a King Size Mattress

Are you searching for the best deal to buy a mattress? To make the perfect call, a lot of comparisons both online your local mattresses store should be done. You need information. Buying your king size mattress whether online or locally has many pros and cons.

The interesting thing about purchasing online is convenience. You don’t have to visit a store and examine different options one by one. A room full of mattresses can be confusing. Speaking to a salesman especially one who is yapping can lead to the wrong decision. However, if you browse over your options online, you will get to see true stories of customers who have tried the product before.

Final Recommendation

Good sleep is very significant to your health and overall wellbeing, so purchasing the best king size mattress is a very huge and vital decision. But how will pick the right piece? It is an overwhelming task with the different types, models, brands, and characteristics of mattresses available on the market. Conduct a research before visiting your nearby store.