How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in a Mattress

DIY Guide to Remove Bed Bugs in a Mattress at Home?

Have you ever wondered how to get rid of bed bugs in a mattress? Bed bugs are such nasty little insects. It is really very hard to get rid of bed bugs once you get them in your home. They feed on the blood of their warm-blooded victims while they are asleep. These insects often leave little itchy bumps on your skin as their only clear sign of residence.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in a Mattress

How Can You Tell You Have Bed Bugs in Your Home?

Adult bed bugs get to be about the size of a grain of rice. If you look at night with a flashlight, you may see them if you have them. You will probably need to look closely anywhere you see a gap that they could be hiding in. You may be able to find small clusters of tiny eggs. They are usually oblong shaped. You may find some younger, smaller bed bugs still in the nymph stage of developing.

Sometimes you will see signs of undigested blood on bedding or other places that they may hide. There may be empty molted skin casings from bed bug nymphs. You could have a straight line of red in addition to itchy bumps in places on your skin.

Once you have found the source, it is time to get rid of them, but how?

What makes bed bugs really hard to get rid of is their capacity to hide. Look well in openings and inside places, you cannot see.

They are easy to miss or only get part of while killing them. That leaves you open to new invasions from new eggs and those you missed. You may even have already spread them all over your house in your vacuum cleaner or some other means.

How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs On Your Mattress

How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs On Your Mattress

Easy Ways That’ll Help You- How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in a Mattress

#1. Heat and Steam

Once you have located their homes, it will depend on where they are hiding as to how best to get rid of them? If it can’t be harmed by steam-cleaning it, then that’s the best way to eliminate them. The hot steam kills them quickly at 120 degrees or better. Wash all bedding and pillows in the hottest water possible. Then dry at a high temperature. You may even want to throw your pillows away if they don’t do well after washing them.

Vacuum up anything you can where you find bugs. It is best to use a vacuum cleaner with a bag instead of a canister. Then put the bag in a plastic bag and seal it up. Then take the trash to keep them from coming into the house again.

Wash any clothing that might be affected by the bed bugs. Check pockets and seams where they might hide. Take apart your bed if possible. Make sure none are hiding in between wood or other places they might hide.

Cover your mattress and box springs with an enclosed cover to prevent bed bugs or other pests from getting back inside your bed. Clean your sleeping area and get rid of any place that they might hide inside. Papers should be kept up and not where they might collect inside them.

#2. Pesticides

You may need to use something like D-Force HPX to chase the bugs out of spaces like cracks where your plumbing goes into the wall or spaces in the wall so that you can kill them. Be extremely careful when using bug sprays around your bed or other areas to prevent harming yourself or your pets.

You may have to do all these things more than once. Redo again if you missed any or didn’t find the eggs the first time. Keep an eye out and be diligent awhile to ensure you still don’t have any that could re-infest your home. They multiply fast and can quickly repopulate if you miss some.

It is also helpful to think about where the original insect source might have come. Finding that out will help you make sure you have found all the bugs. For example, if you recently purchased something from a garage sale or a flea market you might have accidentally brought them home. You might even have infected your car, and it may need to be treated to prevent bringing them inside again.

#3. Hiring an Expert Exterminator

If none of the things you have tried have worked, then you will probably have to hire an exterminator to aid in getting rid of your bed bug problem. Even if you get rid of your mattress and box springs, it will only work if they stayed confined to that area. The probable chances of that are highly unlikely unless you just got them and immediately discovered your bug issues.

Hiring an exterminator can push up the odds of successfully ridding yourself of these pests greatly.

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However, they can be costly depending on how much they have to do to get rid of your problem. If you currently reside in an apartment complex or duplex, you may be getting the infestation from a neighboring apartment. If that is the case unless the entire complex is treating every apartment at the same time, it will probably not work.

Bed bugs like roaches, are very hardy and often move long enough to avoid dying then come back. They also tend to become resistant to certain pesticides over time. Ask your expert exterminator about what poison he thinks will work best in your situation. Not all poisons kill the eggs and bedbugs in all their different stages of life.

#4. Not Choosey

Don’t think that just because you strive to be clean and keep a clean house that you are exempt from getting bed bugs. They do not care whose blood they are eating. You can have a clean home and if you bring them in on something or your neighbor has them the odds are that you will get them. Keeping a clean home will make it harder for them to thrive though.

Remember Bed bugs are very tiny and can fit almost anywhere. Filthy conditions will help them be prolific, but having them doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with them finding your home inviting.


Perhaps the best way how to get rid of bed bugs in a mattress is to prevent them getting in there in the first place by keeping an airtight sure guard mattress protector like you can buy from Bed and Bath or Amazon. To completely rid your bed bug problem, it may take a combination of all these.