8″ Leggett & Platt iDealBed Dream Sleep Mattress With Adjustable Bed Review


Leggett & Platt iDealBed Dream Sleep Mattress with Lescape Adjustable Bed Set

Leggett & Platt iDealBed Dream Sleep Mattress with Lescape Adjustable Bed Set












  • Raise the head to read or watch TV
  • Medium to firm comfort level
  • High resiliency ventilated cool air flow base foam
  • Head and foot articulation
  • 10 year manufacture warranty


  • Only available online

Does your bedroom have an ultimate relaxation haven? If it does not, you are missing a lot. A great sleep at night leads to high productivity during the day. Consequently, one of the things that determine if your sleep will be great or not is your mattress. The 8″ Leggett & Platt iDealBed Dream Sleep Mattress with Adjustable Bed Review below helps you to understand the product. Afterward, you can make the right decision during purchase.

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Features of Leggett & Platt iDealBed Dream Sleep Mattress with Adjustable Bed

#1. Construction

This mattress has three layers of construction. The top layer of this mattress is a 2 inch 4 LB gel core made of high-density memory foam. The middle layer of this mattress is a 2-inch ultra core high-density memory foam. Finally, the bottom layer of the mattress is a high resilience ventilated base foam that is 4 inches thick. These three layers enhance durability and comfort to the user. The mattress came for the dual massage and customizable positions.

#2. Cover

Encompassing the high-quality layers of the iDealbed 8-inch mattress is a cover made of cotton. It is soft and stretchy on the mattress. It is breathable, and this keeps you cool all night long. This means that the cover allows free flow of air giving you a great sleep for a better health. The cover quickly returns to its original shape when pulled. Therefore, your bed will always be smooth after you wake up.

#3. Firmness and Support

This mattress features medium firmness. On a scale of firmness of 1 to 10, with 10 being the firmest and 1 being the softest, this mattress scores 5. Therefore, it can comfortably support an average sleeper. This implies that if you are looking for a mattress that is not too firm or too soft, this is the ideal one for you.

#4. Comfort and Support

In general, the iDealbed 8-inch Mattress with Leggett is very comfortable. It provides an ideal combination of pressure point relief, body contouring, and deep compression support. The mattress distributes the weight of your body evenly. This minimizes the amount of pressure buildup. It also ensures that your spine is properly aligned. Therefore, where you wake up in the morning, you feel relaxed with no pain at all. Minimum motion transfer characterizes this mattress. Therefore, if you are a couple, your partner’s movement does not affect you.

#5. Feel

Regular memory foam mattresses have a challenge of heat. This makes the user feel hot when sleeping. This memory mattress, however, is an exception. It features a cooling effect that gives you a cool experience throughout the night. When you touch this mattress, it is very soft under your skin. This is thanks to the cotton cover on it to enhance comfort and breathability.

#6. Durability

Are you wondering how long this mattress will serve you before you replace it? Well….. This is a great mattress, and the manufacturer has great confidence in it. It will not disappoint within weeks or months of purchase. It has been solidly built giving it superior durability. The cover is also firm enough to be easily torn or to wear out. This is not one of those covers that need you to replace them within weeks of use.

#7. Health Benefits

This iDealbed memory foam mattress came with your health as a priority. Therefore, it has no ozone depletes and has no PBDE flame retardants. It does not contain any heavy metals like lead and mercury. It contains no use of phthalates. For indoor air quality, this mattress has no emissions of hazardous chemicals. Therefore, your health and that of your loved ones are at zero risks while using this outstanding product. Your health will be enhanced when you use this mattress.

#8. Warranty

You get a 10-year warranty from the manufacturer after purchasing this product. This illustrates the faith that the manufacturer has on this product. If anything goes wrong with the mattress within 10-years of purchase, then you need to contact the manufacturer for replacement or repair.

#9. Shipping and Handling

This product is shipped free of charge within the Unites States of America. They will deliver it within a short time after ordering it. It is shipped and delivered with a discreet package. In case, if you are not satisfied this mattress after delivery; you can always send it back to the sender. However, you need to contact them first and immediately you notice this. Allow the product to stay for 48 hours before use. This will ensure that any smell is over and the mattress will go back to its original shape and size.

#10. Technical Specifications

  • Weight: 170 pounds
  • Dimension: 80 X 60 X 22 inches
  • Origin: USA
  • Manufacturer: Leggett & Platt

#11. Advantages

  • It is comfortable
  • It has superior durability
  • Has a pair of programmable buttons
  • Has no off-gassing
  • Offers ultimate relaxation

#12. Disadvantages

  • It is relatively expensive
  • Perfect for medium weight individuals only
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Question: Is there a need for a box spring and a bed frame for this product?

Answer: No

Question: Does this product fit in all queen size frames?

Answer: Yes

Question: How complex is the setup process?

Answer: It is easy to set up

Why Should You Buy This Mattress?

This is an exclusive mattress with great and advanced features. It has wireless control, and the relaxation you get is ultimate. There are no health risks. Your indoor air quality has been taken care of while using this mattress. This product will serve you for a long time.


While reading, you can raise the head of this mattress to a position that You are comfortable in. you can also do this when you want to watch your TV. This advanced customization is rare to find in this industry. After watching or reading, you can quickly return your mattress in a flat position. All this you do by a press of a button. You need to enjoy this as stock lasts. With this 8″ Leggett & Platt iDealBed Dream Sleep Mattress with Lescape Adjustable Bed Review, you can see that the product features the future generation technology.

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