JAY-BE Contour Regular Folding Bed with Airflow Mattress Review


Most Popular JAY-BE Contour Folding Bed For You

Most Popular JAY-BE Contour Folding Bed For You












  • Very comfortable
  • Foldable design
  • Durable
  • Strong bed frame
  • Affordable


  • Takes upto 3-5 days to come

Numerous sectors are currently using advanced technology and the sleep industry is not lagging behind either. The release of numerous technologically advanced sleeping products takes place every single day. This has made it possible to get a high-quality product at a pocket-friendly price. The JAY-BE Kingston Folding Bed & Strong Steel Frame and Breathable Dual Density Mattress Review below discusses a great release on the market for a luxurious sleep.

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Features of Jay Be Folding Bed Review

#1. Construction

Here is a mattress that rests on a steel frame that is very sturdy. It comes with a headboard that gives your guests an impression of a regular bed. Its construction allows it to fold for easy storage and transportation. The mattress also features auto-folding legs that are unique. Its construction consists of an open cell structure to enhance air flow. The mattress features dual density Thermo comfort padding for support and comfort to the user.

JAY-BE Contour Regular Folding Bed

#2. Cover

This mattress features a super soft cover with Airflow Fiber. Its design gives the user a luxurious feel and accurate temperature regulation. The cover protects the mattress as well as offering comfort to the user.

JAY-BE Contour Regular Folding Bed

#3. Firmness and Support

This mattress has a firm layer underneath the cover to give the user optimum support. It features medium firmness to support the average weight. The JAY-BE Contour Regular Folding Bed with Airflow Mattress is not very firm or very soft. It ranges in between and this is why it can comfortably support light to average weight.

#4. Comfort Level

This is one of the most comfortable mattresses you will come across. With amazing temperature regulation, you will sleep all night without tossing or turning. You will get a deep sleep without night sweats and hotness.

#5. Comfort and Support

This product has a sturdy steel frame underneath it. Its structure supports the user fully without compromising their sleep quality. There is adaptable support for exclusive personal comfort that you get from the wood sprung base.

#6. Feel

The mattress is very smooth to the touch. This happens due to the soft cover of this mattress. Since there is adequate air flow within this mattress, it feels cool. It maintains a constant temperature when you sleep on it.

#7. Durability

You will get a long term service from this product. Its frame is sturdy enough to take you through years without repair or replacement. The mattress is also very strong and the cover is resistant to wear and tear.

JAY-BE Contour Regular Folding Bed

#8. Health Benefits

This mattress facilitates increased blood flow throughout the body. It is great for all sleeping positions and it alleviates snoring. You will also notice that there are no back pains when you sleep on this mattress.

#9. Warranty

The manufacturer gives a free lifetime guarantee for the bed frame. Therefore, you should be sure that there are no risks involved when buying this item.

#10. Shipping and Handling

Shipping of this product takes place with disassembled parts. However, it only takes you seconds to assemble the product. Shipping happens within 3-5 days of making payment. Once you assemble this item, it is ready for use.

#11. Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 76 X 32 X 22 inches
  • Weight: 46 pounds
  • Origin: Great Britain
  • Manufacturer: JAY-BE

#12. Advantages

  • The bed has a foldable design
  • This mattress is very comfortable
  • The product is durable
  • It is an investment worth the value
  • Strong bed frame

#13. Disadvantages

  • You might need to add a topper as the mattress is thin
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Question: Is it possible to use normal twin size, fitted bed sheets on this product?

Answer: Yes, but they might appear loose.

Question: What is the bed’s dimension after folding it?

Answer: 13 X 32 X 39 inches.

Why Buy This Product?

Guest beds are considerable investments and this one will not disappoint you. When it is not in use, you can conveniently fold it. Its compact design facilitates storage even in limited spaces. The bed frame has wheels that you can use to move it from a place to the next.


Easy maneuverability is one of the main selling points of this product. According to this JAY-BE Kingston Folding Bed & Strong Steel Frame and Breathable Dual Density Mattress Review, the product is also cool. This is facilitated by Airflow Fiber that makes this mattress. With a lifetime guarantee for the frame, this product is worth a try.

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