Mattress Review: The Leesa® Mattress

Leesa® is a well-established mattress company that began its business in Virginia. It is a strictly online retailer of mattresses made in the United States. While they’ve achieved a high level of success as a business, Leesa® is dedicated to measuring its true success by its worldly impact.

The company donates a mattress for every 10 that it sells, and it has sold quite a few. The flagship mattress of the Leesa® website is named after the company itself — The Leesa® Mattress. Does it make good on the company promise to act as a bastion of rest in a busy world? Our review will cover all the important features of the Leesa® Mattress before giving readers our final thoughts. Use our handy table of contents below to navigate, or read through our article start-to-finish.


  • Very comfortable
  • Mitigates heat and promotes cool sleep
  • Excellent pricing relative to similar mattresses
  • Promotes healthy sleeping positions
  • Free shipping


  • Not the best choice for couples or sleepers at heavier weights
  • Only available online
  • Won’t meet the needs of sleepers who prefer extra softness or firmness
  • Shorter lifespan

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#1. Construction and Cover

The Leesa® Mattress consists of three layers, each with its own important functions:

  • Top Layer: The top layer is two inches of cooling Avena foam, enhancing comfort by managing temperature and preventing nighttime overheating.
  • Middle Layer: The middle layer is two inches of contouring memory foam, offering pressure relief and support.
  • Bottom Layer: The bottom layer is six inches of supportive high-density foam which to serve as the mattress’ foundation.

Leesa Mattress Layers

The Leesa Mattress comes with a single-piece cover, which makes it extra stable. The cover is made from a poly-lycra fabric blend. This material enhances the elasticity, breathability, and durability of the cover. Above all, the cover is strong enough to protect the inner foam from damage of various kinds.

Leesa Mattress Cover

#2. Quality


The Leesa® Mattress has an approximately average firmness level, which is not bad for a conventional foam product. We rate give it a rating of 7/10 on our mattress firmness scale. However, it might not be ideal for sleepers in search of mattresses that are either extremely soft or incredibly firm.

Leesa Mattress Firmness

Motion Isolation

For solo sleepers, this may be a less important factor. But for couples, motion isolation is critical. Motion isolation refers to a mattress’ ability to prevent the transfer of motion from a fidgety sleeper to their partner. Or if one sleeper is significantly heavier than the the other, motion isolation would mean preventing the smaller sleeper from being rolled around.

The Leesa® Mattress has supposedly been designed to limit the transfer of motion from one sleeper to the other. Nonetheless, motion on this mattress is not entirely isolated, so it may not be the best fit for couples who prioritize complete motion isolation.

#3. Mattress Type

The Leesa® Mattress is a hybrid foam product, combining the benefits of both Avena foam and memory foam. Avena foam features advanced cooling properties, enhances airflow, and provides extra comfort to the sleeper. Memory foam molds to the body and distributes body weight evenly across the bed. The combination of these two means comfortable sleep with limited disturbances.

Type of Leesa Mattress

#4. Support and Longevity

Most sleepers find the Leesa® Mattress fairly supportive. Nonetheless, couples and sleepers at heavier weights have raised some complaints, saying that the middle section sinks after some use. This means that in addition to couples, sleepers at heavier weights may also want to pursue other mattress options.

The Leesa® Mattress is expected to last about six years. This is below the average lifespan for a mattress, but it may work for sleepers who prefer to replace their mattresses more frequently.

#5. Maintenance

Maintenance needs for this mattress are fairly low. Rotate your mattress a few times every year to prevent excess wear in the same sections. Some mattress owners like to flip their mattresses over as an additional maintenance routine. But the Leesa® Mattress has been designed with three layers that should only face upward as designed for better performance, meaning that it should not be flipped as a maintenance technique.

Leesa Mattress Maintenance

#6. Shipping and Trial Period

The Leesa® Mattress is only available online, but once purchased, Leesa® will ship it to your door at no extra cost. Once you place your order, the mattress will be delivered to you in a box. This should take between one to five business days, depending on your location.

Leesa® also includes a trial period of 100 days. If the mattress is not a fit for your sleeping needs, it can be returned for a refund. Return shipping fees are paid by the customer. The trial period is only in-home, meaning that you cannot take the mattress on a camping trip or similar excursion.

If you do happen to take the mattress outdoors, you might not qualify for the refund. Once you decide you would like to return the mattress, Leesa® customer service also permits you to recycle the mattress or donate it to the community. Whether you take it to a recycling center or a charity organization, you will get your money back.

Nonetheless, if you purchase the mattress on Amazon, you can only return within 30 days. Amazon asks that the customer take care of the shipping process and fees.

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#7. Warranty

Leesa® promises its clients a full-replacement limited warranty of 10 years. This way, you can be sure that any factory defects or similar damage will be covered beyond the trial period. Supposing that there are major issues with the mattress’ performance, you will have to send an email to Leesa® customer support for service.

#8. Sizes and Pricing

When it comes to the pricing, some buyers shy away from hybrid foam mattresses. The Leesa® Mattress is an exception to this, as it is one of the cheapest foam mattresses on the market. The price range depends on the size of the mattress, with the cheapest being Twin Size. The most expensive sizes are the King and California King.

#9. Health Benefits

This mattress is eco-friendly, so you will not be exposed to unhealthy side effects by harmful materials. It has the CertiPUR-US certification ,which means that the mattress doesn’t have PDBE flame retardants, metals, formaldehyde, or ozone depleters. Above all, it has less than 0.5 Volatile Organic Compound particles per million. In layman’s terms, this mattress is safe.

It also relieves common areas of soreness, like the back or neck. Its contouring properties promote good spinal alignment by facilitating healthy sleep posture. Additionally, its polyurethane foam content limits the concentration of allergy-causing dust mites, which is a major plus for allergic sleepers.

Leesa Health Benefits

#10. Advantages

  • Very comfortable
  • Promotes healthy sleeping positions
  • Mitigates heat and promotes cool sleep
  • Excellent pricing relative to similar mattresses
  • Free shipping

#11. Disadvantages

  • Not the best choice for couples or sleepers at heavier weights
  • Only available online
  • Won’t meet the needs of sleepers who prefer extra softness or firmness
  • Shorter lifespan

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Leesa Mattress Review Video

Final Thoughts

The Leesa® Mattress is a solid choice for plenty of sleepers. If you are on a budget, this is a fair value at the current pricing — especially if you sleep alone. The mattress is comfortable, and it comes with an elegant-looking cover that is also soft on the surface. The sinkage is also not too bad, and you will experience good body contouring in any case. It’s a plus that it comes with a trial period and free shipping.

The only real risk you run in buying it is the shipping return fees. Plus, the charitable Leesa® business model can make a positive worldly impact with your help. Mattress hunters wouldn’t be wrong to give the Leesa® Mattress a shot.

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