Linenspa Hybrid Mattress Reviews: 8″ Memory Foam and Innerspring Mattress


Linenspa Hybrid Mattress Reviews

LinenSpa 8” Memory Foam & Innerspring Hybrid Mattress is designed to provide you with pressure point relieving features of memory foam as well as the solid support of the traditional innerspring mattress. LinenSpa 8 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress ReviewThe 8-inch mattress from LinenSpa combines the best features of memory foam mattress with the conventional solid support of innerspring mattress for a medium-firm feel. In this article, we simplify your “mattress hunting task” by walking you through everything you need to know about this memory foam & innerspring hybrid mattress before you can buy it.

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Key Features of LinenSpa 8″ Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress

LinenSpa 8″ Hybrid Mattress Layers 

  • Quilted Memory Foam: Memory foam layer that’s quilted in the beautiful and soft and knit fabric mattress cover that distributes your body weight evenly, as well as relieving body aches.
  • Foam Comfort Layer: A 1.5-inch layer of foam just below the quilted upper layer helps reduces pressure points by conforming to your natural body curves.
  • Felt Pad: Separates the coils from the foam layer and insulates the springs for smooth comfort and durability.
  • Deep Support Layer: Tempered Steel Coils found in this 6-inch layer which provides fantastic back support and the conventional/ right amount of bounce that many like in innerspring mattresses.

LinenSpa Mattress Comfort

The cozy memory foam layer, quilted in the beautiful & soft knit fabric mattress cover and placed over the 1.5-inch layer of foam creates an unbelievably comfortable sleep surface. It also reduces the feeling of difficulty when it comes to getting out of bed.

LinenSpa Mattress Sleeping Experience 

Sleeping experienceThe mattress provides you with improved quality of sleep. If you are a light sleeper, this mattress is a perfect choice for you. The foam top layer absorbs motion transfer, minimizing the disturbances of a restless partner. So you’ll never hear your loved ones turn while changing their “awkward” sleeping styles.

LinenSpa Hybrid Mattress Durability/Longevity & Warranty

LinenSpa 8″ Hybrid Mattress is made to last and will serve you for many years to come. It features a 10-year manufacturer warranty that covers any defects in materials. Therefore, you can place your order with confidence, knowing that LinenSpa can repair, replace or refund your cash in case the mattress proves to be defective.

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CertiPUR-US Certification of LinenSpa 8″ Hybrid Mattress

CertiPUR-US CertifiedFoam portion used to construct the 8-inch mattress do not contain potential carcinogens such as formaldehyde, heavy metals or flame retardants. The 8-inch mattress is independently tested and certified by CertiPUR-US for quality, safety, and environmental stewardship.

LinenSpa Mattress Shipping 

The 8” mattress is compressed, rolled and then shipped in a smart box for easy/ handy delivery and installation. Upon delivery, just take the box simply to your room, gingerly remove the mattress from its packaging and watch as it stretches to its normal size.

LinenSpa 8″ Hybrid Mattress Technical Specifications 

  • Origin: China
  • Manufacturer: LinenSpa
  • Reversible: No
  • Firmness: Plush

LinenSpa Mattress Size, Dimensions and Weight 

  • Twin: 75” x 39” x 8,” 30.4lb
  • Twin XL: 80” x 39” x 8,” 32.9lb
  • Full: 75” x 54” x 8,” 45.6lb
  • Full XL: 80” x 54” x 8,” 48.9lb
  • Queen: 80” x 60” x 8,” 55.6lb
  • King: 80” x 76” x 8,” 70.1lb
  • California King: 84” x 72” x 8,” 67.9lb.

Number of Coils Included 

  • Twin: 216
  • Twin XL: 234
  • Full: 312
  • Full XL: 338
  • Queen: 390
  • California King: 486

Pros of LinenSpa 8″ Hybrid Mattress

  • It provides advanced pressure relief & reliable support.
  • Lightweight, easy to move and simple setup.
  • Can be used with box springs and on platform beds with slats.
  • You can purchase it at a reasonable price and gives you the value of your money.
  • It accommodated a wide range of sleepers- back, side and stomach sleepers regardless of their body weight.
  • The spring coils improve the breathability of the mattress, and you’ll never “sleep hot.”

Cons of LinenSpa 8″ Hybrid Mattress

  • A few users have claimed that the mattress is too firm for them.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does the mattress have any unpleasant smell? 

Unlike most mattresses available on the market, LinenSpa 8” Hybrid Mattress doesn’t smell upon unpacking. Even customers who are very sensitive to smell have shared that they didn’t experience any odors upon unpacking.

Will this mattress work on a wall or Murphy bed? 

The manufacturer doesn’t recommend storing the 8-inch mattress in a vertical position with a Murphy bed since it can cause pressure on the foam, making the mattress to soften unevenly. So you have to store it in a flat horizontal position that’s parallel to the floor so that it can soften properly.

How Do You Clean the Mattress? 

The memory foam & innerspring hybrid mattress can be spot cleaned with a mild detergent. Always ensure that the mattress is completely dry since moisture can cause damage to the memory foam layer. Note that you can use mattress encasements to protect the mattress. The manufacturer recommends Linenspa Zippered Encasement, which is a breathable, waterproof, bedbug proof, dust mite proof and washable.


Despite the fact that LinenSpa is a young company (starting at 2011), they design high-quality products and have excellent support to customers. The evident from the high number of positive customer reviews and ratings of their mattresses. LinenSpa 8″ Memory Foam & Innerspring Hybrid Mattress has an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars after 716 customer reviews on Amazon with almost every user saying that they would buy again, and recommending the 8-inch mattress to potential customers like you. So if you are on a budget and would like to own this supportive and comfortable mattress, visit now and place your order before they can run out of stock.

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