Loom and Leaf vs Amerisleep Mattress Comparison

The Details Loom and Leaf vs Amerisleep Mattress Review

In this Loom and Leaf vs Amerisleep mattress comparison, you will learn some essential mattress features such as constructions, covers, density & firmness, feels, supports, technical specifications, sizes & pricing, warranty, shipping, etc. Read the complete comparison article to learn more about these two great mattresses.Loom and Leaf vs Amerisleep Mattress Comparison

Comparing Loom and Leaf vs. Amerisleep are quite tricky as there are many compelling reasons for either of these popular memory foam mattresses. We will look at some of the leading features that you should look at when choosing a new bed. Because buying a memory foam mattress is a luxurious choice, it is even more important to be mindful as to the specific qualities that you will be paying for.

You need to ask yourself when comparing Loom and Leaf Vs Amerisleep. Which one provides the most valuable features, for the best value for money. After all, you’ll be spending over a third of your life in bed, you should make a choice that reflects the importance of comfort and support for a healthy night’s sleep. You will find that in all areas, Amerisleep is the best choice.

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Loom and Leaf vs Amerisleep Mattress Comparison

Construction processes

Regarding the construction processes of both manufacturers, there are some similarities but also significant differences. They both share a commitment to environmentally responsible production and ways to reduce the gases produced in the memory foam creation.


  • Amerisleep’s plant handles the entire process.
  • Amerisleep’s VPF manufacturing processed is handled in a fully sealed chamber under pressure so that none of the gases are able to escape into the environment.
  • The Amerisleep mattress has been designed not only to mold the body but is constructed from materials that will not make you feel hot, will divert body heat away from the sleeping person.

Loom and Leaf

  • Loom and Leaf outsource various component parts.
  • Loom and Leaf rely on their suppliers to handle this aspect of production.



The Amerisleep cover is a made from Celliant, developed in the 1990s, a smart fabric that has proven to assist people to get to sleep faster, allowing a broader and more restful sleep. The Celliant cover also redistributes heat and promotes greater uptake of oxygen via the transformation of body heat into ultraviolet radiation. The cover of the Amerisleep range of mattresses is unique and is one of its highest selling points as it is the key to the restorative and health-giving properties of the entire bed. It is vital in the technology of the heat distribution as well as improving oxygen uptake while sleeping.

Loom and Leaf

The Loom and Leaf cover is merely an organic cotton cover, and while breathable and durable, it does not have the health and cooling effects of Amerisleep’s Celliant cover.

Density and firmness

Loom and Leaf

Loom and Leaf mattresses come in two primary firmness levels, Relaxed and Firm. Relaxed is still on the firm scale, and is not too soft, while Firm, as its name suggests is substantial. However, Amerisleep can offer a broader range of firmness, as the mattress designs they have devised cater to sleeping styles, not just comfort levels. There are four leading mattresses to choose from, Firm, Medium Firm, Soft and Medium soft. The softer beds are better for side and stomach sleepers.


To make things easier, Amerisleep has each of its firmness, branded as a distinct mattress name. You have the Americana and Revere on the firm side, with the Revere an excellent choice for side or stomach sleepers who want a firm, but not the too firm mattress. For those who want a slightly softer, but still firm option there is the Liberty and the Colonial, both excellent choices for sleepers who have a variety of back and side sleeping styles.


Memory foam beds always feel lovely and luxurious. It is what they are designed to do. To cradle the body and to support it with just enough give so as not to have your joints aching from a too firm mattress. The soft layer at the top helps to distribute the body’s heat.

In addition to the luxurious feel of the Amerisleep, the Celliant cover assists in making the technology behind the sleeping comfort work to a superior level when compared with Loom and Leaf.


For sufferers of bad backs, a memory foam mattress is an excellent choice as it is entirely supportive due to its dense core, with a top that hugs your body. It is mostly a personal choice as to which style and level of firmness are best for you. Check the reviews on the Amazon site for an indication of which level of support you feel is most significant.

Technical Specifications

Loom and Leaf

The Loom and Leaf include a 5.5” support base made from high-density foam, with a 2” loft pad above the base and beneath the layer of visco-elastic memory foam., which is what gives it soft, yielding feeling. The top level contains a swirl gel technology which ensures a relaxed, comfortable sleep.


Amerisleep has employed a technique for building their mattresses which use convoluted (egg crate shaped) layers to dissipate body heat up to eight times greater than other leading mattress manufacturers. It provides a better choice for those seeking the ultimate in heat reduction, especially crucial during the summer months, or for pregnant or menopausal women.

About the Company


Amerisleep, as its name suggests is a thoroughly American owned mattress company. It is compliant with environmental pollution regulations and exceeds the certification standard for clean air. In fact, their manufacturing processes mean that there are even higher levels of fresh air generated.

If we just take the firm mattress from either company as a point of comparison, you will find that the Amerisleep can tick more boxes regarding construction, cover, heat distribution, comfort range and superior value for money. For those of us who believe that environmental considerations are important. It is also the most environmentally responsible mattress maker not only for the products used in the construction but the method of delivery and packaging products.

Loom and Leaf

Loom and Leaf mattress came from Saatva, the well-reputed mattress brands in the market. Loom and Leaf mattress compare with world top class mattresses.

Where Can You Buy It?

Online shopping is a convenient way to purchase mattresses these days and you can do it from the comfort of your living room, or while commuting or having a coffee. Amazon sells the full range of Amerisleep memory foam mattresses. Amazon is a great way to shop for mattresses.  You’ll be able to see the reviews of others who have purchased the mattress and see for yourself. How many happy customers have purchased mattresses and had them easily delivered right to their door.


Loom and Leaf vs. Amerisleep – the winner, is Amerisleep. Wisely chosen by many other Amazon customers for peace of mind, and a better night’s sleep. We think that this comparison on Amerisleep vs Loom and leeaf mattress will clear when you will buy mattress online.

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