LUCID 3-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper Review


LUCID 3-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper Overview

LUCID 3-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper Overview












  • Extremely soft, airy and responsive
  • Pressure-relieving comfort
  • Better airflow and temperature
  • High quality materials
  • Affordable


  • Only available online

This LUCID 3-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper Review discusses one of the best mattress toppers by LUCID. The topper features a 3-inch thickness with a weight of 7.7 pounds. It should be used with queen sized mattress for optimum support. If you are suffering from back pains related to poor sleeping posture, this review is for you.

Features of LUCID 3-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

#1. Construction

LUCID entirely makes this mattress topper with memory foam. The construction of the topper is in such a way that air can freely flow through it. Therefore, you will have a comfortable sleeping temperature all night long.

LUCID 3 Topper

#2. Material

Memory foam material entirely makes this topper. This material enhances comfort and support for users when sleeping. It is a durable material that will serve you for a long time period. The topper is perfect for mattresses that are too firm for you to sleep on.

LUCID 3 Topper

#3. Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 60 X 80 X 3 inches
  • Weight: 7.7 pounds

#4. Warranty and Support

Due to the confidence that the manufacturer has in this product, you get 3 years warranty after purchasing it. The support team is attentive and solution oriented. Their service is available 24/7.

LUCID 3 Topper

#5. Shipping

This product is sold and shipped in a box to enhance convenience. You receive it within 2-3 days after making the payment.

LUCID 3 Topper

#6. Health Benefits

This is a perfect piece for relieving pressure points. Therefore, it alleviates the factors that lead to back pain. Most aches will vanish once you buy this topper and sleep on it. Ventilation is also well taken care of, so you will not feel hot at night.

#7. Advantages

  • High breathability
  • 3 years warranty
  • Offers great comfort and support
  • It is durable
  • Very soft

#8. Disadvantages

  • It has smell for the first few days after purchase
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Question: Does it have a cover of its own?

Answer: No

Question: How long does the odor last?

Answer: After a week of purchase with proper airing

Why Should You Buy This Product?

There are numerous reasons for why you should buy this topper. One of them is that the product does not trap heat at all. This is because it has temperature controlling gel that distributes heat across the topper. It is a product that adds an extra comfort layer to your mattress.


With regard to this LUCID 3-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper Review, this product is airy and soft. This makes it a great purchase for people who experience back pain in the morning. It will give you superior comfort and support. It is highly responsive and worth a try.

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