Lucid 5″ Gel Memory Foam Dual-Layered Mattress Review

Lucid 5 Inch Gel Memory Foam Dual-Layered Mattress is the most comfortable mattress which you can purchase it at an affordable price. With two layers of foam offering both comfort and temperature regulation, it packs a punch. Then, on top of that, there is no high price tag attached to it. Read all the features and review of the product below.

Features of Lucid 5 Inch Gel Memory Foam Dual-Layered Mattress

#1. Materials

We have always found the foam to be the primary component of any mattress. The Lucid Gel Memory Foam, as the name suggests, has two of them:

  • Memory Foam: This foam responds to temperature and pressure. Hence, it adapts to your sleeping posture. It boosts comfort levels. However, it also adjusts to temperature. There is a big downside to this. It may become too hot!
  • Gel Memory Foam: That is where the Gel layer comes in. The top layer of the memory foam has gel droplets. Now, gel or water has the highest specific heat capacity. Are we getting too technical? Among all substances, water requires the most amount of heat to increase its temperature by 1 degrees. Hence, the gel layer ensures that mattress’ temperature doesn’t shoot up!

Also, the gel layer makes the mattress more springy and comfortable!

#2. Structure

The second most significant part! The Lucid Gel memory foam has two notable points:

  • Foam layers: The memory foam is 4″ while the Gel Memory Foam is 1″. It makes the mattress 5 inches thick. It is a size for the bed.
  • Pincode holes: Besides the Gel droplets, the topmost layer has pin sized holes in it. It helps in improving airflow and makes the mattress ‘breathe.’ The bed becomes softer and more comfortable.

#3. Comfort

This LUCID 5 Inch Gel Mattress is firm. Now, you might be wishing for a plush one. However, for many years, doctors and chiropractors have recommended firm ones. They provide better support and a deeper sleep. They also prevent muscle and joint misalignment!

#4. Cover

The LUCID 5 Inch Gel Mattress comes with a Tencel cover. For those who may not know, Tencel has nanofibers which are hydrophilic i.e. attracted to moisture. Hence, it retains moisture. It produces softness and improves airflow. Also, the nanofibers improve the material strength!

#5. Price

Now comes a significant factor. The LUCID 5 Inch Gel Mattress has an affordable price range for a Twin XL size. It is a great price for such good features!

#6. Shipping

Amazon offers free shipping, as do most other vendors. The LUCID 5 Inch Gel Mattress is compressed before shipping. Thus, the entire process is smooth and burden free.

#7. Technical Specifications

  • Warranty: 25 years manufacturer warranty
  • Weight: 20 pounds
  • Dimension: 79 x 38 x 5 inches
  • Origin: Made in China
  • Size: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, King, Cal King

#8. Health Benefits

As with all good products, there are many health benefits to be found:

  • Proper spine and muscle alignment: Note that the comfort level is ‘firm.’ It leads to a plethora of advantages including proper body alignment. It improves health besides keeping muscular issues out of the equation.
  • A deeper sleep: The number of hours we sleep does not matter. Rather, the quality of sleep matters. The firm mattress ensures that the body is not too pampered. Otherwise, it starts looking for comfort in different positions. That interferes with a good sleep!
  • Comfortable nights: Sleep is, no doubt, one of the most basic sources of nourishment in our lives. The memory foam adapts to our body posture. Gel memory foam keeps the heat at bay. Pin sized air vents help the mattress breathe. All these combine to create an excellent and comfortable night. It rejuvenates us well!

#9. Advantages

  • Memory foam responds to body posture, thus providing comfort
  • Gel foam regulates heat, giving cooler nights
  • Pin sized holes help improve air flow, this softening the mattress
  • Reasonable Price
  • Convenient shipping
  • It has great Tencel cover

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Question: How much weight will it be able to support?
Answer: It can easily take 400 lbs. So, this part would not be an issue!

Question: I need the mattress only when guests come to my home. Can it be stored?

Answer: Though it is a great mattress, it cannot be brought back to the original condition. So, it’s better to think twice before allowing it to open up!

Question: Does it come with box springs?
Answer: The product does not come with them. However, given its comfort, we don’t think you would need one!


As we mentioned, no product is perfect. Hence, we suggest products which offer the most value. The Lucid 5″ Gel Memory Foam with dual layers provides great features. It provides great comfort along with much cooler nights. It comes with an excellent cover and shipping is convenient. At this price, it is a great product to consider.

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