Genuine Lull vs Casper Mattress Review and Comparison

In this Lull vs Casper mattress comparison article, we’ve discussed all essential features such as similarities, differences, advantages, disadvantages, product ratings, customer reviews, materials quality, comfort, firmness, support, shipping, warranty and others factors.

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Both Lull and Casper Mattresses are popular mattress brands in the online market. They are good in quality, materials, comfort, support, firmness, longevity, support etc. To know more, read our well-researched comparison points on Casper vs. Lull mattress below.

Lull vs Casper

Key Comparisons of Lull vs Casper Mattress

Similarities Between Lull and Casper Mattress

  • They both use business model
  • Made out of foam
  • Shipped and delivered in a box
  • They offer the same thickness
  • Same trial period and excellent customer service

Differences Between Casper and Lull Mattress

  • Casper uses a latex top on their mattresses, while Lull uses memory foam.
  • Casper is more expensive than Lull and offers a more responsive feel.

Construction of Casper and Lull Mattress

  • Lull mattresses consist of 1.5” of memory foam infused with gel on top of 1.5” of a latex-like polyfoam. The bulk of the Lull mattress is its 7” of polyfoam with a 1.8lb density.
  • Casper mattresses consist of 1.5” of latex on top of a 1.5” layer of memory foam with 4lb density. It places this on top of 7” of polyfoam with a density of 1.8lb.
  • A queen-sized Casper mattress weighs 83 pounds
  • While the same size Lull mattress weighs only 77 lbs

Material Ratings of Casper and Lull Mattress

Both Lull mattress and Casper get four out of five stars when it comes to the materials they use and their durability. They are both constructed out of high-quality materials. Though, the Casper mattress is denser and offers a more responsive feel.

When it comes to which mattress is better, this will come down to your sleeping preferences. If you prefer a softer sleeping experience, you may prefer the Casper mattress. If you prefer a more firm sleeping surface, the Lull may be a better choice. Follow the material ratings below.

Lull vs Casper Rating

Firmness and Support of Lull Mattress vs Casper

  • Both mattresses are medium firm mattresses and plush feel. They can provide customized support.
  • Lull uses memory foam for the top layer of their mattresses, which is more firm than the latex-topped Casper mattress. Memory foam offers pressure relief without the bounce and is better for those who sleep in many positions, or in any position other than their side.
  • The Casper mattress is bouncier and responds more to being compressed. It is softer, and more suited towards people who seek support while sleeping on their side when compared to the Lull mattress.

Shipping of Casper Mattress and Lull

An obvious concern when it comes to mattresses ordered online is their shipping cost and method.

  • Both Casper and Lull offer free shipping to your door
  • Both of these companies compress their mattresses to ship them in smaller packages
  • They also offer free return service
  • Both Casper and Lull offers free return service and a full refund

Overall Feel of Casper and Lull Mattress

While Casper and Lull seem to be very similar so far, it is the way that they feel that sets them apart.

  • Lull uses a small amount of memory foam as the top layer and puts this over the upper part of a latex-like foam.
  • Casper uses a layer of latex as the top tier, which yields a more responsive and bouncy feel. In other words, when you move, the mattress moves with you.
  • Both Lull and Casper mattresses give you excellent comfortable feeling.
  • Casper tends to be more comfortable for side sleepers
  • Lull is more comfortable for those who change sleeping positions.

Durability and Longevity of Casper and Lull Mattress

  • Both of these mattresses have about the same durability.
  • The thick polyurethane foam support core in the Lull mattress allows it to last for over 10 years.
  • Casper’s similar construction allows for a similar longevity.

Health Benefits of Casper and Lull Mattress

Both Lull and Casper mattress have huge health benefits. Getting a good night’s rest is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. To get a full night of sleep, you need a mattress that will meet all your needs. Both mattresses are hypoallergenic. Both of them relieve body pressure. Thus, You will feel fresh mind in the morning.

  • Lull mattress enhances airflow and draws heat away from the body.
  • The Casper mattress provides a cooler sleeping environment

What are The Sizes of Casper and Lull Mattress?

Both Casper and Lull mattresses are available in all standard sizes shown below.

  • Twin
  • Queen
  • King
  • California King
  • Full

What is The Price of Casper and Lull Mattress?

Casper and Lull have priced mattresses. But, Lull is cheaper by up to $50 depending on the size of mattress that you choose.

Which One Should You Buy Between  Lull Or Casper?

a) Should You Buy A Casper Mattress?

Casper mattress is bouncier and more responsive

b) Should You Buy a Lull Mattress?

Lull mattress is more bounce. It fits for sleepers who changes position.


Finally, choosing a mattress depends on your sleeping preferences. So, making a firm recommendation here is impossible. We found that the Lull mattress was more comfortable. The Casper mattress would be a better choice for someone. When it comes to Casper vs. Lull, the choice is yours and depends on your sleeping preferences. Thank you for reading this Lull vs. Casper mattress comparison.

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  2. Hi David, I read this Lull vs Casper mattress comparison. This is really helpful article. You shared details about these two mattresses including constructions, layers, comfort level, spine support, firmness,health benefits, durability, longevity, edge support, motion isolation etc. And the most attractive thing you share in this article is visual graphical presentation. I read many other review sites but here i got relevant graphical presentation. Thank you for share this well researched reviews with us. I hope it will help other peoples also to get a new comfortable and healthy mattress.

    • Hi Mickel, Thank you for your great recommendation about this Lull vs Casper mattress. Both are top-rated mattresses.You can buy any one from here for a comfortable night sleep.

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