Mattress Genie Twin Bed Lift System Review

The Mattress Genie Twin Bed Lift System Review below will shed light on a product that can perfectly incline your bed to a position of your own choice. Read all the features below.

Features of Mattress Genie Twin Bed Lift System Review

1. Construction

This product is air powered. It is an inflatable pillow which turns any bed into an adjustable one. It works with a simple button touch giving you all therapeutic benefits. This is a bed wedge that gives you superior support and comfort to relieve various health conditions. This is exactly what you need to relieve respiratory, digestive, pregnancy symptoms among others.

2. Material

This is a product that you should buy with confidence. This is because an improved textured canvas material is what designs the product. This material ensures that the wedge does not slide or slip while in use. It is also a durable material that will last for a long time. It features commercial strength construction to enhance everyday use.

3. Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 36 x 16 x 16 inches
  • Weight: 8.4 pounds

4. Warranty and Support

The support team is cooperative and friendly. You can get in touch with them at any time of the day or night. You do not have to worry about whether this product will satisfy your needs before purchase. This is because the manufacturer gives the buyer a 45-day comfort guarantee. Therefore, if within 45 days of purchase your expectations are not met, you can send back the wedge for a full refund. There is also a 1 full year warranty for buyers.

5. Shipping

It is free of charge to ship this product to customers within the US. This is compactly packed and discreetly delivered to your doorstep. They will ship the product to any part of the world. All you need to do is make an order and within 2-3 days they will deliver it to your home.

6. About The Company

Contour Living is a company that provides affordable and innovative body support as well as sleep solutions. It is a leading sleep support company that solves all your comfort issues. Shows like The Today Show and The Tonight Show by Jay Leno have featured this company for its innovative and ergonomic solutions. It has shipped more than 20 million products worldwide, and this highly speaks of this company’s sales.

7. Health Benefits

This product provides an affordable alternative that solves key comfort and sleep issues. For those who cannot afford mechanically adjustable beds, this product is an ideal alternative. It gives you all the therapeutic benefits of an adjustable bed using your mattress. It gives post-surgery comfort and relieves pregnancy, respiratory and digestive condition symptoms.

8. Pros

  • Quick inflation
  • Ideal travel alternative
  • Multi-functional support
  • Affordable

9. Cons

  • Too noisy

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Question: What battery type is needed for this product?

Answer: No need for a battery

Question: How many volts are required for the air pump to work?

Answer: 110 – 120 volts

Why Should You Buy This Product?

This product gives you an alternative to travel. It is portable and a great wedge solution during a trip. This product is lightweight and compact to enhance movement and storage. It came for highest durability and comfort.


According to this Mattress Genie Twin Bed Lift System Review, this product is a great purchase. It will give you a great night time support and comfort. This product will enhance your relaxation quality at an affordable price. It has been thoroughly tested to ensure high functionality.