Mattress Reviews: Read This Before You Buy

If you are looking for the best-rated mattress reviews, you’ve come to the right place. Sleep quality is dependent on your chosen sleeping surface, but not all review sites include the full range of criteria involved in choosing a new mattress.

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Great sleep is more than a comfort; it’s a critical element of healthy living. That is why we think it’s worth mentioning everything there is to know about choosing the right mattress. Listed below, you will find all the important details a sleeper needs before making a selection. Get started to find out how a good mattress can change your life.

Mattress Reviews By Category

First, we present the best mattresses by category. This list will help you narrow down your options and keep it simple.

Memory Foam Mattress Reviews by Popular Brand

Your productivity during the day is tied closely to the previous night’s sleep quality. A memory foam mattress is one reliable way of achieving high-quality sleep. When selecting a memory foam mattress, some items to consider are foam type, foam density, mattress thickness, and your bed frame size. Click here to read through our reviews of the best memory foam mattresses.

S/LTop MattressBrand NameRatingPrice
1Leesa Memory Foam Mattress ReviewsLeesa Mattress4.9/5.0Read Full Review
2Lull Memory Foam Mattress ReviewsLull Mattress4.8/5.0Read Full Review
3Saatva Memory Foam Mattress ReviewsSaatva Mattress4.7/5.0Read Full Review
4Serta Memory Foam Mattress ReviewsSerta Mattress4.7/5.0Read Full Review
5Restonic Memory Foam Mattress ReviewsRestonic Mattress4.9/5.0Read Full Review
6Ghostbed Memory Foam Mattress ReviewsGhostbed Mattress4.8/5.0Read Full Review
7Lucid Memory Foam Mattress ReviewsLucid Mattress4.7/5.0Read Full Review
8Novaform Memory Foam Mattress ReviewsNovaform Mattress4.8/5.0Read Full Review
9Brentwood Home Memory Foam Mattress ReviewsBrentwood Home Mattress4.6/5.0Read Full Review
10Casper Memory Foam Mattress ReviewsCasper Mattress4.9/5.0Read Full Review

Top-Rated Innerspring Mattress Reviews

Innerspring mattresses are so named for their internal structures, which consist of many supporting coils. Innerspring mattresses usually have three layers: the support layer, the comfort layer, and the fabric cover. To begin determining which innerspring mattress is right for you, take some time to consider the coil type. There are five types of coil on the market today: offset coils, open coils, continuous coils, custom patents, and pocket spring. Click here to learn more and browse our reviews of the best innerspring mattresses.

S/LTop MattressBrand NameRatingPrice
1Classic Brands Mercer 12 Inch Hybrid Cool Gel Memory Foam and Innerspring Mattress ReviewsClassic Brands Hybrid Mattress4.9/5.0Read Full Review
2Olee Sleep 13 Inch Box Top Hybrid Gel Infused Memory Foam Innerspring Mattress (Queen) 13SM01QOlee Sleep Hybrid Mattress4.8/5.0Read Full Review
3Zinus 12 Inch Performance Plus / Extra Firm Spring Mattress ReviewsZinus 12 Inch Mattress4.7/5.0Read Full Review
4Night Therapy Spring 13 Inch Deluxe Euro Box Top Spring MattressNight Therapy Mattress4.7/5.0Read Full Review
5Best Price Mattress 10 Inch Independent Operating Coil Euro Top Spring Mattress Reviews-1Best Priced Mattress4.9/5.0Read Full Review
6Continental Sleep Mattress ReviewContinental Sleep Mattress4.8/5.0Read Full Review
7Brentwood Home Oceano Wrapped Innerspring Mattress Cal King ReviewsBrentwood Home Oceano Mattress4.7/5.0Read Full Review
8Textrade USA Inner Spring Pillow Top Mattress in A Box ReviewsTextrade USA Mattress4.8/5.0Read Full Review
9LinenSpa Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress ReviewLinenSpa Hybrid Mattress4.9/5.0Read Full Review
10Signature Sleep Independently Encased Coil Mattress ReviewSignature Sleep Mattress4.9/5.0Read Full Review

Top Picks: Hybrid Mattress Reviews

When looking for a hybrid mattress, it’s a good idea to aim for one with more bounce, more response, deep compression support, and good body contouring. Hybrid mattresses often feature faster body response times, making them some of the best sleep options on the market. Click here to take a look at our reviews of the best hybrid mattresses.

S/LTop MattressBrand NameRatingPrice
1Olee Sleep 13 Inch Box Top Hybrid MattressOlee Sleep 13 Inch Box Top Hybrid Mattress4.9/5.0Read Full Review
2Classic Brands Mercer 12 Inch Hybrid Cool Gel MattressClassic Brands Mercer 12 Inch Hybrid Cool Gel Mattress4.8/5.0Read Full Review
3LinenSpa 8″ Hybrid MattressLinenSpa 8″ Hybrid Mattress4.7/5.0Read Full Review
4Olee Sleep 11-in Euro Box Top Hybrid Innerspring MattressOlee Sleep 11-in Euro Box Top Hybrid Innerspring Mattress4.7/5.0Read Full Review
5Classic Brands Decker HybridClassic Brands Decker Hybrid4.9/5.0Read Full Review
Classic Brands Gramercy Hybrid MattressClassic Brands Gramercy Hybrid Mattress4.9/5.0Read Full Review
Classic Brands Engage Gel 11-Inch Hybrid MattressClassic Brands Engage Gel 11-Inch Hybrid Mattress4.9/5.0Read Full Review


Mattress Reviews: Our Process

Our mattress scoring system represents a combination of industry-expert opinions, reader feedback, our own testing experience, and material research. Our reviews and scoring system update frequently to maintain a reliable standard of accuracy. Mattress support, materials, firmness, and builds are updated in accordance with a broad appreciation of the shifting mattress market.
Below is a list of some key criteria we use to evaluate mattress quality. These are factors that prospective mattress buyers should keep firmly in mind during the hunt for an ideal mattress.

#1. Company reputation

The company that designs, produces, and services the mattress is just as important as the product itself. When researching a mattress company, keep an eye out for community involvement, high manufacturing quality, honesty, and great customer service. The more of these standards that a company meets, the greater the trust they invite from consumers.

#2. Materials

When buying a mattress, remember that great material and solid design should go hand in hand. Be familiar with the range and quality of common mattress-making materials. For example, a great mattress should feature a nice thick comfort layer that can accomodate sleepers of most sizes. The use of luxury, eco-friendly, and/or healthy materials is also a plus.

#3. Thickness

Mattress thickness typically ranges from 7-16 inches, though at times it can exceed this range Thicker mattresses can be relatively costly because they provide more than the normal three layers common to most mattresses. If you can, try to determine the thickness of each mattress layer. Generally, the thicker the better. Foam type is also worth investigating while you evaluate this aspect of mattress design.

#4. Durability

Durability is a measure of how well a mattress will resist deterioration. Since mattresses feature various designs, mechanics, and builds, the durability of each individual mattress must be independently assessed. A quality mattress should serve you for a prolonged period of time. Usually, this means it will be a number of years before the mattress needs replacing.

#5. Comfort 

This may be the easiest factor to evaluate. How comfy is the mattress? If you tend to suffer from aches and pain in the morning, does the mattress improve this condition? Does the foam trap you or make rising from bed difficult? A high-quality mattress should provide an instant feeling of comfort the moment you lay on it. It should enhance your quality of life by alleviating the various physical discomforts of a long day, and it should never create a trapping sensation.

#6. Support

Support is sometimes confused with firmness. In fact, support refers to how effectively a mattress aligns your spine while in a normal sleeping position. A soft mattress can offer excellent support without being overly firm. This is one of the core ways in which a mattress relieves and prevents muscle aches and other types of soreness.

#7. Firmness

The firmness of a mattress is determined by its density. Very firm mattresses are perfect for back sleepers, stomach sleepers, and sleepers at heavier weights. Firm mattresses help to properly align a back sleeper’s spine by avoiding excessive sagging. For stomach sleepers, firm mattresses help to maintain a flat profile, leading to smaller and fewer gaps between the sleeper’s body and the mattress. Sleepers at heavier weights may cause soft mattresses to sag. To avoid back pain and stiffness, these sleepers are better off using a very firm mattress.

#8. Airflow

Airflow is a measure of how well the mattress breathes. Heat dissipation and cooling are both aspects of mattress airflow. This factor is often overlooked, but it is one of the most important mattress features on our list. A mattress with great airflow delivers a cooler sleeping experience. Night sweating is greatly alleviated by mattresses with high levels of breathability, making airflow a particularly important feature for sleepers in warm climates.

#9. Pressure relief

High-quality mattresses do not create or emphasize pressure points when you lie on them. Pressure points occur when a mattress does not evenly support weight across the body. These points ultimately harm a body, and they are a common source of aches and pains in the morning. Always look for a mattress that relieves pressure with good, even support throughout the night.

#10. Back pain relief

Back sleepers commonly experience lower back pain when using an unsuitable mattress.This pain is typically the result of improper spine alignment, which occurs with mattresses that are too soft. Back sleepers should look for mattresses with higher levels of firmness to reduce pressure on the back, alleviating and preventing further aches.

#11. Side sleeping experience

Unlike other sleepers, side sleepers rarely suffer from airflow issues or snoring. But if they are using a mattress unsuitable for their sleeping position, side sleepers can suffer from hip, neck, and back pain. For side sleepers, a new mattress should be evaluated for pelvic rotation, firmness, and support. A mattress of medium firmness is ideal for side sleepers.

#12. Hypoallergenic

As we sleep during the night, our bodies discard substantial unseen amounts of dead skin cells. Unfortunately, dust mites are attracted to dead skin cells. If you are allergic to these microorganisms, a hypoallergenic mattress is absolutely essential for healthy living. Hypoallergenic mattresses are resistant to allergens and dust mites, allowing a good night’s sleep without interruption by itchiness, sneezing, or other irritations.

#13. Motion isolation

For couples, motion transfer in a mattress can lead to restless nights. If one sleeper shifts or turns over, that motion may be felt throughout the bed. A couple-friendly mattress will isolate motion and prevent one sleeper from disturbing the other with any movements made during the night. Light-sleeping couples in particular will require a mattress with motion isolation properties.

#14. Odor

Mattresses may feature a noticeable odor, especially if they are made with foam. Of course, not all foam mattresses suffer from this issue. Some foam mattresses are made specially without a detectable smell. When your new mattress arrives, if it gives off an odor, allow three to four days before sleeping on it. After this brief waiting period, the smell will usually have dissipated.

#15. Available size

Mattress sizes often depend on the country and retailer. In the U.S, mattress sizes are usually divided into single/twin, queen, king, and California king, in ascending order. Be sure to investigate your chosen retailer’s mattress sizing scale so that you can be sure your selection meets personal size requirements.

#16. Trial

Mattress trial periods are sometimes confused with a comfort guarantee. In fact, the two are closely related. In the past, mattress trial periods were very rare. Today, with the explosion of mattresses in the sleep industry, that has changed. Good mattress companies commonly provide extended trial periods together with a 100% money-back-guarantee. The guarantee insures buyers against mismatched purchases within the timeframe of the trial period.

#17. Warranty

A great warranty should last long enough to cover the expected lifespan of a mattress. It also covers standard craftsmanship and material flaws, including those found in the support layers, cover, and comfort layers. A good warranty should also feature a reasonable and fair indentation level.

#18. Value/Price

When selecting a mattress, price isn’t everything. Value is meant to be an accurate reflection of mattress performance and quality. For example, some inexpensive mattresses may rank at a lower quality due to inferior durability and minimal health support. However, buyers must beware of mattresses with high price points and low overall quality values. An expensive mattress ought to live up to its cost, but ultimately, a truly high-value mattress is one that performs beyond its price tag.


It is our hope to guide the fruitful mattress hunts of readers everywhere. The perfect mattress differs from person to person, so you should always make a selection that best represents your needs. Consider our above criteria as you move forward toward more rejuvenating sleep. Your perfect mattress is out there!