Mattress Review: The Novaform® 14-inch Comfort Grande Memory Foam Mattress

In this review, we will be exploring the overall quality of the Novaform® 14-inch Comfort Grande Memory Foam Mattress. We’ll cover key features including fabric, breathability, firmness, and plenty more. The gel technology used in this mattress enhances a sleeper’s experience in some exciting ways. Is this the ideal mattress for you? To find out, continue reading evaluation of the core features that define this unique product.

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November 27, 2021 10:10 am
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  • Excellent spinal alignment
  • Great support for back sleepers
  • Ultra soft and cool fabric
  • 100% hypoallergenic


  • Not ideal for side sleepers
  • May be too firm for some users

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Feature Overview: Novaform® 14-inch Comfort Grande Memory Foam Mattress


The Novaform® Comfort Grande Mattress comes with an ultra-soft cooling fabric that reduces heat and excess moisture. The middle layer is made up of AC foam, enhancing airflow and overall breathability. The base foam layer provides long-lasting stability and support. This mattress tends to maintain its shape over time due to its stable construction. Its three layers combine to deliver just the right blend of comfort and support.


The thickness of the Novaform® Comfort Grande Mattress is 14 inches total, including its previously mentioned three layers. The top layer provides soft comfort and supports sleepers with three inches of material. The AC foam middle layer, also three inches thick, provides the primary channel through which air can travel. The eight-inch foam base layer is the extra-thick foundation, and the primary avenue of support for this mattress. The Novaform® Comfort Grande Mattress is also particularly durable, boasting a lifespan of at least 20 years.


Sleepers vary in their preference for mattress firmness. It is a major factor not only in comfort, but in quality of sleep and health support. This mattress’ three-layer build is plenty thick, and its firmness is about medium grade compared to other mattresses.

Scoring six out of ten on our firmness scale, it does a stellar job supporting sleepers of average weight. At this level of firmness, users can expect a high level of contouring, which reduces pressure and assists in spinal alignment.

The Novaform® Comfort Grande Mattress is ideal for back sleepers. It allows the body to lie flat with minimal sinking, keeping the body in a straight line. Stomach sleepers may appreciate this mattress as well, though they may require some supportive pillows. Side sleepers will probably find it too firm, and experience some pressure in the shoulder area.


Even highly comfortable mattresses are difficult to use if they suffer from limited airflow. Low breathability means the mattress will retain heat, leading to overly warm sleepers and restless nights. Some foam mattresses can suffer from this issue, but the Novaform® Comfort Grande Mattress is not one of them.

Its middle layer contains air pockets to assist in the air circulation process. The pockets also work to evacuate heat, leaving the sleeper with a cool mattress beneath. The top layer contains gel foam to further this cooling effect and reduce moisture for comfortably dry bedding.

Health Support

The Novaform® Comfort Grande Mattress is made up of safe materials with sleeper health in mind. It is completely hypoallergenic, preventing the buildup of dust and other harmful allergens. Although it doesn’t emit a strong chemical odor, there may be a mild smell upon unpackaging the mattress. In most cases, this odor will dissipate to a very low level in minutes. Users may want to wait several hours before sleeping on this newly unpackaged mattress. This will allow the odor to completely evacuate the bedroom.


Mattresses require some level of care, just like many other common household objects. When you spot dirt or dust, it is time to clean your mattress cover. A damp cloth is usually enough to keep the cover of this mattress clean.

To comfortably prolong the lifespan of a Novaform® Comfort Grande Mattress, it should be turned occasionally. This prevents sleepers from wearing down the same spots with repeated use, and it distributes wear evenly across the mattress for an increased lifespan.

Cleaning and wear aside, this mattress will require a reliable platform to remain beneath it. A box spring or similar platform will keep your mattress even and flat, preventing subtle rolling during sleep, which can reduce a mattress’ lifespan.


The Novaform® Comfort Grande Mattress is medium-firm, excels at facilitating cool sleep, and provides good support for back sleepers in particular. While it is probably too firm to be a fit for side sleepers, it can work for stomach sleepers who use extra support pillows. It requires minimal maintenance to enjoy its full & lengthy lifespan, and its stable construction will maintain the mattress’ original shape over time. If you’re a back sleeper looking for a long-term choice in cool sleep, this one is for you.

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Are the edges of this mattress firm enough to sit on the bed’s edge?
Yes, the edges of this mattress are sufficiently firm.

What is the kind of base required under this mattress?
You can use either a platform or box spring base.

Is this mattress susceptible to sagging?
No, so long as it is well maintained. Its lifespan is excellent.

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  1. Hi, I read this full product review. It’s really great and helpful article. I decide to purchase this Novaform comfort grande mattress asap. Could you please tell me is this mattress perfect for side and back sleeping? I need a good comfortable mattress that will be suitable for back and side sleeping. Let me inform please. Thank you.

    • Hi Loura, This Novaform comfort grande mattress is very much perfect for almost all sleeping positions such as back sleeping, side sleeping, fatal sleeping etc. You can also use it for a bad back. Overall rating is good.

  2. Hi David, You have shared a high quality reviews that will help us to buy this product by knowing everything. I have read this complete review and i think this mattress is a perfect choice for me and my partner. I personally prefer back sleeping and my partner also prefer back sleeping. I think it will be a good bed for us that will give us highest comfort, maximum support and happiness. I decide to purchase this Novaform 14-Inch Comfort Grande Mattress from Amazon that is a trusted marketplace. Thank you for helping us to buy a new mattress.

  3. Thank you for share this helpful Novaform 14″ Comfort Grande Queen Mattress review. In Amazon, there are a lot of real customer said good about this mattress. I think this is a perfect choice for a comfortable night sleep. I want to buy this mattress asap for me and my partner. Both of us prefer side sleeping. I like to get a good mattress for a pleasant night sleep. I think this Novaform 14″ Comfort Grande Queen Mattress is a perfect choice for me. Thank you again.

  4. Good article. Can i use this mattress as a side sleeper? I like to sleep on the side? Let me inform, please.

    • Hi Robin, You can use this mattress as a side sleeper. It has been designed to provide support and comfort for all sleeping positions.

  5. David – Does it get hot during the night? I’m hesitant because of the foam.

  6. I want to do the warranty for my mattress which I bought it 2 days ago.Please let me know how to do it!
    Thank you Etleva Bufi.

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