Olee Sleep 12 Inch I Gel Top Tencel Memory Foam Mattress Review

Olee Sleep 12 Inch I Gel Top Tencel Memory Foam Mattress Product Description

Gel Memory foam mattress is popular nowadays. People are buying a gel foam mattress more than any other form of the mattress. The main reason is, it gives more comfort than any other mattress. The Gel foam mattress contains the material known as visco-elastic infused with a gel and of many fabric layers along with its primary layer. The gel mainly used for cooling effect and that’s why it gives more comfort, as well as the, provides an option of softer and harder surface. Let’s have a glance at some of the essential features of the Olee Sleep Gel Memory Foam Mattress. Read all the features and review below.

Features of Olee Sleep 12 Inch I Gel Top Tencel Memory Foam Mattress

  • Cool gel effect
  • Foam type
  • Comfort
  • Density or firmness level
  • Durability
  • Size, warranty, and views
  • Pros
  • Cons

#1. Cool gel effect

The primary purpose of the infused gel is to maintain the temperature at a constant level. Apart from the simple foam mattress, the gel foam mattress gives more cooling and absorbs the body heat and maintains the level of temperature. It will give a cooling effect throughout the night and provides the best sleeping experience. The gel infused with all layers of the mattress and that’s why it gives whole night cooling effect and increase the heat absorbing capacity of the mattress.

#2. Foam type

The foam type of this mattress is viscoelastic. It provides an extreme level of comfort. NASA initially made this material for space shuttle use, but later it is applied to the mattress to give utmost comfort and best sleeping experience. When this material is used with gel, it gives the ultimate result. It protects the body from any sleeping pain or strains and provides extreme and relaxing sleeping. That’s why viscoelastic is widely used in the gel foam mattress.

#3. Comfort

First, you should decide your comfort level. This mattress is available in hard as well as the softer surface. Both the types give extreme comfort but the matter id of choice. So, the comfort level is the choice, but the gel mattress provides excellent comfort and best sleeping experience. The main reason for comfort is 1 inch 25 ILD HD foam which is not available in memory foam.

#4. Density or firmness level

The 3.5-inch density of layer provides good airflow to ventilate air, and it maintains temperature and body pressure. The weight of this mattress is around 71 pounds. These features are very much essential for any mattress. As the density of layer provides better airflow, it helps to gel foam also to maintain a healthy level of temperature. In both the type of surface, softer and harder, the level of density and firmness will be same.

#5. Durability

This gel foam mattress is made up of high technology and at the high-quality level. One of the features of this mattress is also durable. This long-lasting feature is also because of great heat and odor resistance level. It can be used for years with the same level of comfort. To maintain this level manufacturers are using very high-quality fabric and gel. It enhances the level of sound sleeping experience year by year without any major concern. However, it also depends on the level of use and some other aspects.

#6. Size, Warranty, and Ratings

The full size of gel foam mattress is 75*54*12 inches, and weight is 71 pound. It is also available in king as well as in queen size. King size mattress is of 80*76*12 inches with 96 pounds weight, and queen size mattress is 80*60*12 inches with 78.1 pound weight. Manufacturing warranty is about ten years. Views and rating of users are on an average positive.

#7. Pros

  • Gives painless and good sleeping
  • Very less motion transfer
  • It reduces the body pressure and provides more comfort
  • Durable product if handled with proper care

#8. Cons

  • Gel foam mattress is expensive than any other mattress
  • In the initial days of purchase, off-gassing may affect your good sleeping

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What is the firmness level of the bed? 7 to 8, out of 10

The Fabric is removable or not? No, it’s not removable

How long from the opening can we lay on the mattress?

Maximum after 6 hours


By observing the features and pros cons, we can conclude that the gel foam mattress is the source of the extreme level of comfort and good sleeping. It is expensive than other mattresses, but the durability is also high. So the price level can’t be considered as a significant disadvantage. In short, This Mattress has all the things to give good sleep for a long time.

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