The New Purple Mattress Review – Are You Prepared to Buy?

Are you prepared to buy Purple mattress? BMR Team provide the mattress materials quality, user ratings, pricing, warranty, shipping and more in this unboxing new Purple mattress review . The purple mattress is one of the most popular and number one mattress in the world. This mattress has three layers which ensure quality and the most innovative products on the market today. The mattress is not only affordable, it is a well-handcrafted mattress and has the best features. It is comprised of the hyper-elastic polymer. This means that the three layers are composed of superior quality foams and polymer. The mattress arrives at you vacuum sealed or compressed and it expands when it is opened.The  Purple mattress is a medium  firm and comfortable for sleeping. Because of that, it ensures a cool sleeping surface. It offers a rounded contour just like what you get in latex, and this makes it different from the traditional mattresses on the market today. There are other attractive, and interesting features, which you discover  in this on purple mattress reviews.

  • Soft where you want it, and firm where you need it
  • Sleeps Temperature neutral
  • No Pressure
  • No toxic chemicals
  • 10-Year Purple Promise Warranty
  • Expensive

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The Details New Purple Mattress Review 

Purple is the company behind the famous purple mattress. It is an American comfort technology company, and it is presently located in the Utah United States of America. The company ventured into mattress production in 2015, and since then it has taken the industry like a storm. They have a great reputation, because of the quality of their products, which include a seat cushion, pillows, as well as platform basis. Two brothers Tony and Terry Pearce own it. The company started as a direct to consumer firm and started with wheelchair business. They have produced specialty mattresses, sheets, as well as protectors and foundations. They have achieved a lot within the last few years it started the business.

How Much Cost is a On Purple Mattress?

Purple is less expensive when compared to the average price budget mattress on the market, but it can be higher. If compared with mattresses within the same dimension. The Purple mattress prices vary and the size determines the price.  If you want to buy from Amazon, it sells at a reasonable price.

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Purple Mattress Comparison with Other Mattress

#1. Construction of Purple Mattress

The purple mattress is strongly constructed, and it boasts of three layers as stated before. Also to that, the purple mattress thickness is 9.5 inches. The materials used to produce it include polymer and foam. It is certain from the purple mattress material that this brand is a durable product. Because of the sturdy construction, it does not disappoint. You will get value for your money.

Purple Mattress Layers Reviews

As said before, the mattress is composed of three layers, which include the top layer, the middle layer, and the bottom layer. Because of the three layers, you are going to enjoy using it. These layers perform important and related functions such as foundation, support, as well as comfort, and cooling.

a) Top layer

The top layer is the uppermost part of the  On Purple mattress, and it is composed of two inches hyper elastic polymer. Because of that, the top layer does not only cool your body, it makes you comfortable as well. It is certain from the type of material that this upper part is meant to cool the user’s temperature. The mattress relieves every pressure point in your body and ensures that you are well relaxed whenever you are lying on top of the mattress.

b) Middle layer

The second layer is called the middle layer and this can be found in the middle of the mattress. This layer provides transitional support and it is composed of 3.5 inches of polyurethane foam. This part provides the deep compression support and the transitional support. Deep compression support is important for heavier sleepers.

c) Bottom layer

This is the last layer and it is referred to as the foundation layer. This part is constructed with superior quality four inches polyurethane foam material. It is solid, and that is why it would it provides the most important support for the user, which is called the foundation support.

Purple Mattress Layers

Purple Mattress Cover Review

The cover is composed of viscose, polyester-lycra, as well as polyester. Polyester composed of about seventy percent of the cover material. The Viscose is composed of twenty-seven percent, and the polyester-lycra is the remaining four percent. You can see that this is a blend of different materials, and because of that unique combination, the matters has a breathable cover. Most importantly, the cover is soft and stretchy. No matter how you fondle the cover, it would always return to the normal shape without any difficulty. The cover material is the most suitable for the hyper-elastic polymer, which forms the upper part of the mattress. Heat would never build up because of the unique combination.

Purple Mattress Cover

#2. Purple Mattress Firmness and Support

The purple mattress is a good sleeping material, because of the unique feel. The mattress is not firm and the firmness lies somewhere between the middle. The firmness scale is 6-6.5 out of 10. This shows that it is in the middle, which makes it very good for its users. You can see that the average user would like it. It has the best combination of materials and the firmness is the average. This is the most wonderful mattress you can lay your hands on the market today.

Purple mattress firmness

#3. Is The Purple Mattress Too Firm?

This mattress is not too firm. The firmness as you can see from the scale mentioned above is just the average and slightly above the average. No user can complain that the mattress is too firm, or that it is not firm. It is designed to suit every user. This makes the mattress a unique product. Read real users feedback here.

#4. Sinkage Tests of Purple Mattress

Purple mattress sinkage level varies and it is determined by the user’s weight. If you weigh more, it is natural that the level of the sink may not be the same as a lightweight individual. The mattress as you already know is firm, and the firmness level as you can see is about 6 to 6.5 levels and so on. This simply shows that the product does not sink. It passes sinkage tests.

#5. Purple Mattress Off-gassing and Initial Odor

When you use the Purple mattress for the first time, especially when you bring its packaging, you are going to experience a very faint odor. This is common to all new mattresses, this cannot be peculiar to this product. This smell does not last as it fades away in a few days. The most important thing is that the initial odor does not cause off-gassing. This means that it is safe to use the product. The purple mattress is green and because of that, it is certiPUR-US certified. The initial odor is minimal, and it does not last more than a few days.

#6. Purple Mattress Comfort Level

The purple mattress is perhaps the most comfortable mattress you can lay your hands on the market today. Its top layer is uniquely constructed and that is why it dissipates any pressure, which you can have the bed and the body of the user. This shows that this product is highly comfortable. It has three layers, the middle and bottom layers support the top layer to maximize the comfort users get when they use this mattress.

Because of the unique comfort level, the mattress ensures a restful night for its users as you can see from reviews. To make it more comfortable it isolates motion transfer, which is a common issue with many mattresses. Users feel minimal movement when they use the product. This means that there would be no disruption and interruptions during sleep.

purple mattress comfort

#7. Purple Mattress Cooling and Heating

It appears that Purple Mattress excels in all departments. When it comes to coolness factor, the product does well, and even better than similar products. It cools very well. This can be attributed to the air pockets observed in various parts of the mattress. And this is because of the superior quality polymer materials used to produce it. This allows airflow. It prevents the heat from building up in the system. Furthermore, the mattress features a breathable cover, and this enhances the coolness.

#8. Purple Mattress Size Dimension

a) Purple queen mattress

Purple queen size mattress is 63 by 16 by 16 inches. It matches every queen sized bed. Just like other purple mattresses, the product supplies warmth when you need it, as well as soft when you need it and so on.

b) Purple king size dimensions

Purple king size is another unique size of this product. The dimensions are 75.5 by 79.5 by 9.5 inches and so on. This size is suitable and can fit any king size bed.

c) Purple twin dimension

Twin dimension is the smallest among all them. The size of this mattress is 42 by 16 by 16 inches. It is the same size with standard twin beds. This means that it fits well with that type of bed.

d) Purple full-size dimension

Full size is regarded as California size. It is the biggest of all them. The dimension of the mattress is 72 by 15 by 15. It is the same size with the usual California bed. The mattress can fit that bed size.

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#9. Purple Mattress Shipping

Shipping for the Purple mattress is free. The mattress arrives in great packaging and it is sending in a sturdy compresses packaging. It fitted with convenient handles, because of that, you do not find it difficult to take it to your room or any other place you want to use it. Moreover, unpacking it is not difficult. When unpacked, set up is equally easy. It does not take time before it arrives at you.

#10. Purple Mattress Durability

How Purple Mattress Long last?

Before buying a new product you should learn about purple mattress longevity and durability very well. The Purple mattress is manufactured in the United States of America. It adheres to the rigorous standard set for such products. The lifespan is satisfactory according to the available review. It is better than what you get from similar products out there. This is expected because of the unique combination of materials such as hyper-polymer and foam during the manufacturing process. This makes it durable. The company control measures for this kind of product, and that is why the product is rated high in terms of longevity.

#11. Purple Mattress Return Policy

The company ensures that their customers are satisfied with the product. Because of that, they stand by their products and guarantee it for the first one hundred nights. You can use it for one hundred nights free, and if you have any issue with the product, you can arrange with their customer service department for return. If after one hundred days and you have not contacted them, it means that you are happy with the product. This has never really happened.

#12. Does Purple Mattress Company Give Warranty and Free Trial?

It appears that the company offers life on the Purple mattress. The company offers up to 10 years limited warranty on this product. Compared to similar products on the market, you can hardly get this offer elsewhere. This clearly shows that the company is proud of their product. It is expected because of the best quality materials used to produce it. You can hardly get this kind of offer from similar products within the same price range. This clearly shows that you are dealing with a superior quality product.

>>>Check warranty, shipping and free trial here

#13. Where to Buy Purple Mattress?

Purple mattress is available in different outlets like Amazon or lawsuit.  Amazon is the best place and you can get the Purple mattress from Amazon can be shipped to you to any part of the country. Whether you are near or far away, once can ship to your door, you can order your product now. It takes only a few days for the purple mattress to reach you. Amazon is a reputable company and they do not disappoint when it comes to the shipment of such products. You are going to enjoy all the benefits attached to the product like ten years limited warranty, as well as one hundred nights free trial. Also, you may find purple mattress coupon via below this link.

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#14. Health Benefits of Purple Mattress

This product offers some health benefits to its users. This mattress will relieve your pain and designed for that. The Purple mattress has three layers designs. The top design displaces every pressure that could disturb your body and your health, especially when you are sleeping. It reduces pain throughout the night and helps you to stay healthy as well. It reduces pain in such areas of the body like the neck, spine, your shoulder as well as your legs and hips.

You will have pain relief irrespective of your sleeping position. Moreover, the mattress offers wonderful support and no other product could compare with it in terms of cradling support. The top as said before is supportive, just like the other layers. You have seen that this mattress is supportive and healthy as well. It is certainly a unique mattress.

#15. Do Purple Mattress Support Heavy People?

The mattress is in three layers and the aim is to provide support for all sizes of users. If you are heavyweight, the second layer of the mattress is going to provide transitional support. Heavyweight and medium weight users would sink a little bit deeper into the mattress and they could experience a slight hug level. For those above 150 to 200 and above, they are going to use the transitional support more. The second layer is going to offer them more support and this is going to make them more comfortable. It is would create the needed support as well as the required sinkage balance level. The sinkage depth always experienced from one hundred and forty pounds and more.

#16. Is Purple Mattress Right for Side Sleeping?

This mattress is perfect for different sleep positions. Purple mattress for side sleepers is possible because it offers different kinds of support for such sleepers. This is possible because of the unique and grid body design, especially the top part of the mattress. This mattress has a little to give and you are not going to suffer from any pressure because you are sleeping on the side. Side sleeping is equally helpful because it helps in maintaining your spine position. This is unique because you cannot get the same feature from several products out there.

#17. Can I Use Purple Bed Mattress for Stomach Sleeping?

The purple mattress is equally good for stomach sleepers just as it is for the side sleeper. This is possible because it provides different kinds of support, and it is comfortable for stomach sleepers. This comfortable and unique support for stomach sleepers attributed to the top layer grid design. When you sleep with stomach, you can’t discomfort because you cannot feel that you are sinking into this mattress. You are going to enjoy high-level comfort, which you cannot enjoy similar products out there.

#18. Is Purple Mattress Good for You?

  • The purple mattress is good for you for several reasons. First, and foremost the mattress offers the best firm feel. The mattress comfort level is 6-6.5 and this is good out of a scale of 10. However, you should know that your firmness level depends on your weight. You are going to enjoy the comfort of hyper-elastic polymer and you are going to feel better for it.
  • Moreover, it is good for you especially if you want to have the benefit of an extremely cool mattress. It has air pockets and makes the sleeping surface to be very comfortable. Moreover, it has a thin cover and this ensures breathability. You are going to enjoy a cool rest with the mattress.
  • Most importantly, it is good for you because of the rounded contour it offers to you. When you sleep on it, it is going to displace your body weight and in the process, it would offer a more rounded contour. You are going to enjoy the same type of contour you get in a latex mattress. It is better than latex because it is more responsive and bounces better.
  • Furthermore, this mattress is perfect for you because it provides minimal motion transfer. You are going to experience a bounce, but that may not lead to motion transfer. It composed of a polymer material, as well as design grid and this makes it very comfortable for its users. You are going to derive enough benefits from using this kind of mattress.

#19. Is Purple Bed Available in Outlet?

Purple mattress for sale is available in different outlets. The mattress is compatible with different kinds of bed frames. The third layer of the mattress called the foundation makes this possible. Whichever bed frame you want to use it, you are going to enjoy it because there are different sizes on the market. This means that you would always get the correct size for your bed frame.

#20. Advantages of Purple Mattress

  • The mattress is durable
  • There is no heat retention and remains cool
  • One hundred nights free trial
  • Ten years limited warranty
  • Offers exceptional comfort and support

#21. Disadvantages of Purple Mattress

  • You cannot try it before you order it
  • It has only one model and this cannot customized

Purple Mattress Egg Test Review

What is Purple bed egg test? Watch the video below to get the full Purple mattress egg test result.


If you want a great mattress that provides support and very comfortable to use, you can try to get the Purple mattress. The product is durable and offers health benefits. It ensures coolness and does not keep any heat. You would enjoy the more contoured feeling when you use the product because you are going to have your weight displaced when you sleep on it. The product offers minimal motion transfers even though it bounces. If you are looking for a great mattress to share with your partner, you can always opt for this great product. The purple mattress is great and it is better than similar other mattresses that you can think of. Thank you for reading our well researched Purple mattress review. We think that you will share with your friends.

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9.9 Total Score
Purple Mattress Rating Overview

Why You should know this rating? It will clear your thinking that this purple mattress is good or bad for you. Also We think that this mattress comfort and healthy for you and you should buy it.

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