Purple vs Casper Mattress Comparison

In this Purple vs Casper mattress comparison, you will get all essential product features, similarities, differences, materials ratings, firmness, support, advantages, disadvantages, quality comparison, shipping, and warranty etc. The two mattresses are great and offer greatest comfort and support.

To know more details about these two popular mattresses, read our comprehensive Casper vs. Purple mattress comparison below.

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Purple vs Casper

Key Comparisons of Purple vs Casper Mattress

Similarities Between Purple and Casper Mattress

a) Medium firmness

Both these mattresses provide ample sports and comfort to all sleepers. Due to that, both have a stiffness of 6.5 out of 10 in the firmness score.

b) Thickness

The Purple and Casper mattress are 9.5 thick. But, the number of layers across these two mattresses differs. They have a thickness of 9.5 inches. Thereby, if you are looking for the thickness alone, this can be tricky.

c) Extensive warranties

Warranty is an important factor to check when buying a mattress. They come enjoying 10 years warranty. A plenty impressive guarantee. Apart from the warranty, they enjoy 100 days trial period.

Differences Between Casper and Purple Mattress

a) Construction Layers

For Purple mattress, it comes with three layers. Contrary, the Casper mattress has four layers.

b) Mattress cover

For the cover, Purple has a blend of polyester, viscose, and polyester-lycra. Casper has a cover consisting of 100% polyester material with edges. The edges consist of a blend of polyester and polypropylene.

c) Construction materials

For Casper, its construction features Polyfoam and Memory foam. Whereas, Purple consists of elastic polymer and memory foam.

Purple Construction

Purple Mattress Construction

The Purple mattress has a thickness of 9.5-inch. It has three layers which enable it to provide ample cushioning, support and comfort.

1) Top layer

This layer is the topmost of the mattress cover dubbed as comfort and cooling layer. It is a 2-inch section made from a hyperelastic polymer which allows body pressure relief. Incorporated smart grid tech ensure that no overheating thus comfortable nights.

2) Middle layer

Also known as transition layer it focuses on offering body support. The layer provides deep compression thereby providing greatest support to heavy people.

3) Base layer

The bottom layer forms the foundation of this mattress. It prevents the mattress from collapsing and also weight distribution.

Purple Mattress Layers

Casper Construction

Casper Mattress Construction

The Casper has a thickness of 9.5-inch.

1) Top layer

The top layer enjoys a high responsive poly-foam which is 1.5 inches thick. It has a superb bounce, support, and regulation of sleeping temperatures.

2) 2nd layer

It is below the top layer. The layer consists a 1.5-inch memory foam. With a density of 4.0 cubic per foot, this layer helps to cut heat accumulation and support the body. Thereby, it relieves pressure while offering a cool night.

3) 3rd layer

This layer consists of 1. 5 inches of polyfoam. It is a bit harder than the second layer with a density of 2.5 CPF. The layer acts as a transition zone and facilitates improved bounce.

4) 4th/base layer

It is the mattress foundation. The layer is dense with a density of 1.8 cubics per foot made of heavy duty foam. It prevents the mattress from disintegrating.

Casper Mattress Layers

Purple Mattress Cover

Purple Cover

The Purple mattress cover offers excellent breathability. Its knitting comprises 4% polyester-lycra, polyester blend 76% and 27% viscose. This blending renders it extra soft and elastic. Moreover, this cover has a white finish with a pattern and company logo.

Purple Mattress Cover

Casper Mattress Cover

Casper Cover

Casper mattress is more beautiful than Purple since it comes in two color tones. Its knitting features a porous 100% polyester. With high porosity, the top and bottom covers offer a relaxed sleeping. The side panels have a blend of polyester and polypropylene.

Casper Cover

Purple Firmness

Purple Mattress Firmness

  • The Purple mattress is supportive than many rivals. It has a medium rating of around 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale. Thereby, it is ideal for use in different sleeping styles.
  • On the feel, it has a soft feel when sleeping on it. It leaves you enjoying an exceptional sleep. This product has a breathable cover and a combination of poly-foams. It gives a latex mattress feel. This contours to your body, thereby offering a perfect hugging.
  • On support, bearing Purple mattress is classic. Combining a variety of foams, it has superior adaptive support. Sleeping on it cause a slight sinking which is ideal for ample body support and comfort. It is an ideal for light and weighty sleepers.

Purple mattress firmness

Casper Firmness

Casper Mattress Firmness

  • The Casper mattress has a feel of 6.5 out of 10. with this rating; it means that this mattress is a medium. Thereby, it is a perfect choice for all sleepers. Though it is a medium mattress weight will affect its responsiveness.
  • Unlike the Purple mattress, Casper has four layers and has a polyester cover. Due to the ample pores on the cover, it delivers a crisp feel when sleeping. The polyfoam eliminates the sinking feel thus reducing heat built up.
  • On support, sleeping on this mattress doesn’t cause sinking like traditional foams. This mattress offers responsive support. It provides a contouring body support.

Casper mattress firmness

Purple Mattress vs. Casper Mattress Overall Feel

Both mattresses are medium feel. However, even though they have a similar rating, Casper is a bit harder than Purple. It feels going toward 7 hence a harder feel. Also, the purple mattress boasts a softer feel since it has a blended cover. These mattresses have a gentle feel than most of the available medium mattresses.

Shipping of Purple and Casper Mattress

Purple mattress

This mattress ships for free within the US. Delivery takes about 1 to 4 weeks depending the location. It comes compressed in a purple carrying tube.

Casper Mattress

Casper has free shipping services. Delivery is a bit faster than Purple since this one takes 2-7 days.

Purple and Casper Mattresses Durability

Purple Mattress

The durability of this mattress is outstanding. The layers allow it last for an extended period. The purple mattress has a warranty of 10 years warranty. But, on experts point of view, it can last for over 7+ years.

Casper Mattress

Like Purple, this one also aims at comfort support and extended durability. It has a 10 years warranty thus you can rely on it for an extended period without sinking or flattening. According to the expert, this mattress can last for 6.5-7+ years.

Health Benefits of Casper and Purple Mattress

Purple mattress

  • The mattress is free from toxic substances lead and other heavy metals. Thereby, it won’t compromise your body healthy.
  • The soft and supportive foam is great for relieving back pain. Also, it prevents sinking hence ideal for all people.
  • Doesn’t cause suffocation
  • It has odor free materials which won’t affect your breathing.
  • Contains no formaldehyde

Casper mattress

  • Adaptive foam for ample support without body sinking. Thereby, no back pains.
  • Breathable top layer ensures no excessive sweating. Also, it eliminates hot spots.
  • High bounce which prevents hard surfaces. This reduces hard spots hence greatest comfort.

Purple and Casper Mattress Sizes

The Purple and Casper mattresses have the following available sizes: Twin, Twin XL, King, Queen, Cal King. Click the link below to check the current price of both mattresses.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Purple and Casper Mattress

a) Advantage of Purple mattress

  • Free from toxic materials
  • Doesn’t have bad odors like others
  • Supports different sleeping styles
  • Food grade construction materials
  • It has no talc powder

b) Disadvantages of Purple mattress

  • A bit heavy than rivals
  • Available in a few size choices

c) Advantages of Casper mattress

  • A bit light and supportive
  • Contains no harmful substances
  • Extended warranty
  • Innovative and sturdy construction

d) Disadvantages of Casper mattress

  • Polyester mattress cover
  • Limited mattress information

Which is The Best Mattress? Purple or Casper

Now, this question is a bit complicated to answer. This is because, even though they are different structurally, performance is similar. However, the only slight difference you will notice is the Casper has a little bounce. But for Purple, it’s intact and no bouncing. So, getting your perfect choice, you will have to figure out several factors. Click the button below to buy the product right now.


When choosing between Casper and Purple mattress, you need a lot of analysis. Both of these mattresses have the same comfort and feel rating. Though, many people select products based on price, these two mattresses perform same. Though, there is the difference in price and construction. It’s our wish that before paying for any of these mattresses you will have a basic information needed to get a perfect mattress.