Purple Mattress vs Ghostbed Mattress Comparison

In this Purple mattress vs Ghostbed mattress comparison, we have mentioned all the important features, advantages and disadvantages, similarities and differences, firmness and feel, material ratings, warranty, shipping, sizes and pricing etc. of the Purple and Ghostbed mattress. Purple and Ghostbed are two companies which have greatly achieved incredible success in the industry. They are both giants in the online mattress game. However, despite their popularity and success, these two companies have vast differences.

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purple mattress vs ghostbed

Key Comparisons of Purple Mattress vs Ghostbed

Similarities Between Purple and Ghostbed Mattress

  • They both feature durable materials
  • Both of them use the same business model only
  • Both of them provide financial options

Differences Between Purple and Ghostbed Mattress

  • The Ghostbed mattress is 1.5 inches thicker
  • The Purple mattress features slight edge in motion isolation
  • The top layer of Purple mattress features hyper-elastic polymer while the Ghostbed mattress features latex foam
  • Ghostbed is a company that is a parent organization which has long been in the industry while the Purple is new in the industry
  • The queen size of Purple mattress is relatively expensive when in comparison with a Queen size Ghostbed mattress

Purple Construction

Purple Mattress Construction

This mattress is 9.5 inches thick. It comes with a top layer of hyper-elastic polymer. This layer is 2 inches thick with over 2 polyfoam layers. The middle layer features 3 inches of Polyurethane foam. The final and bottom layer features 4 inches thick and it provides support and foundation to the user. On top of this mattress is a cover that is 0.5 inches thick. It is breathable giving you a cool temperature when you sleep on it.

Purple Mattress Layers

Ghostbed Construction

Ghostbed Mattress Construction

This mattress is 11 inches and above thick. The top layer is 1.5 inches latex foam. The middle layer is over 2.5 inches thick of memory foam. The bottom layer features over 7.5 inches thick of polyfoam. Its components are good and durable. This makes it great and appropriate for individuals of all weight ranges. It also enables the mattress to last longer. The cover of this mattress is of high quality. This enables it to serve you for a prolonged time period. It can withstand wear and tear that comes as a result of surface abrasion.

GhostBed Mattress Layers

Purple Firmness

Purple Mattress Firmness

The top layer of this mattress serves the purpose of extremely relieving pressure. This gives you perfect support and comfort. It gives you a firmer feeling, however, it perfectly reduces your pressure points. This is a unique feel that only happens on this mattress. The mattress is very bouncy and it gives you an experience of sleeping ‘on’ the product rather than sleeping in the product.

Purple mattress firmness

Ghostbed Firmness

Ghostbed Mattress Firmness

The best term to describe the feel of this mattress is balanced. This is because you will slightly sink into the mattress. You will feel an amazing bounce amount. The mattress perfectly supports the sleeper, just like memory foam mattresses. However, the feeling of getting stuck will not be part of your experience.

GhostBed Mattress Firmness

Overall Feel of Purple Mattress and Ghostbed Mattress

The feel of these two mattresses is totally different. This is because the Ghostbed mattress gives a traditional and balanced feel. This happens with a bit of sinking inside the mattress. Purple, on the other hand, is firmer and bouncy.

You will also realize that the later gives you a sleeping on the mattress experience. None of the feels is more important than the other. Therefore, pick the one that best represents your lifestyle, needs, and interest.

Shipping of Purple and Ghostbed Mattress

The Ghostbed mattress gives you a free shipping offer that takes place within 24 hours. Shipping happens in a compressed box. The Purple mattress, on the other hand, takes place free of charge. Shipping happens in an easy to open but the compressed tube.

Durability/Longevity of Purple vs Ghostbed Mattress

Both the mattresses are highly durable due to high-quality construction. For the Purple product, you get a 10 years warranty from the manufacturer. This shows the high level of confidence that the manufacturer has in the product. You also get a 100 nights trial period from this product.

From the Ghostbed mattress, you get 20 years warranty from the manufacturer. This is proof that the mattress should serve you for a prolonged time period. For the trial period, you get 101 nights to find out if the product is worth your money or not. This is enough proof that the product should serve you for a long time without replacement or repair.

Health Benefits of Purple Mattress and Ghostbed Mattress

The best thing that you will acquire from these two products is proper spine alignment. With this effect, you will rarely suffer from back pains. Pressure relief is another positive impact on your health. This one reduces aches and pains in your body every time you wake up every morning.

Therefore, with these mattresses, you will always have a relaxed, rejuvenated and a painless morning.

Sizes and Prices of Purple and Ghostbed Mattress

The Purple and Ghostbed mattresses have the following available sizes: Twin, Twin XL, King, Queen, Cal King. The Twin size is the lowest price and the Cal King size is the highest price.

Advantage and Disadvantages of Purple and Ghostbed Mattress

Advantages of Purple Mattress

  • Has a unique feel
  • Gives a cooling effect
  • Features a medium firm feel
  • Has quick response time

Disadvantages of Purple Mattress

  • It is pricey than the Ghostbed mattress

Advantages of Ghostbed Mattress

  • Combine both memory foam and latex effects
  • It is a cheaper option though of great quality
  • Features 100% foam design
  • Features medium to firm mattresses

Disadvantages of Ghostbed Mattress

  • Might have strong odor initially

Which Mattress Should You Buy Purple or Ghostbed?

Both of these mattresses are great options. However, they cannot be fit for everyone as people are different. This makes it a challenge to pick the best. Nevertheless, both of the mattresses have different feels. Due to these differences, it will be simpler to make a decision. This is because the differences will definitely make one mattress better than the other according to your weight, desires, and needs.

However, after thorough comparison between the two, it is wise to pick the Purple mattress. This is because it has polymer elastic at the top layer. This material creates a feeling that is unique and quickly responds to the user’s body. Therefore, the Purple mattress ends up being the most supportive and maintains a cool temperature.


In this Purple mattress vs. Ghostbed mattress Comparison, you must be rich with lots of helpful information. This implies that you are in a better position to make highly informed decisions. Use the information above to choose the best mattress for you and your family. Pick the right mattress that best represents your needs and lifestyle.