How Big is The Queen Size Bed and Mattress

What is The Queen Size Bed:

One of the most significant aspects when it comes to great night rest is that you have enough space to completely unwind and sleep. Your comfort is at most stake. Your bed should be a relaxing treat when you want to get sound sleep.

If there are times that you are troubling, having a sound and tranquil sleep, possibly it’s best for you to rethink the measures of your bed. Queen size is the well-known bed specifically in America. Its space is sufficient to permit two individuals to sleep comfortably at night. But are you still doubting or questioning yourself: How wise is a queen size bed? How big is a queen size mattress? Or how wide is a queen mattress?

Queen size bed is popular because it offers enough space for two individuals or couple to get a comfortable and peaceful sleep. It is as long as the king size, but more narrow. To know more about queen size bed, below, are in-depth details that will help you familiarize with it.

#1. The Bed Frame

The queen size bed’s frame is usually 3 to 4 inches wider in both the width and length compare its mattress measurement, which is what many sources provide as the basic value for this kind of bed. It is usually made of wood requiring it to have certain in its thickness, making it stable and durable for its entire structure. It also comes with an additional leg in the middle, unlike with single beds, for extra support.

#2. The Mattress

The standard size of the US queen bed mattress is 60 inches by 80 inches (5 x 6.66 ft/1.53×2.03m). So, if you add another 3 to 4 inches for the mattresses to fit in tightly, we get anything between 63 to 64 inches by 83 to 84 inches, but keep in mind that its dimensions and even materials used can vary depending on its manufacturer.

#3. Below is The Typical Queen Sizes Chart:

S/LBed TypeWidth (inches)Height (inches)
1Queen Bed6080
2California Queen Bed6084
3Expanded Queen Bed6680
4Super Size Queen Bed6680

California Queen Bed is normally waterbed mattress that has 4 inches longer compared to a standard queen size. Mostly, these are obsolete nowadays, but still can be found occasionally.

Olympic Queen Bed, also known as Expanded Queen Bed has a full six inches wider compare to the standard making sleep more comfortable.

#4. Pros:

  • Its space is enough for 2 adults to fit perfectly.
  • It’s 80 inches length comfortably accommodates most adults.
  • It’s Bedding is so easy to find.

#5. Cons:

  • For its 30-inch width (only 3 inches wider than a full size) for each person, many people find that Queen Size beds are still too narrow for a couple to comfortably sleep well.
  • You still have to check carefully its dimensions before purchasing because some bedding is sold as “Full/Queen” that may not perfectly fit with either size.

#6. Cost

Queen size beds are more expensive compared to twin or full-size bed but are less expensive compared to King Size beds. Other than this obvious price difference, there is no real average price for it.

#7. Popularity

Queen size beds are sold faster than any other size specifically in the US. A survey by Sleep Products Association pegged that Queen size beds have 32% market share compared to Twin beds (30%), Full beds (21%) and King beds (7%).

#8. Usage 

Queen size beds are ideal for couples in a small master bedroom and also good for guest rooms.

#9. Tips

If there are 2 persons who will be using the bed and you want to make sure you have enough room for the bed, lie down first in your typical spot. Place your elbows on your hips while your arms are flat and elbows out. You must have enough room for both of you assuming this position, without bumping into each other or hanging off the bed at all.


Queen beds offer the right amount of comfort, size, and luxury. Its typical size dimensions can provide you more than enough space for two individuals. Many people see beds as one of an essential piece of furniture at home. It comes with a stiff frame, mostly with high head and foot boards. For extra flair for some, they also have decorative corner posts and canopies. The modern style queen bed features one-piece trendy platforms. If you want-to-have a complete set, many offer it with matching dressers, vanities and cabinets.

Because of its features, many offer more than enough variety for any client’s imagination. Some matches any décor, from casual to traditional to contemporary modern styles. Queen beds come with high-quality materials and many different colors to choose from like black, ebony, ash, pine, and espresso. On its headboards can also create modern aesthetic and can be covered out like in faux leather or other fabrics.

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