How To Relieve Your Back Pain Without Medicine or Exercises

Today, back pain is widespread. In fact, most adults experience back pain at some point in life. If you are experiencing chronic backaches, it can affect the ability to stay a healthy life. Happily, not all backaches are treated with medication. There are several things you can do to get rid of back pain without using drugs or workout.

How To Relieve Your Back Pain Without Medicine

By applying heat – heat is highly recommended for getting rid of back pain, particularly the lower back pain. Heat helps the muscles to relax and eventually relieving tension. If a backache is chronic, or due to injury, applying heat might be the best therapy. There are various procedures you can apply when using heat method. You can use a hot-water bottle or use a heating pad. This process of applying heat is known as dry heat. To avoid burn, you can wrap the hot water bottle with a towel. You are also advised not to use the hot bottle for more than twenty minutes at a time. Also, a hot shower or a hot tub is used to relieve back pain.

By applying cold – use of cold pack or icing can also help relieve back pain. However, it acts well when inflammation is involved. The icing is also used to reduce swelling after an injury. You can make a cold pack with a wet towel and freezing water.

How To Relieve Back Pain Without Exercises

Know your severe symptoms – most people do not know that a lot of back pain can easily be managed without medicine or exercises. Due to particular symptoms, your back pain can be aa a result of a different health problem. If you are experiencing any of the following problems, you need to consult your doctor.

  • If the back pain is spreading from the lower back to the leg,
  • If a backache is getting worse when you bend,
  • If you experience fever with back pain,
  • If pain you have pain accompanied by weakness or numbness in the legs,
  • And if you feel back pain with bowel or bladder issues.

Try massage therapy – Another way to reduce back-pain is through massage therapy. A massage treatment can be used to relieve chronic lower back pain. According to various studies, weekly massage therapies can alleviate lower back pain and many other related issues.

How To Relieve Back Pain Using a Mattress

Dealing with back pain every day can be stressful and sleeping on lousy mattress is typically the cause. Most individuals find it hard to get the right sleep at night because of being uncomfortable while sleeping. To get rid of the back pain you need to change your mattress. Even though no specific mattress can be used to treat backaches, changing your mattress can help a lot. First research how to relief your back pain with mattress. If your mattress is uncooperative, shapeless, too soft or too hard, then you might need to buy a new one. To ensure you choose the perfect one, do some window shopping. You can also check online on how to get the best mattress for reducing back pain. Keep in mind that what works for one person might not work with you. Hence, it is essential to know your sleeping position and the one that makes you feel relaxed.

Top-Rated Mattresses For Back Pain

For serious back sufferers, here are few high-quality and special kind of mattresses that are uniquely designed to relieve back pain.

You can also cushions or pillows to enhance your sleeping position. If your sleeping position is sleeping on the back, you can put a pillow beneath the knees for support. If your favorite spot is resting on your side, place a pillow between your knees to have an excellent location. You are advised to avoid sleeping on your stomach as it can put a lot of tension on your back muscles.

There are many brands and models that you need to look into when buying a mattress. However, searching for the ones that specialize in relieving back pain will help you pick the perfect one for your needs.