The Comprehensive Restonic Mattress Review 2017


Most Popular Restonic Brio Mattress For You

Most Popular Restonic Brio Mattress For You










  • Hypoallergenic latex foam
  • Breathable memory foam
  • True Comfort Support Core
  • Super Stretch Cover
  • Made in the USA


  • Only available online

Restonic Mattress Review: Restonic Mattress is an entry to mid-level spring mattress that consists of either Bonnell or pocket coil. It has a great comfort layer which includes different types of foams such as memory foam, regular foam, gel-infused memory foam, latex etc. It provides almost all available sizes such as  Twin, Twin X, Full, King, Queen, Cal King etc. Restonic mattress is 100% made in the USA.


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Restonic Brio Mattress Review

Have you ever been in a position where you had to choose between specialty foams and inner spring? Was it hard for you to decide because all of them are amazing choices? You might not have to choose between them again because you can have them all. That sounds like a great idea to enjoy both the innerspring and specialty foams benefits at once. The Restonics Mattress has a unique design which offers you maximized cushioning. Its top is very smooth with squared edges. Go through the Restonics Mattress Review below and learn more about this design. It has the following features.

  • Construction
  • Materials
  • Technical Specifications
  • Warranty and Support
  • Shipping
  • About The Company
  • Health Benefits
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • FAQs

#1. Construction

The construction of this product features a marvelous middle technology. This is a patented technology which offers 25% more support in the middle of the mattress. The center part of the mattress requires most support. This construction helps to evenly distribute pressure on the mattress. As a result, it delivers entire body comfort.

The technology also makes the center more durable and resilient. To prolong the life of this mattress, the technology protects against sagging. Extra lumbar support is something else that you get from this technology. The manufacturer has given this mattress a solid and sturdy construction to withstand the test of time.

#2. Materials

Outlast technology characterizes this amazing mattress. This technology balances and offsets temperature fluctuations all night long. As a result, this regulates the bed micro-climate for optimal REM sleep. This material serves the same purpose as ice in a drink. As the ice melts from solid to liquid, it takes away heat, thereby, giving your drink a cooling effect.

The Outlast phase change materials operate similarly. However, the materials are microencapsulated. This makes them permanently protected or enclosed in a polymer shell. The material is a product of NASA technology. It is not hot or cold, creating a bed micro-climate. This material auto-corrects and regulates temperature.

#3. Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 80 X 60 X 10 inches
  • Weight: 71 pounds
  • Overall Rating: 4.6 out of 5

#4. Warranty and Support

In case you troubleshoot any issues hindering the performance of this mattress, there is a convenient way of resolving these issues. The manufacturer is one of the solutions to any issues that occur with 15 years of purchase. Buyers enjoy a 15-year non-prorated warranty from the manufacturer after purchasing this product. The customer care team is always available to attend to your needs. All you need to do is contact them at any day of the week or any hour of night or day. They will help you out with your questions and claims.

#5. Shipping

The shipping of this product is free of charge to customers within the USA. Shipment happens in compact packaging to enhance easy lifting, handling, storage, and moving. For free shipping offer, you should expect this product within 5-8 days of making payment.

Otherwise, shipping takes place with 3-5 days of payment. The shipment happens in discreet delivery. You should allow the product 5 days before using it. This ensures that it gets back to its original size and shape before use. It also ensures that any chemical odor is over.

#6. About The Company

Restonic is a brand well known for its high-quality mattresses and beddings. It started operating since the year 1938. This implies that its experience in this industry is second to none. It’s an award-winning brand popularly known for its comfort care and health rest product lines.

#7. Health Benefits

The mattress is temperature and pressure sensitive. This ensures that when you sleep on it, pressure points relief takes place. Therefore, your mornings are painless and fresh ready for a productive day. This mattress also reduces snoring to those individuals with this problem. It alleviates back and neck pains due to its superior support and comfort.

#8. Advantages

  • Offers back pain relief
  • Durable
  • No chemical odors
  • High motion isolation
  • Superior edge support
  • Needs minimum maintenance
  • Easy to move around
  • Efficient temperature regulation

#9. Disadvantages

  • The innerspring might make a little noise
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Question: To enhance longevity, can you flip this mattress?

Answer: No, this mattress has a top and bottom side

Question: Is it possible to use this product without the box spring?

Answer: Yes

Why You Should Buy This Product

This mattress comes with a unique design. It is durable hence, you will not go back to the market after months of purchase. The manufacturer gives 15-year warranty to buyers. This means that you are covered in case of any damages that interfere with the functionality of the product. The mattress also absorbs motion in case you have a partner who moves a lot when sleeping.

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The Restonics Mattress Reviews above presents an exemplary mattress. It is a great purchase for back sleepers, stomach and side sleepers as well. With its quality and functionality, that price range is an irresistible deal. Give this product a try as stock lasts.

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Restonic Mattress Overview

Mattress Rating

It is an ideal mattress for an area that experiences low and high-temperature changes in the night. If you live in an area where temperatures fluctuate and increase anyhow this is the mattress to go for. These range of mattresses are of high quality and have been designed and made to make the user be at complete rest while they sleep giving them a restful night’s sleep. Thank you for reading our helpful Restonic mattress review.

  • Owner Satisfaction
  • Lifespan / Durability
  • Support
  • Conforming Ability
  • Easy to Move on
  • Motion Isolation
  • Edge Support
  • Heavy Person Friendly
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Back Pain Relief
  • Side Sleeping Experience
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