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In 1938, mattress manufacturer Restonic began its life as the ‘Triple Cushion Corporation.’ They patented their own brand of custom mattress, which became famous chiefly for offering high levels of central support. Today, the legacy of that early mattress lives on in the form of the Marvelous Middle® mattress construction technique. As of 1946, the company adopted its current name, which has become a staple in households across the United States. All Restonic mattresses are made in the U.S. and consistently feature a number of quality components to deliver mattress users everywhere a good night’s sleep. Today, we overview the Restonic brand for a comprehensive look at what this company has to offer. Join us as we review Restonic materials, construction, health benefits, and more.
  • Relieves pressure points
  • Soothes aches and pains
  • Durable
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Excellent temperature regulation for cool sleep
  • Super Stretch Cover
  • Great option for the heavyset
  • Affordable mid level price
  • No bad feedback of consumer

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In this article, we’ll be exploring Restonic brand mattresses by feature. Read through the review from start to finish, or you can use our table of contents for easy navigation.

#1. Construction

Restonic mattresses feature what is known as Marvelous Middle® technology. This is a patented technology offering 25% extra support in the center region of the mattress. The stabilized center allows for evenly distributed body pressure across the mattress’ surface. The result is excellent lumbar region support and spinal alignment. The Marvelous Middle® process also creates more durable, resilient mattress centers. This protects the mattress against sagging, ultimately prolonging its life. The solid, sturdy build of a Restonic mattress greatly increases the likelihood that it will stand the test of time.The only exceptions are Restonic’s hybrid and innerspring lines, which have suffered some customer complaints regarding alleged poor temperature regulation and weak edge support.

#2. Materials

Outlast® technology represents another of Restonic’s go-to mattress designs. It balances temperature fluctuations all night long, regulating the bed’s micro-climate for optimal REM sleep. As an analogy, think of Outlast® as the ice in a cool drink. As the ice melts, it removes heat, keeping your drink nice and cold. Likewise, Outlast® tech prevents heat from accumulating in a Restonic mattress. Outlast® materials use phase-change properties to regulate temperature, adjusting to the body’s microclimate and providing maximum comfort during the night. This material is actually a product of NASA, so it’s quite remarkable that it is featured in mattresses.

#3. Warranty and Costumer Support

Restonic offers a 15-year warranty for all its products. During that time, any structural defects or other production irregularities may allow customers to exchange the defective product for a new one. The Restonic Customer Care Team is nearly always available to attend to your needs. Their phone-lines are available on weekdays from 8am-4pm, where they will assist with all questions or claims. That being said, it can be a bit difficult to do online comparison shopping due to Restonic’s failure to disclose details like pricing and technical specifications online.

#4. Shipping Policy

Restonic offers free shipping to U.S. residents. The mattresses are shipped in compact boxes for easy handling and storage. Free orders ship within five to eight days of purchase. For a shipping fee, the mattress can arrive within three to five days instead. Once unpacked, Restonic mattresses may need a few days before seeing use. This ensures that your new mattress has time to assume its original size and shape. It also allows any chemical odors to dissipate.

#5. Health Benefits

Restonic beds effectively manage temperature, pressure points, and poor sleeping posture. Overheating, aches, and sleep apnea are mitigated by the company’s mattress technology, making for painless mornings enhanced by quality sleep. Of course, the longer you use a mattress, the more health benefits you can reap from it. The support generated by Restonic’s durable mattress centers means that your mattress will last, and your investment will go a long way.

#6. Advantages

  • Relieves pressure points
  • Soothes aches and pains
  • Durable
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Excellent temperature regulation for cool sleep

#7. Disadvantages

  • Mattress may require some time to expand and dispel odors after unboxing
  • Cannot be flipped for use on the other side
  • Hybrids and innerspring mattresses are less successful at temperature regulation and suffer limited edge support
  • Company does not always disclose full details of mattresses online

FAQs About Restonic Mattress

Question: To enhance longevity, can you flip this mattress? Answer: No, this mattress has a top and bottom side Question: Is it possible to use this product without the box spring? Answer: Yes

Final Thoughts

Restonic mattresses deliver a comfortable night’s sleep with ample back support. They are quite durable, so you will not be back on the mattress market anytime soon after making a satisfactory purchase. The manufacturer gives a 15-year warranty to buyers, covering the cost of any damages inflicted by the company itself. Not all Restonic mattresses are equal, however, and the company does not always make it easy to investigate their mattress stats for comparative shopping. Certain details like pricing and size can be difficult to locate on their website. All in all, we do still favor Restonic as a classic brand with a lot to offer. Check out some of the mattress models below via Amazon!

Restonic Mattress Models

The Restonic mattress has few exclusive models. You can choose from the list below. Restonic ComfortCare Signature Hybrid Imperial Ultra Euro Top Mattress Check Price and Details Restonic Queen Comfort Care Select Cameron Plush Mattress Check Price and Details Restonic Magnolia Euro Top Mattress and Platform Foundation Set Check Price and Details Restonic Imperial Firm Mattress and Platform Foundation Gray/White Check Price and Details Restonic Imperial EuroTop Mattress and Platform Foundation Gray/White Check Price and Details Restonic Cabot Eurotop Queen Mattress with 2 Split Low Profile Flat Foundations Check Price and Details Restonic Cabot Eurotop Queen Mattress

Why Should You Buy This Restonic Mattress Bed?

This mattress gives you comfortable night sleep and support your back continue. The Restonic comes with a unique design. It is durable hence, you will not go back to the market after months of purchase. The manufacturer gives 15-year warranty to buyers. This means  you are covered in case of any damages that interfere with the functionality of the product. This mattress is also absorbs motion, in case you have a partner who moves a lot when sleeping. Also, Restonic mattress price is reasonable. So you can buy this mattress.

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  1. I am looking for a back pain mattress because my back pain was killing me. I think that this mattress will help me ever to relief my body pain. Also Restonic has a good renown in mattress industry. I decide to buy this Restonic mattress from amazon because price is reasonable.

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