The Comprehensive Restonic Mattress Review 2017


What is Restonic Mattress

Restonic Mattress is an entry to mid-level spring mattress that consists of either Bonnell or pocket coil. It has a great comfort layer which includes different types of foams such as memory foam, regular foam, gel-infused memory foam, latex etc. Restonic Mattress is priced of $400-$950. It provides almost all available sizes such as  Twin, Twin X, Full, King, Queen, Cal King etc. Restonic mattress is 100% made in the USA.

Restonic Mattress Review

Restonic Memory Foam Mattress


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Restonic Brio Mattress Reviews

Are you looking for Restonic mattress review that will help you to choose the best mattress? Read our comprehensive Restonic mattress reviews. For many years, we have been selling the Restonic Mattresses, Changing the designs, working with new and improved technology to help improve our product. Our primary aim is to give our client an excellent night’s sleep on a durable mattress and uncompromised quality. Shopping or buying a mattress is not an everyday affair. It happens once in a while. When making the decision on which mattress to buy, we will shop for what is available in the market and then ask our friends to recommend one or two types judging from their experience. Mostly, we find that we make most sales from referral customers.

Every client who walk into any shop to a Restonic Mattress usually has a specific one they are looking for. The good thing is, we also have a wide variety to pick from giving the customer a choice. Usually, each of our mattresses has been designed to cater for a particular need. Are you changing your mattress because the one you have is worn out? Or do you want something different? Or are you having back problems and your doctor has recommended you get an orthopedic mattress? There are so many other questions that we have looked at and based on them; we have designed a mattress with an answer.

In 1987, Restonic Mattresses got the Consumers Best Buys award. This is an award that is given based on Criteria performance easy use, features, quality of construction, warranty, efficiency, styling and service and maintenance requirements.

We also got the Women’s Choice Award. This is an award that is given for consumable products that women recommend to other women to use or buy.

When last did you change your mattress? Five years ago, 10 or is it 20 years? This is a question that many of us never ask ourselves. In fact, we literally forget that a mattress should be changed after a certain period of time. They all come with a warranty period. With all the things that happen to it, it definitely gets lots of wear and tear and will need to be changed.

Sometimes it is our bodies that need a change. Which mattress would you recommend to the track driver? A firm one, isn’t it? As we age, our body tends to sag, and our bones become fragile. We will need a soft yet firm product.

Restonic mattresses have put all these in mind and have come up with the four layer mattress technology. All Rhetoric Mattresses are compressed and are of the high-density mattress. They all use a polyurethane core. This type of core holds the whole mattress, from edge to edge firmly into place. The cover design has spandex making it even more comfortable because when you lie on it, it stretches to your weight without interfering with the firmness.

Our engineers came up with designs using the best and highest quality materials. The designers came up with the designs that would be fit for the standard size beds in the market and the manufacturers turned it to a reality. This has made our product maintain consistency in quality for every product that is put on the market.

After many years of production, we have made understanding the market need our business. We have come up with a wide range of products which include:-

-Hybrid mattresses
-Innerspring mattresses
-Memory foam mattresses
-Latex mattresses

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Each of the above mattresses has its own range of products. Let us look at each individual range.




  • The middle has been made with extra support.
  • Resilient cover that is well ventilated and flexible.
  • A firm casing foam that resists sagging fixed at every edge of the bed.
  • Reinforced cushion support on the whole bed.
  • The gel infused close to the sleeping surface helps regulate the temperature during the night.
  • To buffer pressure points, a added layer of indulgent foam gives a restful night.
  • For added comfort, a cushioning support has been added close to the sleeping surface.
  • Offers all round support, on a flexible and firm surface.
  • A high support that is none quilted.




-It has year round temperature control and wicks away moisture ensuring that you have good nights sleep.
-Made with hand-tufted silk and wool, and a self-encased coil system, it is a luxury mattress.
-Pressure point relief gives you a relaxed and restful night’s sleep.
-Smooth top edges

There is a range of 9 inner spring mattresses which have a few features that are a bit different from each other.


This mattress range has only two types of mattresses

1. Brio – Special features include a layer of latex and tempa gel and the core of true comfort.
2. Healthiest tempa gel – special features include a memory foam infused with gel and a temperature control outlast cooling technology.



These are a wide range of mattresses. The main and common feature include

Temperature control – the technology used was developed by NASA. This makes the microencapsulated material is enclosed and protected by a polymer shell.

-The surface area has latex that is gel infused that controls the temperature at night.
-Latex rejuvenates the body while you sleep.
-Well ventilated and beddings stay fresh.


The three layer foam makes the mattress

-Easy to use, spread the sheets
-The design gives the user a restful night.
-Luxury beds.


-Not easy to choose the right one. They are all good, can create confusion in a buyers mind.
-Moving is not easy because the mattress is too heavy.
-Need a strong base.
-They are expensive.
-It is not eligible for the foreign market.

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The Restoric Mattress review has helped us look into what we have in the market and also helped you look into the choice you have in the market. Our main strength is making mattresses that are able to control the temperatures in the bed when we sleep. Restonic Mattresses will give you comfort.

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Restonic Mattress Overview

Mattress Rating

It is an ideal mattress for an area that experiences low and high-temperature changes in the night. If you live in an area where temperatures fluctuate and increase anyhow this is the mattress to go for. These range of mattresses are of high quality and have been designed and made to make the user be at complete rest while they sleep giving them a restful night’s sleep. Thank you for reading our helpful Restonic mattress review.

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  • Lifespan / Durability
  • Support
  • Conforming Ability
  • Easy to Move on
  • Motion Isolation
  • Edge Support
  • Heavy Person Friendly
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Back Pain Relief
  • Side Sleeping Experience
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