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We’ve discussed all features, performance, quality, pricing and real user details rating in this Saatva Mattress Reviews. The Saatva mattress is one of the reputed mattress brands which has three firmness levels and build with the coil-on-coil system. This mattress is consists of 2 layers of steel coils, a foam encasement, and pillow top. The cover of this mattress is made of with 100% organic cotton and looks beautiful. Saatva provides three types of firmness which are plush soft, luxury firm and firm. The mattress has two common thickness levels, 11.5 inches, and 14.5 inches. It offers almost all sizes of mattresses such as King, Queen, Twin, Full, Cal King etc.


Saatva Mattress

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What You’ll Learn in This Saatva Mattress Reviews

Read our unbiased and comprehensive Saatva mattress reviews to find the best mattress for you. There’s no doubt that Forbes and Inc Magazine had done their homework when they named Saatva as one of the most promising companies and one of the fastest growing companies in 2017 respectively. The hype was right because Saatva is probably the only coil-on-coil mattress enhanced by lumbar support. Individually wrapped coils help respond to your body contour while sleeping while tempered coils prevent sagging over time.

This eco-luxury innerspring mattress is also surprisingly affordable and has a variety of comfort levels. You can choose the plush soft, luxury firm or the firm version of the mattress depending on our preference. Also, Saatva mattresses have two different heights, (11.5’’ and 14.5’’) and even better, you do not have to worry about how you will set it up because the company does that for you upon delivery.

The Saatva mattress is so comfortable that some users have reported using it without any foundation underneath. Honestly, I wouldn’t blame them; the mattress is so firm yet comforting and does not sink excessively considering it is made of both foam and innerspring.

This mattress has a lot of important features that you have to know before buying a new mattress. Few of them are mentioned below.

#1. Construction of Saatva Mattress Deep analysis

Materials of Saatva Mattress

The Saatva mattress has a unique coil-on-coil construction comprising a steel coil-base support layer, individually wrapped coil for the upper layer, dual perimeter edge support, and lumbar support enhancement. Also, the mattress has a euro pillow top that has a bio-based foam covered with organic cotton.

All the materials mentioned above are eco-friendly; the steel is recycled, and the company also introduced a native thistle flame retardant to help prevent the mattress from spreading fires further in the event of one. Saatva also uses no chemicals or formaldehyde so you can be sure you won’t have trouble sleeping due to the strong stench caused by chemicals when making a mattress.

Layers of Saatva Mattress

Most factory mattresses are built wholly from foam; however, Saatva mattresses are made from 2 steel coil layers, a foam encasement, and a unique pillow top. The top layer is designed for comfort and is designed the same way as the Euro-style pillow top. It is made up of organic cotton, which makes it easy to breathe through and soft.

Seeing that the pillow is formed of the same material, it’s not your body that will feel the softness that comes with this mattress but your face as well. The second layer is made up of memory foam and provides lumbar support. The thin layer of foam is placed below the cover and slightly on top of the edge support layer.

The layer is only an inch thick to prevent heat retention and excessive sinkage, which are capable of making you wake up in the morning feeling like you were working the whole night. Its primary purpose is to provide additional lumbar support for the mattress.

The third layer is made up of contour coils wrapped in foam. These individually-encased foam contour coils help shape your body while you sleep and contribute to reducing motion transfer. Since each coil is responsible for making sure that your body stays in shape, the result is excellent support and a comfort regardless of your sleeping position.

The Queen size Saatva mattress has 884 individual coils in total; this feature alone takes this mattress from good to exceptional. The third layer is responsible for comfort and support. The fourth layer is made up of highly contoured hourglass shaped steel coils that help it serve the purpose of the foundation layer.

The Queen size Saatva mattress has 416 coils that help support and keep the mattress in shape. The edge layers are responsible for offering edge support. While most mattresses will concentrate on the middle, Saatva has 5’’ thick poly foam on its edges to provide the best support when sitting or sleeping on the sides. This feature also makes the Saatva mattress durable and comfortable to sit on as opposed to other mattresses.

Cover of Saatva Mattress

I bet you have bought one of those mattresses that have hard and suffocating covers; they can make it hard to have a good night sleep. However, the Saatva mattress uses organic cotton which is not only smooth in texture but also highly breathable. More so, it comes with a Euro-style pillow interleaved under the cover and in line with the edges.

Traditionally, pillows were just sewn atop the mattress; this can make it hard to maintain the shape of the pillow since it doesn’t cover the edges properly. However, the Euro-style pillow not only retains its shape over time but also guarantees longevity. Saatva updated its cover in 2016 and added a tighter quilting pattern at the center of the pillow.

The patterns intent was to create additional lumbar support. Every time you got to sleep, your body covers the midsection of the mattress. If your mattress or pillow does not have proper lumbar support, then your spinal alignment will be affected, and this may cause some problems for you in the future.

#2. Firmness, Motion, Feel, Comfort and Quality of Saatva Mattress

Quality and Foam of Saatva Mattress

If you are looking for a mattress made up entirely of memory foam, the Saatva is not the ideal choice. However, if you are looking for a mattress that will get you feeling like you are sleeping on – rather than – in it, this mattress is the best in that regard. The quality of the Saatva mattress is unrivaled, and not many manufacturers can attest to having mattresses that provide the same comfort as this one.

It may not be made up entirely of foam but is has just the right amount to help support the coils that further support the mattress thereby guaranteeing longevity. This  mattressThis mattressot envelop you when you get on it, but it has enough comfort and smoothness to surpass most foam-only mattresses.

Comfort, Type/Size, and Firmness of Saatva Mattress

Saatva-Mattress-ComfortBy now, there should be little to no doubt concerning how comfortable the Saatva mattress is, but for some people, it’s still not as comfortable. The reason for that finding is because the mattress has small sinkage and will not form a hole for you to fall into, instead, it remains firm making it ideal for people who just like to float on their mattress.

However, that is just the firm category of the mattress. Saatva has two other versions namely plush soft and luxury firm. While the third –firm- may be the hardest, plush soft is ideal if you like to feel enveloped by your mattress.

Luxury soft is used by many hotels across the world and because of some good reasons. First, it is comfortable enough for all types of sleepers; whether you sleep on the side, stomach or back, you are sure to feel the comfort that comes with the luxury soft Saatva mattress. Secondly, it has just the right comfort level for couples and people who change sleeping patterns a lot in their sleep.

The softest Saatva mattress plush soft- has a rating of 3.5 out of ten on the firmness scale with ten representing the most firm mattress. The luxury soft is slightly above the middle at six, and the Saatva firm mattress has a rating of eight out of ten. If firmness is an issue for you, the Saatva mattresses won’t be a problem because you will have these three levels to judge from.

Whatever category you choose, you will feel that this mattress has a naturally refreshing feel from the pillow to the cover. Other than its smooth nature, one thing that will surely please you is its bounce. Saatva mattress has the best bounce, and the hundreds of springs that help make it up are to thank for this great effect.

Motion of Saatva Mattress

Speaking of springs, did you know that mattresses made out of springs and foam have more significant motion transfer than those made entirely out of foam? Don’t get too excited just yet; it’s not that extreme. The contour coils and foam support help decrease motion transfer thereby isolating the mattress’ movement by a significant margin. The individually wrapped coils are separated, so there is no vibration meaning if the mattress is hosting two people, even if one tosses and turns the whole night, the other will sleep comfortably without even noticing the movements.

#3. Longevity of Saatva Mattress

The Saatva mattress is the first innerspring mattress to guarantee longevity in a while. Saatva designed this mattress to last for at least ten years, but if you take proper care of it, it can surpass that period.

#4. Health Benefits of Saatva Mattress

When you purchase this mattress, you get health benefits such as relaxation, movement absorption, spinal alignment, temperature sensitivity, and it’s also suitable for relieving back pains depending on the type you buy.

#5. Maintenance of Saatva Mattress

Saatva mattresses are not designed for flipping; however rotating it at least once a year is highly encouraged. Also, buy Saatva’s foundation since it works amazingly well with the mattress. In case you stain the mattress, use a sponge and soap to clean it off.

#6. Shipping of Saatva Mattress

The company does ship the mattress and even installs it for you if you request it. The shipping cost is very reasonable and usually, takes around 7-15 days. Also, they will take your old mattress and probably recycle some material off it thanks to the eco-friendly nature of the company. However, if you experience any issues with the mattress the company offers support through their customer care portal.

#7. Sizes and Pricing of Saatva Mattress

You can find Saatva mattress on Amazon or use the Saatva mattress store locator to find the closest retailer within your location. A full Saatva mattress is quite an unbelievable price considering the quality embedded in the Saatva mattress. The company offers a 15-year non-prorated warranty on Saatva mattresses with the options of a new one if the one you purchases becomes defective before the first two years.

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#8. Warranty of Saatva Mattress

Also, after three years the company will repair your mattress for free. Also, after purchasing the mattress, you get a 120-nights trial period in which you can get your mattress replaced with a new one if it turns out to be faulty.

#9. Technical Specifications of Saatva Mattress

Size, Weight, and Dimensions

The Saatva mattress comes in two sizes; 11.5 and 14.5 inches. A queen-sized Saatva mattress in the first height class weighs 110 pounds while one in the second class weighs 120 pounds. As far as dimensions go, the twin XL is 38’’ by 80’’ while the queen-size is 60’’ by 80’’.

A king-size Saatva mattress goes for 76’’ by 80’’. It is also wise to note that the price stated above is for the standard Saatva mattress.

Origin and Manufacturer

Saatva is a fast-growing online mattress company in the United States with expert representatives all across the country. It has 18 partner factories that aid in the manufacturing of their mattresses and a very efficient delivery team. The company starts their business in 2010 and handle both production & distribution of its mattresses.

#10. Advantages

  • Cheap; for a quality mattress
  • No intermediaries concerning purchase and delivery
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Nationwide in-home delivery and set up
  • Favorable warranty

#11. Disadvantages

  • Pressure from springs can cause back pains
  • Heavy and thick making it difficult to set up
  • Changes shape after a couple of years
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One thing that I like about Saatva mattresses is the different types the company produces. Whether you want a soft, luxury or firm mattress, Saatva manufactures them all. Also, the coil-on-coil design is an amazing way to ensure that your body does not suffer from excessive heat by maintaining just the right body temperature throughout the night.

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