Mattress Review: Saatva Classic Luxury Innerspring

While Saatva may be better known for its more recent Loom & Leaf memory foam mattress, there is still plenty to be said for the Saatva Classic Luxury Innerspring Mattress. Innerspring mattresses once dominated the bedrooms of homes everywhere, but today’s sleep economy is quite different. Thanks to the rise of memory foam and other developments in the mattress industry, innerspring mattress builds are not as popular as they once were.

In this article, we’ll be covering Saatva’s modern take on an old innerspring standby. Saatva’s name has appeared on Forbes’ lists of most promising and fastest-growing companies. If anyone can make the innerspring model work, it may just be Saatva. Is the Saatva Classic Luxury Innerspring Mattress able to meet your particular sleeping needs? Read through our review to find out! For easy navigation, we have provided a table of contents below.

Saatva Mattress

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What You’ll Learn in This Saatva Mattress Reviews

1. Construction and Cover

The Saatva Classic Luxury Innerspring Mattress is constructed using a unique coil-on-coil design comprised of recycled steel. Most factory mattresses are built wholly from foam, but this model uses two steel coil layers, a foam encasement, and a unique pillow top. Its layers are built and arranged as follows:
  • The top layer is a euro pillow top for substantial cushioning. It is effectively a Euro-style pillow woven beneath an organic cotton cover. A Euro-style pillow retains its shape over time and guarantees longevity. This feature is responsible for the bulk of the mattress’ comfort value.
  • The middle layer is made up of high-quality memory foam for pressure relief and the reduction of aches and pains focused in the lower back region. This is the defining section of the mattress, featuring individually wrapped coils. They provide contouring for a wide range of body shapes, representing some of the most advanced coil technology on the market.
  • The bottom layer is a tempered steel support coil base for durable, long-lasting service and sagging prevention.
All the materials mentioned above are eco-friendly. Saatva mattresses also feature a special flame retardant to mitigate the spread of fires. Saatva doesn’t use chemicals or formaldehyde, so sleepers don’t need to worry about fumes or unwanted odors.

2. Firmness


The Saatva Classic Luxury Innerspring Mattress comes in three variants: Plush-Soft, Luxury-Firm, and Firm. The standard model, Luxury Firm, features very little sinkage. It does not create a divot for the sleeper to fall into, and it is used by hotels across the world. Despite its firmness, this mattress is comfortable enough for all types of sleepers; side, stomach, and back sleepers are equally at home on the Luxury-Firm variant. This mattress is ideal for sleepers who prefer to “float” on their mattress. It rates about a six on our 10-point scale of mattress firmness.

For much the same qualities as this model, but different levels of firmness, sleepers may opt for one of the alternate versions per their sleeping needs. The Plush-Soft rates about a 3.5, while the Firm ranks at a solid eight. All three versions of the Saatva Classic Luxury Innerspring Mattress possess great bounce, thanks to their large quantities of spring coils.

3. Motion Isolation

Couples who share a bed should always consider motion transfer as they select a mattress. Mattresses made from springs typically feature more significant levels of motion transfer than their memory foam cousins. However, in the case of the Saatva Classic Luxury Innerspring Mattress, the interior contour coils and foam work admirably to decrease motion transfer. In fact, they isolate mattress motion by a significant margin beyond average innerspring mattresses.

The individually wrapped coils are separated, meaning that the standard coil vibration doesn’t transfer from sleeper to sleeper when one partner shifts, even if one of them tosses and turns the whole night.


4. Health Benefits

The firm coil support of this mattress relieves back aches, granting superior sleep quality and brightening mornings. Its movement absorption also contributes to good sleep, which is a health factor that should never be underestimated. Its eco-friendly components mean that sleepers won’t be inhaling dangerous fumes or harsh odors during the night. The firmer variants of the mattress also conduce to proper spinal alignment as sleepers lie down.

5. Maintenance

Sometimes, mattress owners can extend the lifetime of a mattress through routine flipping maintenance. Saatva mattresses are generally not designed to be flipped, but rotating your Saatva Classic Luxury Innerspring Mattress at least once per year is strongly encouraged.

Rather than using any old box spring, it is best to go with Saatva’s provided bed foundation for its compatibility with the company’s mattresses. This is basically passive maintenance, but it will extend the functional lifespan of your mattress by a healthy amount. Cleaning needs are not anything too intense; just use a sponge, soap, and water to spot-clean any stains that may occur.


6. Shipping

You can find Saatva mattresses on Amazon or use the Saatva website’s mattress store locator to find your nearest retailer. Saatva ships their product to you for a modest fee. This process usually takes one to two weeks, but a major bonus of purchasing from Saatva is that on arrival, they will set the mattress up for you. Not only that, but they’ll take your old mattress and recycle it. This is above and beyond what most companies are willing to do. If your mattress hunt comes down to a Saatva-brand mattress vs. a competitor’s product, this can really tip the scale in Saatva’s favor.

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7. Trial and Warranty

Saatva offers a 120-day trial period, which is just a bit longer than those offered by most mattress companies. This will be ample time for sleepers to familiarize themselves with the mattress and determine whether it’s a fit.

They also provide a 15-year non-prorated warranty. Within this period, during the first two years, they will replace a mattress at no cost to the owner. As with most warranties, this is only in the event that the mattress is found to possess factory defects. During the latter 13 years, the company will repair and re-cover the mattress, charging a transportation fee of $99 each way.

8. Technical Specifications

The Luxury Firm variant of the Saatva Classic Luxury Innerspring Mattress comes in two sizes with the following dimensions:


  • 11.5 inches thick
  • 110 lb.
  • 60” x 80”

Twin XL

  • 14.5 inches thick
  • 120 lb.
  • 38” x 80”

9. About the Company

Saatva is a fast-growing online mattress company in the United States with representatives across the country. Its 18 partner factories aid in the manufacture of their mattresses, and the Saatva delivery team prides itself on fast service. Their online business began in 2010, and it handles both the production and distribution of its mattresses.

10. Advantages

  • Fair price
  • Better motion isolation than average innerspring mattresses
  • No intermediaries during purchase and delivery
  • Made with eco-friendly materials
  • Nationwide in-home delivery and setup
  • Great warranty after two years

11. Disadvantages

  • Pressure from springs can cause back pains
  • Changes shape after a couple of years

Final Thoughts

So what do we think of the Saatva Classic Luxury Innerspring Mattress? It is offered in a number of different versions ranging from plush to firm, meeting a wider range of sleeper needs than most mattresses of a single type. The in-home setup of the mattress is a pretty great deal, although it doesn’t actually pertain to mattress quality.

For sleepers who dislike memory foams and other more recent developments in sleep accessories, this is one of the best innerspring units you will find. Their unique coil-on-coil design provides better comfort and support than the competition. In an industry dominated by foam technology, this mattress is proof that there is still something to be said for the old ways.


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