Serta Cypress Double Sided Innerspring Futon Mattress Review

This Serta Cypress Double Sided Innerspring Futon Mattress provides you sleeping comfort to the next level. Serta Cypress Futon Mattress is among the few renowned brands that you can count on. So, We provide an in-depth review covering the features and benefits that make this mattress top rated in revolutionizing your sleep.

  • Surprisingly light
  • Superior Comfort
  • Foam and Fiber Cover
  • Medium Support
  • More resilient and more comfortable
  • Not very cheap

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Features of Serta Cypress Double Sided Innerspring Futon Mattress

  • Construction
  • Layers
  • Cover
  • Firmness and Support
  • Comfort Level
  • Comfort and Support
  • The Feel
  • Durability
  • Health Benefits
  • Warranty
  • Shipping and Handling
  • Technical Specifications
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • FAQs

#1. Construction

The construction of Serta Cypress Duct full futon mattress is one of a kind. It boasts a state of the art design aimed at taking comfort level high. By having a three-layered design and an integrated innerspring core, the construction provides unmatched comfort than any other brand on the market today. Many customers continue to praise the construction of this mattress and testifying how it has changed their sleeping experience.

#2. Layers

The Serta Cypress has an incredible thickness of 8 inches. This thickness has been targeted towards providing many years of comfort. Furthermore, this thickness accommodates people who are overweight without compromising is thickness. By being constructed with three layers of heavy weight cotton fiber blend that surround the innerspring unit and the foam, this mattress enhances superior comfort while remaining durable.

#3. Cover

The cover boasts a premium design which boosts the mattress’s level of comfort. The cover features a full design which protects the whole mattress from taking the level of comfort to another level. On the other hand, this cover is machine washable and easily removable thereby allowing you to maintain the highest level of hygiene. It is a natural duck cover that measures 54 by 75 inches which fit snuggly on the mattress without skidding or slipping over.

#4. Firmness and Support

The moment you will get this Serta Cypress Duct full futon mattress, all the stresses will be over. Due to the innovative design of this mattress, you will experience ample support combined with comfort. It provides firmness that corresponds to your body weight. Besides, the foam padding allows it to remain resilient. Unlike other hard mattresses, this one conforms to your body contours giving you maximum relaxation.

#5. Comfort Level

Through the excellent combination of materials, this Serta mattress provides unmatched comfort. Apparently, the mattress features a combination of selected grades of cotton materials and polyester fibers to produce a unique upholstery. This upholstery outperforms all traditional cotton batting giving you a new taste of comfort. Further, the Serta futon features a 4 inches spring unit which increases more of a bounce to this incredible mattress.

#6. Comfort and Support

You need no guesswork when it comes to comfort and support while in your bed. That said, Serta futon mattress features a total of three layers of superior support and comfort. With the enhanced medium support, you have all the support that you need. Besides, the use of a memory form in the construction ensures that the mattress can accommodate your weight for a very long time without flattening. Also, the top layer allows stretching mechanism which allows the body to relax as the mattress conforms to the body shape.

#7. The Feel

When you are on this Serta Cypress Futon Mattress, the atmosphere changes. You will feel like you are floating in the air due to the comfort that it provides. The top layer is soft and massages your body nicely so that you sleep stress-freely just like an infant. The breathability of this mattress is an important feature that enhances a soothing feeling. With this mattress, you won’t experience unnecessary sweating or fatigue. Thanks to the premium construction that puts comfort level as a top priority.

#8. Durability

Apart from comfort aspects of this mattress, it also pledges to serve you for many years. Thanks to the state of the art design that features heavy duty and resilient layers. The bottom of this mattress is particularly hard to enhance a good shape. The memory foam layer can retain a great shape even after extended use.

#9. Health Benefits

No doubt with this one. Sleeping comfortably ensures a fresh mind and consequently, a healthy body. Also, this Serta Cypress duct futon mattress frees you from back pain associated with other low rated mattresses. The three layers are well integrated to enable the mattress to conform to the body contours and increase breathability. This allows your body to relax without fatigue or excessive sweating. Regarding this aspect, the materials used in its construction are free of harmful chemicals. So, this mattress doesn’t pose any health danger but instead promotes your overall health.

#10. Warranty

When it comes to checking for durability, one thing you must be sure is the warranty on the product. Fortunately, Serta Cypress Duct full futon mattress boasts a great warranty that assures excellent quality. However, the mattress comes with a brochure that states what’s and what’s not covered based on what’s regarded as a manufacturing defect.

#11. Shipping and Handling

There won’t be any shipping challenges if you are living in USA mainland. This product boasts free shipping in a nicely packaged cargo that’s easy to transport. The shipping usually takes two to three days after making an order. Also, there may be some additional sales taxes in various states.

#12. Technical Specifications

  • Item weight: 56 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 75 by 53 x 8 inches
  • Country of Manufacture: USA
  • Manufacturer: Wolf Corporation

#13. Advantages

  • Boasts great breathability and moderate firmness
  • Three layered for comfort, support, and durability
  • It doesn’t contain harmful chemicals
  • Great size
  • Reasonable prices, affordable to anyone

#14. Disadvantages

  • Produces a bit of scent
  • Quite bulky for portability

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Q: How thick is the mattress?

A: It measures 8 inches

Q: Does the mattress produce odors?

A: Yes, it produces a bit of some friendly scents

Q: Does the mattress cool the body?

A: Yes, it has some cooling foams to keep your body cool and fresh

Why Buy This Mattress?

There is a thousand reason why to buy this mattress. Among them are the comfort features and durability. Also, it fits different climates due to the cooling features it possesses. The soft feel and the medium firmness are due to the excellent material blend and the unique design. So, the main reason to buy this mattress is to find a mattress that outshines and outlasts all other brands.


As a summary and a call for action, this Serta futon mattress is the best way to curb sleepiness. It is the right mattress to buy because it will provide maximum performance due to its robust construction. It is fit for people with different health conditions and remains durable and highly-performing for years. Besides. It is reasonably priced to fit everyone’s budget.

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