The Ultimate Serta Mattress Review – Is It Worthy Still Buying

We’ve in-depth analysis of all features, real users feedback, details ratings in this Serta mattress reviewThe Serta is the most significant mattress brand in the United States.  This mattress is a wide variety of innovatively designed to help you get a more pleasant night’s sleep. Serta has a sound reputation for comfort, quality, and value around the world, especially in the USA.

They offer mainly four types of mattresses – innerspring, gel-infused memory foam, hybrid mattress, and latex mattress. Serta provides almost all available sizes such as King, Queen, Twin, Full, Cal King etc. Here we describe Serta 14-inch Gel-Memory Foam Mattress review.

  • Relieve painful pressure points
  • Evenly distributes weight
  • Enhanced airflow and breathability
  • Optimal sleep temperature
  • Proper spinal alignment and reduces tossing and turning
  • Expensive

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All Features Analysis Of Serta Mattress Review

Serta memory foam mattress is a popular and widely-known mattress brand. Mattress provides you the best night’s sleep. It enables you to wake up feeling rejuvenated and rested. The 14-inch memory foam mattress gives you a medium feel. The mattress has 4 layers. The top layer consists of gel memory foam delivers superior support as you sleep. The superior support is due to the exclusive gel beads in the gel memory foam. The four layers of this mattress are unique. They are there to work together in order to deliver support and comfort. Follow the important features of the mattress below.

#1. Construction of Serta Mattress

Layers of Serta Mattress

The Serta memory foam mattress consists of 4 unique layers. This, as a result, helps it to respond together to deliver top-notch support and comfort.

  • The first layer which is 1- inch. The top layer consists of gel memory foam. This gives you cradling and cool comfort. It gives you superior support due to the aid of the exclusive gel beads incorporated in this layer.
  • The second layer is 2-inch and consists of premium open cell memory foam. This offers you extra comfort as well as cushioning as you sleep. This is the layer that evens out weight distribution.
  • The third layer of this mattress is 3-inch. It is a layer that has ActivAir foam. It is critical as it enhances airflow as well as breathability. Therefore, this mattress has been made in such a way that there is adequate aeration. The last but not least layer is 8-inch.
  • This base layer enhances the period of time that you will be served by this great mattress. It is made with support foam for lasting durability as well as stability. Therefore, this is the reason why the Serta Gel-Memory Foam Mattress serves you for a prolonged period of time. The foam that makes this mattress is made in the United States of America.

Serta Mattress Layers

Cover of Serta Mattress

Are you one of those individuals who love accessorizing your home? Well… dressing up a mattress creates a lot of fun. The mattress cover is a critical accessory. One of the reasons why it is important is the fact that it protects your investment. Since you want your Serta mattress to remain clean and in good condition, you should consider having a cover. You can have a waterproof option which will keep spills from destroying your mattress.

Serta Mattress Cover


#2. Firmness, Motion, Feel, Comfort and Support of Serta Mattress

Firmness of Serta Mattress

This Serta mattress can be described as having a medium firm feel. This means that it is firm but soft. If you are sleeping with a partner who loves firm mattresses while you love soft ones, this mattress will be a great compromise. It is neither plush nor very firm. It comes with a super solid feel but offers just enough in the right places. No more waking up with neck and backaches as well as hurting hips.

Serta Mattress Firmness

Motion of Serta Mattress

This is a feature which is important to consider when you are buying a mattress. Motion isolation should be considered when a mattress is going to be shared by more than one person. If you have a partner who will share a bed with you, this is the time to consider motion isolation. It should be couple friendly in such a way that movement is localized. The Serta memory foam mattress has decent motion isolation. This implies that you cannot disturb a sleeping partner as movement localized.

Support and Comfort of Serta Mattress

Turning and tossing is the main cause of poor sleep at night. With the Serta memory foam mattress, turning and tossing are drastically reduced. Your body weight is evenly distributed and pressure points are reduced significantly. This only gives you superior support as well as comfort as you rest. Ultimate support and comfort are further enhanced by the 4 unique layers of this mattress. This is because all layers respond together to give you superior comfort and support

#3. Durability/Longevity of Serta Mattress

Durability is a critical feature to consider when you are buying a new mattress. This is because it is the translation of how long the mattress will serve you before you go back to the market. Mattresses are different as they feature different life spans. With time every mattress starts feeling less comfortable than they were original. This happens because comfort material layers lose resiliency as well as their comfort.

With Serta Memory Foam Mattress, you do not have to worry about going back to the market soon. This is because the quality and quantity of its material prolong its service. The quantity and quality of this mattress help it retain its original comfort. Its long lasting ability is highly promoted by the base layer. This is the layer at the bottom part of the mattress, which is 8-inch. It has the support foam that gives long lasting durability as well as stability.

#4. Health Benefit of Serta Mattress

All mattresses are not the same quality and fit for your health. So, We discussed on health benefit terms in this Serta mattress review. The Serta is one of the famous mattresses that designed to relieve pressure points. This means that by the time you wake up, you are always rejuvenated and relaxed. With the pressure points being relieved it minimizes turning and tossing in bed. With this mattress, you can be able to get the proper spinal alignment. This way, you do not suffer from backaches by the time you wake up.

Serta Mattress Health Benefits

The mattress has designed in such a way that it conforms to your body shape. This means that it adjusts to your body. This offers you great support in areas of your body where you need it most. To relieve the pressure points that are painful, this mattress evenly distributes your weight making you feel relaxed. The mattress has no initial odor that you will witness after opening the delivery box. This means that the mattress is not toxic as no harmful compounds are released into the air. Therefore, the probability of suffering from allergies, toxic buildup, and breathing issues is negligible.

#5. Sleep Experience Discussion in Serta Mattress Review

We share real user sleeping experience in this Serta mattress review. The latest and most advanced technology used to design this mattress. Therefore, the features of this mattress work together to deliver an ultimate sleeping experience. Sleeping experienceThere are traditional memory foams that are associated with retention of heat as you sleep. Heat retention causes sleep disturbances all through the night. Unlike such mattresses, this one has open cell memory foam.

It, therefore, offers superior airflow, long-lasting durability, and optimal support. The third layer which is 3-inch has ActivAir foam which enhances breathability of the mattress. Therefore, aeration is an aspect that has been well taken care of. This enhances the overall sleep experience as you do not feel hot when sleeping. On this mattress, you rarely turn and toss and your sleep is usually more restful. With most people reporting efficient sleep from this mattress, sleep quality and experience is usually above average.

#6. Maintenance of Serta Mattress

You should take great care of a new mattress in order to get the best from it for the coming years. Maintaining this mattress is simple and easy. That’s why no special care needed. To ensure that stains and spills will not harm your mattress, you can have a liquid resistant mattress protector on it. This will maintain the integrity of the mattress foam and fabric. With this high-quality mattress, you do not need to flip or rotate it in order to even out wear. You do not need to clean this mattress regularly. However, when you do, all you need is a mild detergent and warm water. Before having the sheets back ensure that mattress is completely dry. Therefore, you do not need to rob a bank in order to buy special cleaning fluids for this mattress. This is why it is simple and easy to maintain.

Serta Mattress Maintenance


#7. Shipping, and Warranty of Serta Mattress Review

Shipping of Serta Mattress

There are zero extra shipping charges applying while shipping it alone. The shipping weight of this mattress is 129 pounds. The delivery period is within 1-3 months from the day you order it. This depends on the point you are on the earth’s surface. There is also the option for free shipping, but this depends on the terms of the retailer. It comes with top-notch performance and therefore, any penny of your hard earned money is worth it. With this price, the mattress can be an entry to the mid-level mattress.

Warranty of Serta Mattress

You will know all about the warranty in this Serta mattress review.The purpose of a warranty is to give full mattress satisfaction to the customer. It protects the buyer from manufacturing defects. This ensures that they do not suffer financial loss after buying the product. For products that feature high quality, the warranty period is long. With Serta mattress, when you buy your mattress, it comes with a warranty card. This card defines covered and what is not. It defines what the manufacturer terms as manufacturing defects and what is beyond that. Personal comfort is outside what is covered.

This is because of personal comfort is subjective, unique and personal. This particular mattress features a 20-year limited warranty. Depending on where you have bought the mattress, there are retailers that offer trial periods. This means that you can return the mattress and exchange for a new one if you feel unmatched. This is specific to retailers and so you should consult with yours. This will help to familiarize with their policy and you will learn what options you have.

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#8. Size and Pricing of Serta Mattress Review

There are various types and sizes of a mattress. Some of the types and sizes of mattresses include twin, king, queen, full or California king. The size of the Serta gel memory foam mattress is California King.

#9. Technical Specifications of Serta Mattress

  • Size: California King
  • Weight: 111.6 pounds
  • Dimension: 84 x 72 x 14 inches
  • Origin: USA
  • Manufacturer: Serta

#10. Advantages

  • The mattress is firm that solution of  your back pain
  • The mattress is of high quality
  • No odor, therefore friendly to sensitive people
  • Couple friendly
  • Very comfortable and supportive
  • Gets rid of backaches

#11. Disadvantages

  • It might take a long time to fully flatten it once bent for a long time.
  • This mattress is heavy and it needs more than one person to lift it up.

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