Mattress Review: Serta 14” Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Serta may be the most prominent mattress brand in the United States. Their innovative mattresses range widely across the spectrum of form and function. Serta has a reputation for comfort, quality, and value around the world. In 1931, the company began offering its first mattress, the Perfect Sleeper®. 

For this reason, Serta considers itself a pioneer in comfort, and they’re not wrong. Their iComfort® Sleep System was another industry breakthrough with its gel memory foam technology, an asset that was relatively new on the market at the time. The modern Serta mainly offers four types of mattresses – innerspring, gel-infused memory foam, hybrid, and latex. Today, we’ll be reviewing the Serta 14” Gel Memory Foam Mattress. Read through our article start to finish, or navigate using the table of contents below.

  • Relieves painful pressure points
  • Excellent support and durability from the substantial base foam layer
  • Relieves various aches, particularly those in the back region
  • Good motion isolation means it is couple-friendly
  • Shipping time is lengthier than is typical
  • Excels as a one-size-fits-all bed, but may fail to accommodate sleepers with more extreme needs

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#1. Construction

The Serta 14” Gel Memory Foam Mattress consists of four unique layers that work together to achieve high levels of comfort and support. The layers are as follows:

  • The top layer is one inch of gel memory foam, cradling the sleeper in cool comfort. The gel beads in this layer enhance support and facilitate the cooling process to prevent sleepers from overheating.
  • The second layer is two inches thick and consists of premium open cell memory foam. This layer offers extra comfort and cushioning throughout the night. This is also the layer that contributes the most to even weight distribution.
  • The third layer of this mattress is three inches thick. It features a special material called ActivAir foam. This layer works to enhances airflow and breathability through proper aeration. 
  • At the base of the mattress is a full eight inches of support foam. This layer is important not only for the stability and longevity of your Serta mattress, but the incredible support it provides the sleeper.


Serta Mattress Layers

Serta Mattress Cover


#2. Quality


The Serta 14” Gel Memory Foam Mattress is about medium-firm, meaning that it rides the line between soft and firm. Couples with different firmness preferences may find this mattress an effective compromise, as it is neither too soft nor too firm. This is a common firmness level found in many hotels, and it tends to work well for sleepers with back pain while relieving hip and shoulder pressure.

Serta Mattress Firmness

Motion Isolation

This is one of the most important features to evaluate for couples exploring the mattress market. One person shifting or turning in bed can lead to restless nights for the other. Motion isolation is a measure of how effectively a mattress localizes motion, leaving sleepers undisturbed by each other’s nightly movements. The Serta 14” Gel Memory Foam Mattress has fairly decent motion isolation. Mattress movement will be mostly localized to the shifting sleeper.


Support generally refers to how well a mattress manages a person’s body weight. A mattress that evenly distributes weight across its interior support system is considered highly supportive. Without good support, pressure points develop, leading to uncomfortable shifting during the night, as well as aches and pains in the morning. 

Tossing and turning is a leading cause of poor nightly sleep, making support a crucial factor in mattress evaluation. The Serta 14” Gel Memory Foam Mattress boasts a strong support system created by the interworking of its four layers. This drastically reduces tossing and turning. During the night, the sleeper’s body weight is evenly distributed and pressure points are significantly reduced.

#3. Durability & Longevity

Durability is generally a measure of how well your mattress holds up to prolonged use. It will basically inform a sleeper’s expectations of mattress lifespan. Ideally, a mattress will serve adequately for many years before it can no longer meet your sleeping needs. Layers of comfort material lose resiliency over time, and every mattress eventually begins losing its ability to provide comfortable sleep. 

The Serta 14” Gel Memory Foam Mattress is highly durable, featuring a substantial base support layer that prolongs its lifespan beyond that of the average mattress. Of course, in general, a mattress should be cared for and used properly, and that includes this one. To get the most out of your mattress, treat it with care — it will serve you for years to come.

#4. Health Benefits

The Serta 14” Gel Memory Foam Mattress is designed to relieve pressure points. This is a major plus for sleepers suffering joint and muscle aches. Relief of pressure points also limits tossing and turning in bed, leading to improved sleep and more energy during the day The proper spinal alignment offered by this mattress’ solid support system is another health factor. The Serta 14” Gel Memory Foam Mattress conduces to a good night’s sleep, which makes for an excellent remedy.

Serta Mattress Health Benefits

#5. Maintenance

Maintaining your Serta mattress is simple and easy. Protect it with a liquid-resistant mattress cover to prevent stains or unpleasant odors. This will also maintain the integrity of the foam and fabric for continued quality use. Unlike some other mattresses, occasional rotation is not required to prevent excessive localized wear. 

Cleaning is rarely required with this Serta mattress, but when the time comes, all you need is a mild detergent and warm water. Scrub the mattress gently and let it dry completely before replacing the sheets.

Serta Mattress Maintenance

#6. Shipping and Warranty


The delivery period for this mattress is approximately one-to-three months, beginning on the day you order it. Depending on the terms of the retailer, shipping is sometimes free. This is a longer wait with potential costs involved, compared to the much shorter shipping periods of other companies, which often provide their shipping free of charge.


Warranties exist to provide customer protection against manufacturing defects. A lengthy warranty is usually a good thing, and it indicates manufacturer confidence in the product. Serta mattresses come with a 20-year warranty, and the company provides a warranty card that defines coverage for the buyer. Usually, the warranty will not cover buyer-induced damage or similar mishaps.

Some retailers offer trial periods during which you may return a mattress for any reason, exchanging it for a new mattress. This is particular to the individual retailer, so always consult yours for a clear impression of the trial period return policy.

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#7. Advantages

  • Excellent support from a substantial base foam layer
  • Relieves various aches, particularly those in the back region
  • Good motion isolation means it is couple-friendly

#8. Disadvantages

  • It might take a long time to fully flatten it once bent for a long time.
  • This mattress is heavy and it needs more than one person to lift it up.

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Final Thoughts:

The Serta 14” Gel Memory Foam Mattress provides top-quality support with solid motion isolation, versatility, and important health benefits. Maintaining it is easy, and combining this with its inherent durability, you have a mattress of great longevity. Its emphasis on the reduction of pressure is as good as you will find in any mattress. 

On the other hand, the shipping time is lengthy and it’s a kind of jack-of-all-trades bed. It will suit most people fairly well, but not if you need an extremely soft or firm mattress. Serta is a reliable company with a history of quality production, and this is another admirable product from their line.

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