Serta Perfect Sleeper Canyon Ridge Queen Firm Mattress Review

Serta Perfect Sleeper Canyon Ridge Queen Firm Mattress is one of the mattresses that display an amazing combination of Serta’s long experience and the most modern technology. It does this in a high-quality space. As a result, most sleepers easily adapt to this mattress. It comes at a reasonable price despite its quality. Below is a Serta Perfect Sleeper Canyon Ridge Queen Firm Mattress Review.

Features of Serta Perfect Sleeper Canyon Ridge Queen Firm Mattress

#1. Construction

This mattress has four layers. The first layer is the European-style pillow top. This layer is known as SmartSurface, and it has MicroSupport Gel. The purpose of this layer is to offer pressure relief comfort. It also gives therapeutic back support. There is the heat dissipation technology in this layer as well, and this maintains a balanced temperature for sleeping.

The second layer is designed to release body heat efficiently. It consists Cool Twist Gel Memory Foam. A layer of extra deep soft memory foam is the third one. It cradles the sleeper’s body. The underlying layer is the TrueSense oil spring layer. This layer enhances motion isolation, comfort, air flow and complete back support.

#2. Cover

The cover of this mattress is the top layer that relieves pressure. As a result, it gives you great comfort when sleeping. The cover also removes heat from your body, giving you the right temperature to for a restful sleep.

#3. Firmness and Support

This mattress comes with a medium firmness that gives comfort to individuals who are looking for mattresses that are soft. If you need adequate back support to remedy chronic back pain, this is the mattress for that purpose. It is ideal for side sleepers who are in need of neck and spinal support.

#4. Comfort Level

This mattress is one of the most comfortable on the market. Its top layer is very soft to enhance comfort to the sleeper. At the same time, the memory foam is soft enough to cradle the user. It helps the side sleepers especially because their torso does not lean backward or forward. This way, you get a painless morning and a productive day ahead.

#5. Comfort and Support

For back sleepers, this is one of the best investments that you can have. This is because your spinal is supported in the right way. The technology used to combine this mattress, offers optimal support level, while still keeping you comfortable.

#6. Feel

This mattress is very soft to the touch. From the moment you lie on it, the cover soothes you to sleep. The layer beneath the cover also supports your weight softly. The mattress conforms to the shape of your body, giving you a good, peaceful sleep.

#7. Durability

This mattress is of high quality. It has excellent manufacturing technology that ensures long-lasting. According to the manufacturer, this product is usable for 20 years and above. To guarantee this, a matching warranty of 20 years is given to complement the lifespan. Additionally, typical coil mattresses are usable for at least 15 years. Therefore, the Serta Perfect Sleeper Canyon Ridge Queen Firm Mattress might last 33% longer than the standard coil mattresses.

#8. Health Benefits

A mattress that takes care of your health is one of the best. With this Canyon Ridge Queen Firm Mattress, your health is a priority. Spinal alignment is enhanced for back sleepers. For side sleepers, the torso is taken care of to prevent neck pains. The mattress has no off-gassing, and therefore, you have a quality indoor environment.

#9. Warranty

A 20-year warranty came to the Canyon Ridge mattress. In the case of any inconvenience within this time, the company will replace or repair the product upon request. However, the warranty becomes void when electric blankets are used.

#10. Shipping and Handling

This product ships smartly. It is well-packaged to deliver in good condition. After delivery, you are requested to keep it for 48 hours before use. This helps to get it to its original shape and size.

#11. Technical Specifications

  • Size: Queen
  • Weight: 70 pounds
  • Dimension: 75 x 53 x 15 inches
  • Origin: USA
  • Manufacturer: Serta

#12. Advantages

  • Great motion isolation
  • Competitive price
  • Durable
  • Advanced technology

#13. Disadvantages

  • A little delicate
  • Requires a frame or foundation

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Question: Do you need a mattress pad to use on this mattress?

Answer: No. However, use of mattress pads does not make the mattress warranty void

Question: do you use a bed foundation or frame?

Answer: the manufacturer needs the mattress to have a foundation or a frame.

Why Should You Buy?

There are numerous reasons why you should consider investing in this mattress. One of the reasons is that it has great motion isolation. This function executes excellently. Therefore, if you partner moves a lot during sleep, this will not interfere with you. There are also a lot of health benefits that you get from this mattress. It is durable, and this implies that you will not go back to the market after a few years or months of purchase.


According to this Serta Perfect Sleeper Canyon Ridge Queen Firm Mattress Review, this product is worth your money. This is because it is a mattress that addresses most sleep issues that face most sleepers. The fact that it maintains optimum temperature for sleepers is a plus. If you are a side or back sleeper, this is an ideal mattress for you.

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