Signature Sleep 13-Inch Independently Encased Coil Mattress Review

Signature 13-Inch Independently-Encased Coil Mattress is a pillowtop pocket coil mattress from Signature Sleep. This mattress gives you exceptional support, superior comfort, and uninterrupted night sleep. Also, The 13-inch mattress packs high-quality features which makes it one of the top rated mattresses available on the market. Read this comprehensive Signature Sleep 13 Inch mattress reviews below.

  • Soft Bamboo Mattress Cover
  • Durable
  • Excellent moisture absorbance
  • Equal weight distribution
  • Prevent motion disturbance
  • Mid level price

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Features of Signature Sleep Signature 13-Inch Independently-Encased Coil Mattress

  • Construction
  • Layers
  • Comfort and Support 
  • Compatible with Multiple Beds 
  • CertiPUR-US Certified 
  • Shipping and Handling
  • Technical Specifications
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • FAQs

#1. Construction

The 13-inch mattress contains 10” durable independently encased coils. Also, It provides equal weight distribution by contouring to your body curvature. And, Unbelievably comfortable 1-inch foam pillow for comfort and high-density foams which add support and relieves pressure on your head, neck, shoulder, back, hips, legs, and feet.

#2. Layers

The 13-inch mattress comes with several layers. And, These layers are designed to offer support, softness and ultimate comfort for blissful sleep each night.

  • A durable, premium super soft bamboo cover that’s extra breathable. It absorbs moisture, creating a dry and resilient sleep surface.
  • Comfort foam pillow top which adds an additional layer of plush foam, promoting comfort.
  • Peace of mind fire-retardant barrier.
  • 4-layers of high-density support foam that provides a superior edge to edge sleep support.
  • Cushioning comfort insulation pad that helps deliver pressure relieving comfort.
  • High performance independently encased coil system which provides optimal support and helps eliminate motion transfer.

#3. Comfort and Support 

Signature Sleep Signature 13-Inch Independently-Encased Coil Mattress features a lavish layer of memory foam on the pillow top that conforms to your body contour. Also, It provides you with excellent comfort. And, This layer also comes with 3 zones of pressure relieving comfort which provide you with optimal support and help you sleep soundly. The 3 zones include:

  • Head and Neck: Lets you maintain proper sleep posture by delivering optimal comfort.
  • Lower Back and Hip: Offers targeted support to keep your spine in its natural position.
  • Lower Legs and Feet: Provides you with soft support for lighter areas of the body.

#4. Compatible with Multiple Beds 

The mattress works on various surfaces such as bunk beds, platform beds, box springs beds, daybeds, sofa beds, trundles, and futons. And, For proper fit, it’s recommended that you always reference the dimensions of the mattress to the surface it’s supposed to be laid on.

#5. CertiPUR-US Certified 

Foams used to design Signature 13” Coil mattress are of the highest quality. Also, They have been tested and confirmed to be low in VOC emissions for indoor air quality, (less than 0.5PPM) and free of TDCPP, TCEP or PDBDEs flame retardants, formaldehyde, ozone depleters, mercury, lead or other heavy metals. Also, The Signature Sleep Mattress also meets federal flammability standard 16CFR 1633 for your safety and peace of mind while you’re asleep.

#6. Shipping and Handling

Just like all Signature Sleep Mattresses, they ship the 13-inch mattress to your doorstep in a single box, compressed, rolled and vacuum sealed for your convenience. Therefore, upon delivery, you need to follow the following instructions to set it up.

  • Place the box that comes with the mattress on a flat surface within your bedroom and carefully pull the 13-inch mattress out.
  • Use scissors to carefully cut the outer bag along the seams, without cutting the plastic bag inside. Hence, You can roll the compressed mattress onto a clean surface.
  • Carefully cut the plastic bag along the edges to remove the mattress. Hence, Your mattress will start expanding.

Note that the comfortable coil mattress fluffs out in a matter of hours. You can even sleep on it on the same night you receive your order. However, the manufacturer recommends that you should allow 48 hours for the mattress to fully expand to its size.

#7. Technical Specifications

  • Origin: China
  • Manufacturer: Signature Sleep
  • Age Group: Adult
  • Mattress Type: Innerspring Mattress
  • Comfort Level: Plush
  • Firmness: Plush
  • Color Category: Off-White

Size, Dimensions, and Weight

  • Full: 54” x 75” x 13,” 77 pounds
  • Queen: 60” x 80” x 13,” 79.6 pounds
  • King: 76” x 80” x 13,” 130 pounds

#8. Advantages

  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Offered at an affordable price.
  • No unpleasant smell when unboxing the mattress.
  • Comfortable and supportive.
  • Looks sturdy and always remain “quiet.”
  • The edge support is excellent.

#9. Disadvantages

  • A few customers have complained that the mattress is heavy, but which premium mattress isn’t?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Is this mattress durable? 

A. It’s a fact that independently encased mattresses last longer than other types of mattresses. Signature Sleep Signature 13-Inch Independently-Encased Coil Mattress is built to offer durability and lasting comfort since its coils are cushioned between multiple layers of foam.

Q. Does the mattress eliminate motion disturbance? 

The 10-inch independently encased coils don’t only help to relieve pressure points but also prevent motion disturbance for uninterrupted sleep. So, if you have a restless partner who tosses and turns while asleep, the 23-inch mattress is all you need to start enjoying a good night’s sleep.


No matter your sleep style, back, stomach or side, Signature Sleep Signature 13-Inch Independently-Encased Coil Mattress can be your perfect pick. With a lot of fantastic customer ratings on Amazon, it’s evident that many users love this 13-inch mattress. Place your order on this luxurious mattress today to start enjoying a relaxed night sleep from the very night you receive your package.

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