Simmons Beauty Rest Recharge Hybrid Plush Air Cool Gel Mattress Review

Simmons Beauty Rest is among the well-known bedding companies in the industry. The company is quite challenging to understand because of its complexity. It not only designs various models for their customers but also creates variations within models to match the needs of various sleepers. Below is a Simmons Beauty Rest Recharge Hybrid Plush Air Cool Gel Mattress Review that discusses one of their best products.

Features of Simmons Beauty Rest Recharge Hybrid Plush Air Cool Gel Mattress

#1. Construction

For perfect support and comfort, this product features a combination of luxury fabric and foam as well as the pocketed coil technology. The materials used on this mattress are of high quality and they are durable as well. This product has 800 distinct coils which adjust in relation to your weight independently.

#2. Cover

The cover of this mattress is firm and plush. It enhances the quality of sleep when you lie on the product. The surface of the mattress is tight and smooth to enhance comfort when sleeping.

#3. Firmness and Support

The coils of this mattress are joined to one another. By so doing, the mattress manages to contour effectively to your body curves. As a result, there is a significant reduction of motion transfer. The fact that the coils are connected gives back sleepers solid support at the back.

#4. Comfort Level

Are you looking for a highly comfortable mattress? Here is one of them. With this mattress, you get reinforced edge support. This inhibits roll-off ensuring security and comfort. You get amazing stability from the Energy foam that designs this product.

#5. Comfort and Support

For prolonged comfort, while sleeping, this mattress features the transfixion comfort technology. Additionally, you obtain exquisite luxury on this item because of the actual diamonds it comes with. Air flow is not a problem as there is high breathability within the mattress.

#6. Feel

The cover of this item is smooth and soft. This gives a soothing effect to the user and a deep sleep afterward. Coolness is a trait that defines this mattress. This is because you will never feel hot on it. With this, you will rarely turn and toss until dawn.

#7. Durability

The construction of this mattress not only facilitates temperature regulation, moisture elimination, and microorganism alleviation. It also boosts the length of service you get from the product. With the AirCool memory foam, TruTemp tech, pocketed coil technology and AirCool gel foam, you get a product that is durable. It will keep you relaxed for years without signs of wear or tear.

#8. Health Benefits 

Off-gassing is one of the things that do not characterize this product. Hence, the air quality in your bedroom will be clean and of high quality. You get a solid back support from this mattress. This aligns your spine properly boosting your health. The mattress is also dust mite and allergen resistant.

#9. Warranty

You get a 10-year warranty from the manufacturer. The cover takes care of manufacturing defects that might occur within this time after purchase. You should take care of the mattress to avoid violating the terms of the warranty.

#10. Shipping and Handling

Customers within the USA get this product from the manufacturer for free. Shipping takes 2-3 weeks after payment. Shipment takes place in a discreet package that is compact. The compactness enhances storage and transportation.

#11. Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 80 X 76 X 13.25 inches
  • Weight: 129 pounds
  • Origin: USA
  • Manufacturer: Simmons Company
  • Size: King

#12. Advantages

  • The mattress is great for all sleeping positions
  • The product efficiently isolates motion
  • You get exquisite luxury from this mattress
  • It is solidly built
  • Proper temperature regulation

#13. Disadvantages

  • It is relatively costly

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Question: Is it possible to flip this product?

Answer: no

Question: Does this mattress offer pressure relief?

Answer: yes

Question: Does the item come with a foundation?

Answer: no

Why Should You Consider Having This Product?

Proper air flow is one of the things that should facilitate your will to buy this mattress. You will not feel hot at night and this will make your sleep deep and restful. The mattress is durable enhancing long-term service of the mattress. Solid construction ensures that the product can support even heavyweight individuals.


From the Simmons Beautyrest Recharge Luxury Mattress Review above, you can see that this product is an amazing purchase. It will be ideal for all sleeping positions and it can also support heavy weight people. Consider investing in this product when buying a mattress.

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