Sleep Inc 13-Inch Body Comfort Luxury Extra Firm Mattress Review

Sleep Inc.13-Inch Body Comfort Luxury Extra Firm Mattress provides you with incredible comfort and support. The innovative mattress is handcrafted in the USA by Sleep Inc and includes quality ingredients needed for a great night of deep rest. In this review, we take a closer look at what makes this 13-inch Body Comfort Luxury Extra Firm Mattress special.

Key Features of Sleep Inc 13-Inch Body Comfort Luxury Extra Firm Mattress

#1. Body Comfort Select Series 

This 13” inch mattress has multiple Body Comfort Select Series that include 1000 Luxury Plush, 2000 Luxury Extra Firm, 3000 Luxury Pillow Top and 4000 Luxury Plush. So you’ll have the opportunity to pick the one that best suits your needs.

#2. Enhanced Edge Support

Sleep Inc.13-Inch Body Comfort Luxury Extra Firm Mattress maximizes your sleeping surface by enhancing edge support. It features 360 Degree Foam Encasement, which provides the enhanced edge support for complete rest.

#3. Cover

The luxurious and aesthetic TENCEL cover is created from replenishable raw material wood and provides moisture management. It’s stylish, silky finish soothes your body and feels comfortable even to individuals with sensitive skin.

#4. Motion Transfer 

Some partners have awkward sleeping styles and always disturb their loved ones all night long. This 13” Body Comfort Extra Firm mattress comes with Premium Innerspring Support System which features hundreds of inner springs that increase support, improve flexibility and help ensure less motion transfer. So if your partner tosses and turns at night or gets in and out of bed too often, you never feel any disturbance and get a peaceful night’s sleep.

#5. Zoned Comfort 

The 5 Zone Convoluted Foam layer is engineered for quality sleep and offers comfort as well as active support where it is most needed. Firmer quilt, comfort and support foams throughout the mattress join the layers of high-quality components.

#6. Cooling Comfort 

The gel-infused layer of memory foam provides you with pressure relief and offers added support. It lets you experience cooling comfort for a cooler night rest. Gel Infused Lumbar Band also provides cooling and support to the lumbar region with the memory foam.

#7. Warranty 

Sleep Inc.13-Inch Body Comfort Luxury Extra Firm Mattress provides a 10-year non-prorated limited warranty. So if the mattress looks uneven or if it comes with crushed springs, you shouldn’t be worried since Sleep Inc will repair or replace it for free.

#8. Technical Specifications 

  • Origin: USA
  • Manufacturer: Sleep Inc.

Size, Dimension, and Weight

  • Full: 53” x 74” x 13,” 57 pounds
  • Queen: 59” x 79” x 13,” 69 pounds
  • King: 75” x 79” x 13,” 88pounds

#9. Advantages

  • Great selection of sizes.
  • Very comfortable and supportive.
  • Lumbar support eases pressure points.
  • Smartly packaged in a thick plastic for easy shipping and setup.
  • Feature a beautiful pillow casing.
  • No bad smell when the mattress is unboxing.
  • Available on the market at a reasonable price.
  • Light and easy to move from one place to another.

#10. Disadvantages

  • Sitting on the edges might cause a permanent dip, depending on your body weight and frequency.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Q. Does it require a box spring? 

A. Yes. You can pair the 13” Body Comfort mattress with Semi Steel or Wood foundation or box spring ( sold separately) to complete the set.

Q. Can I flip the mattress over? 

A. No, you can’t. It is designed to be used on one side. But you can always spin or rotate it.

Q. Is the 13” mattress firm and can it help relieve back pains? 

Yes, it is extra firm and can help relieve not only back pains, but also other sleep caused pains. Despite the fact that there’s no definitive answer to mattress firmness or softness for pain relief as everyone’s condition varies, many users find relief with Sleep Inc.13-Inch Body Comfort Luxury Extra Firm Mattress.


Nothing works wonders for a tired brain and fatigued body like a good night’s sleep. With Sleep Inc 13-Inch Body Comfort Luxury Extra Firm Mattress you can now take advantage of the luxury you deserve at a value that will let you enjoy your sleep like never before. Place your order today to join other customers who appreciate the tons of benefits offered by this 13-inch mattress.

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