Sleep Innovations Bed Bridge Review

The Sleep Innovations bed bridge is used to connect two twin beds together to create a king size bed. You will find that the Sleep Innovations bed bridge has some superb features. After reading about the top-notch design of this bed bridge you will not be able to live without one.

Features of Sleep Innovations Bed Bridge

1. Construction

This supple and supportive mattress bridge is composed of high-grade foam which is hypoallergenic. You will rest well knowing this foam will be gentle to your health and is Eco-friendly.

2. Quality of Design

This mattress bridge utilizes a seamless material on top. Which means you feel not a single bump or bulge underneath your sheets. So seamless no one will be able to tell that you are using two twin mattresses. Keep in mind you cannot wash this device in the washer. It must be hand washed only. Straps can be purchased that will hold the bridge even more firmly in place.

3. Origin and Size

All Sleep Innovations products are manufactured in the United States. This mattress bridge measures 79 inches long by 12 inches wide. You will have no problem creating more room to sleep by connect two twin beds with this bridge.

4. Advantages

  • Comes with a 2 Warranty
  • Built with a seamless design
  • Creates more room for less

5. Disadvantages

  • Can only be spot clean

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Consumer Reviews

Consumers reviews are all very positive. People who own Sleep Number beds said this foam mattress bridge was a lifesaver. One consumer actually used this device to bridge the gap between their Sleep Number mattress to create one big movable mattress.


You will be absolutely pleased with how useful a mattress bridge can be. You can easily turn two less expensive twin beds into a king bed. A king size bed would cost your family hundreds of dollars. The Sleep Innovations mattress bridge is worth every penny. This is indeed true if you require your mattresses to be hypoallergenic.

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