Sleep Master 12 Inch Euro Box Top Pocketed Spring Mattress Review

This Zinus Sleep Master 12 Inch Euro Box Top Pocketed Spring Mattress provides you comfortable sleep at each night. Read all the features and review below.

Features of Sleep Master 12 Inch Euro Box Top Pocketed Spring Mattress

#1. Construction

The first layer is fiber padding and 1.5” of Ultra Soft Foam. The second layer has 2” inches of Ultra soft foam for added structure. Then is the 0.5” high compacted foam for firmness. Then is the 7.5” separate and sectioned spring iCoils. The metal base that can maintain over 2,000 lbs.!

#2. Cover

The soft to the touch Tack & Jump Poly Jacquard Cover is quilted. The stitching is top notch. Side to side the quality that went into the cover is the first rate! You could lie about it without a sheet.

#3. Firmness & Support

Your back will become less tense and relaxed at first look of this mattress! Then you lie on it; you will wonder why you did not treat yourself to this kind of luxury sooner!

#4. Comfort Level

The whole family will approve of how comfortably this new mattress truly is! Now it will be hard to get anyone to sleep on the mattresses that you have not upgraded!

#5. FEEL

At first touch of this mattress, you might think it consists of fine silk. Time go out and get better sheets due to the subtle plushness of the cover.

#6. Durability

The mattress provides quality in mind. Along with that comes the fact that it will last for years longer than anything you slept on! The design and the combination of high-quality materials, springs and foam that is strong.

#7. Health Benefits

Sleep is so important to everyone. When you sleep well on this mattress, you do better! When you have better support for the aches and pains of the day, you sleep longer. You feel refreshed in the morning. You can give it your all every day!

#8. Warranty

The “icoil Spring Mattresses by ZINUS” have a 10 Year Worry-Free Limited Warranty.

#9. Technical Specifications

  • Size: QUEEN
  • Weight: None
  • Dimension: None
  • Origin: China
  • Manufacturer: ZINUS

#10. Advantages

  • The mattress came in a box and it is so comfortable.
  • 5 Stars customer rating
  • You can enjoy a pleasant night sleep

#11. Disadvantages

  • The mattress is too firm on the side of the stomach
  • The mattress could too firm

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Q. Firmness on a scale of 1 to 10?

A. Firmness would be a 7.

Q. Does this mattress require a box spring under it?

A. Our mattresses only require a flat and secure foundation.

Q. Does your mattress do good in hot weather climates?

A. There is good airflow, and it will not have any issues with heat.


You know you deserve that great night of sleep! What are you waiting for? The Zinus Sleep Master 12-Inch Euro Box Top Pocketed Spring Queen Mattress Review has shown that this is the mattress that will be there for you in the long run. This will be a welcoming vacation from the everyday pains and aches that you have after a hard day’s work!

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