Sleep Master 8 Inch Spring Mattress Review – Is It Worthy For Money

Sleep Master 8 Inch Spring Mattress is a great mattress designed to include iCoil Pocket Springs. It helps to eliminate practically any motion transfer that may occur when the user is sleeping. Each coil spring is installed individually into a tiny pocket. It contributes to offering dedicated uplift and support. Seven inches of the mattress is iCoil base while the other one inch is a one-inch density foam, which adjusts to any pressure that may be applied by the user while asleep.

Features of Sleep Master 8 Inch Spring Mattress

#1. iCoil

The 8-inch Spring Mattress is made off with a quilted-over fiber and foam that offers extra support and comfort to the user. It is equipped with eight-inch iCoil that help to ensure that your spine is kept aligned throughout and free from any pressure while you sleep. The iCoil system used in the Sleep Master model features more springs as compared to those of other spring mattresses.

#2. Broad size

The Sleep Master 8″ Spring Mattress is available in 60-inch width and an 80-inch length. It is ideal for couples as it gives each person about 30 inches, which is more than enough for a single individual. However, some people who have used to sleeping feels that this model feel somehow restrictive.

#3. Durability

This mattress is CertiPUR certified, which means that guarantee of the durability and highest performance. It contains high-quality materials, easy to maintain and more durable. It is designed to include quality padding that ensures that it can quickly adjust to your body movement accordingly. The support given to each user is customized to reduce body movement and minimize uninterrupted sleep.

#4. Zinus Patented Technology

The Sleep mattress is available in twin, queen, and twin XL models. All these models feature modern Zinus technology that allows that make it easy to conveniently and efficiently compressed. You can easily compress and the role it for convenient transportation.

#5. Inner Protection Bag

This mattress also comes with additional inner protection bag, which vacuum sealed and helps to compress the mattress until the customer unpacked it. The inner security bags are contributing to ensure the excellent protection of the mattress during transportation.

#6. High consumer satisfaction

According to Amazon reviews, Sleep Master 8″ Spring Mattress has rated an average of 4.4 stars out of five. In fact, up to 68% of the reviewers rated the product 5 stars out of five stars. Most of the users described the product as comfortable but firm. Those who had problems with sleep positions reported relief with this queen size mattress.

#7. Advantages

  • Manufactured in the United States of America.
  • Features individually encased coils that provide customized support to each user.
  • Designed to conform to the natural curves of the body and ensure even distribution of the user’s body weight.
  • Designed to minimize motion disturbances and ensure uninterrupted and quality sleep.
  • Vacuum sealed and featured three protection layers that help to protect against rough handling that may occur during shipping.
  • It complies with the federal government’s flammability standard of CFR 1633.

#8. Disadvantages

  • Some few customers have reported that the product is expensive. This price results from the high-quality material used that offers high performance and durability.
  • Some customers have also reported that the product is harder than they expected.

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According to Sleep Master 8″ Spring Mattress Review on Amazon, the queen-size mattress is perfect to fit all types of sleepers. If sleep on your side or you often toss and turn during sleep, this mattress is a good choice for you. The sleep master comes with a five-year warranty and gives the user sufficient satisfaction in regular and daily use.

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