Swiss Ortho Sleep 8″ Coil Pocket Spring Contour Mattress Review


Most Popular Swiss Ortho Sleep 8-Inch Mattress

Most Popular Swiss Ortho Sleep 8-Inch Mattress












  • Temperature Sensitive
  • Extremely Durable
  • Undisturbed Night's Sleep
  • No Motion
  • Pressure Relief Sleep


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A deep and restful sleep is a critical ingredient for healthy and happy life. Do you turn and toss all night long? If yes, probably it’s time for you to buy a new mattress. This will enhance your sleep quality hence giving you a happy life. You will no longer feel achy and tired in the morning. However, getting the right mattress on the market today is a challenge. This is due to the thousands of brands on sale. Below is a Swiss Ortho Sleep 8″ Coil Pocket Spring Contour Mattress Review that will help make an informed decision when purchasing a mattress.

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Features of Swiss Ortho Sleep 8 Inch Coil Pocket Spring Contour Mattress

#1. Construction

This is a pocket spring mattress that has been professionally constructed. It has been designed from 13 gauge spring in order for you to use it for a long time. It is a mattress with phenomenal high-quality springs. The mattress takes the shape of your body when you lie on it, relieving the pressure points. This encased high-density mattress features ultimate comfort and quality. If you have been experiencing back pains, it the morning, it is time to forget that.

Swiss Ortho Sleep 8

#2. Cover

This mattress is made with gauge coils inside and comfort foam at the top. This implies that despite using this mattress for a long time, you will also be comfortable. The cover enhances support and comfort as you sleep. It has been made in a manner that is soft to get rid of all pressure points. This implies that with this mattress, you will always have a soothing relaxing sleep.

Swiss Ortho Sleep 8

#3. Firmness and Support

This Swiss Ortho Sleep mattress offers great support to people of all body types and sizes. Having being made from 13 gauge springs, you should be guaranteed of exclusive firmness. The encased springs hold the weight of the sleeper at night and go back to their normal size after waking up.

#4. Comfort Level

Both the gauge coils and the comfort foam serve as the ultra combination of layers selected to comfort and contour the sleeper’s body. This way, the user cannot turn or toss at night hence have a restful sleep. It is a mattress that came in the market with the user’s comfort as a priority. The mattress is rigorously tested for comfort before releasing on the market.

#5. Comfort and Support

These are two critical factors to be considered wherever you are buying a mattress. Luckily with this mattress, they have been well addressed. The mattress has separately-pocketed coils. The intention behind independently and individually wrapping the coils is to enhance the support system. The support system created is for individualized comfort. This is through precisely contouring to every person’s body perfectly. To give you an undisrupted sleep, that is indeed peaceful; this mattress does not transfer motion. This is in case you are a couple, and one of you moves at night.

#6. Feel

Unlike many mattresses on the market today, this mattress has a cooling effect. Therefore, when you are sleeping, you do not sweat from hotness that comes with other mattresses. The cooling effect attributes to the breathability of the cover and the coils. The cover comes from bamboo, and so the cooling effect becomes automatic. The mattress is also soft to the touch, hence, soothing you to sleep.

#7. Durability

A pocket spring mattress has a high durability as compared to most of the mattresses in the industry. You will have numerous years of peaceful sleep with this mattress, thanks to its extreme durability. The pocketed coils support your weight when asleep and when you wake up, they go back to their normal size. It takes many years for the springs to lose tension. By the time this happens, it will be after an extended period. The cover is also strong and thick to withstand tear.

#8. Health Benefits

The Swiss Ortho Sleep mattress of 8 inches has no off-gassing. This means that it does not release harmful gases that endanger your health or that of your family. The mattress came for optimum deep comforting sleep with pressure relief. By relieving points of pressure, this mattress allows your oxygen and blood to flow efficiently in the body. Hence, with this mattress, your health is enhanced and not deteriorated. The mattress ensures that any pains and aches that you had in the past are eliminated.

#9. Warranty

Swiss Ortho Sleep 8 inch mattress comes with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer. Within this time, you can raise complaints to the manufacturer in case you are unsatisfied with the product. Or else, if there are any inconveniences. This implies that you do not run at a loss by purchasing this mattress. You can happily use this mattress for the first 10 years of purchase.

#10. Shipping and Handling

The mattress ships with convenient and compressed packing. You will get it within 2-days of purchase. There are no shipping fees within the USA. When you get the mattress, allow it to stay for 24 hours before using it. This will give it ample time to get back to its normal size and shape. The mattress is temperature and pressure sensitive.

#11. Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 43 x 11 x 11 inches
  • Weight: 40 pounds
  • Origin: USA
  • Manufacturer: Better Mattress Company

#12. Advantages

  • Highly durable
  • Highly affordable
  • Its quality is super
  • Effectively packaging
  • Fits numerous beds
  • Features motion isolation

#13. Disadvantages

  • Provides poor back support
  • Very thin for heavy weight individuals
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Question: Can it work on a bed without springs?

Answer: Yes

Question: Can you use both sides by flipping it upside down?

Answer: Yes

Question: Can you use it on adjustable beds?

Answer: Yes

Why Buy This Product?

This mattress is of high quality from its design to the way it functions. The mattress has taken great care of your health. With the fact that there are no gases emitted, it means that the air quality in the house is clean. Superior durability is another rare quality that you get from modern day mattresses. You cannot assume this.


This mattress is a great purchase. A pocket-friendly price with superior quality is a rare deal. Try out this mattress and take 10-year warranty that comes with it from the manufacturer. Vacuum compression technology is what this mattress uses. As a result, it can be easily rolled and packed for delivery. It is a mattress with advanced features and functionality. You can never go wrong with it. Hopefully, this Swiss Ortho Sleep 8″ Coil Pocket Spring Contour Mattress Review will help you with your decision making. All the best.


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